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  1. It is one more my painting job. Manufacter - Fan Art models It is a little acrylic, it is a little mettalayzer. Result on a photo. Best regards, Konstantin.
  2. Hello! Its my the latest painting job of famous polish manufacture Scibor Monsterous Miniatures. Im used the vallejo acrylic paints. Best regards, Konstantin.
  3. Very cool Tas and very realistic weathering!
  4. Yes I do. I meant the WIP. I hope it there will be an interesting action
  5. Thanks guys! I think, maybe create topic with new AFV build? What do u think about this?)
  6. Hello! Its my new work. This is old Italeri kit and its look like very boring without additions. I have made the decision to add Black Dog conversion kit (very difficult in works), barrel for browning machine gun Master and wheel set of DEF Model. Painting - Gunze Mr. Hobby Color. Weathering -oils and pigments russian and ukrainian manufactures. Thanks for watching!) In best rewards, Konstantin!
  7. Look so great! Very impressive work! Shkas - Miniwolrd, isn't?)
  8. I think, they need to be attached. The aircraft will have the best appearance.
  9. Andrij, its very diifficult process, but you coped very good! U need to find inspiration for painting and weathering! "may the Force be with you"!!!
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