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  1. Great looking model and love the colour scheme, what paints did you use?
  2. Looks great, Camo must have taken a while to do.
  3. What's not to love! It's a Spitfire, nice work.
  4. Welcome Steen, much the same interests as I have.
  5. Welcome Zoran, looking forward to seeing your work
  6. I watched this last night and really enjoyed it, makes me want to get his replica Spitfire Airfix 1/24 out of the stash to build. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Zumbach Taken from Wikipedia. Zumbach was posted to 58 OTU, and in March 1942 returned to 303 Sqn as a flight commander. In May, he was promoted to Squadron Leader and took command of the squadron, a post Zumbach held from 19 May 1942 until 30 November 1943.[3] During this period, Zumbach flew three Supermarine Spitfire VBs, carrying the serial numbers BM144, EP594 and EN951. All these aircraft carried the same code, RF-D, "RF" being the squadron code for 303 Sqn and "D" the individual aircraft code. All three aircraft carried a cartoon of Donald Duck on the port side of the fuselage, slightly forward of the cockpit. Zumbach's victory tally was marked with German crosses under the cockpit on the port side; confirmed kills were outlined in white, probable kills in red, and damaged aircraft with no outline.
  7. Welcome Astel from just east of Auld Reekie.
  8. I'm seriously thinking of buying an airbrush and compressor as I've only used the hairy stick in the past, looking for something not too expensive and came up with these two for a choice of just the airbrush at the moment, the compressor will have to wait a few weeks yet until I have the funds. https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?products_id=22182 https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?cPath=400_403_1_146&products_id=22154 Would one off these be an ideal starter airbrush for use with enamels of acrylics on Aircraft between 1/48th scale and 1/24th scale? Probably use it on just the odd 1/72 as my hands and eyesight not as good as they were.
  9. Looking good, love the weathering.
  10. Thanks Dennis, certainly an option for next time it happens but since I've bought the decals and paint I'll just stick to the plan.
  11. I built a few models a couple of years ago after a 45 yr absence but due to getting building work done at the house this fell by the wayside, my last build was 1/400 HMS Hood but sadly due to work in the home the hull got destroyed when an Acro fell on it, I was gutted but life goes on. Now I'm ready to start another build so took a 1/24 FW 190 A out of the stash and the decals are all split, I tried to source another set but with no luck so I've decided to do a "What if build", managed to get a set of decals for the Finnish air force ME 109 G so I'll use these and the same colours as stated on the Techmod Decal Sheet. Also thinking about getting an Airbrush but I'll see how this goes first.
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