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  1. Hey Phil, I've come across the aisle from the aircraft subforums to compliment you on the amazing detail job you've done here. I even learned a few things along the way... You armor guys are definitely a breed apart! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks Ben! If you do get the chance to compare it, I would be interested in hearing your results. Voodoo Grey has, to my eye, a slightly tan tint. XF-80 is the lightest grey I could find that has a blue/grey tint instead.
  3. Nice build! I had to go back and compare the dates between this one and the Trident... How are you finishing these airliners so fast and still detailing them so well??
  4. I feel silly for having not seen this sooner... An excellent build and a beautiful finish on your MD-11! I'm building the same one currently, so it's good to hear that it is capable of being finished!
  5. The issues you mentioned aren't obvious to me either, and your custom decals look excellent! Nice job!
  6. Have you compared Tamiya XF-80? That is my current go-to color, and is what I used on my 738...
  7. Oh, boy... It's funny in the Shakespearean sense now! I knew this build was going along way too easily! I've migrated the album over to my regular posting account... But, honestly, if you guys don't WANT to see my images just let me know... Seriously, though, they are working on my tablet after the migration. I'll check again in the morning... If they are still not showing up I will try hosting them on a different site. Thanks for your patience and your humor, guys!
  8. My apologies, guys! I checked the thread on my tablet and confirmed that the images were not showing up. Perhaps they were cached on my laptop, and that's why they were working for me.... I checked my google account, and it looks like I uploaded this album to the wrong one. For now I have changed the sharing setting on the album. Hopefully they are working now for all of you! When I get back to my studio I will migrate the album over to the correct account. I still can't figure out why the images in the first post were showing up, but the images in posts 5 and 6 were not..... The magic of the internet, I guess!
  9. Ray, thank you for the heads-up brother! Please let me know if the images continue to be a problem... They are showing up on my screen, so I hope that means they're working now.
  10. My apologies for double-posting, but I decided to spend some more time on the wing-fuselage joint. After staring at it some more, I figured the best solution would be to add a shim to the lower wing halves. In this case I used .020" styrene strips and sanded to shape. As always, there is more cleanup yet to be done, but I'm VERY happy with the fit now. The wings are very tight on the fuselage, and any play has been eliminated. I will likely add some putty to the wing end for an even tighter fit, but for now I will proceed with the balance of the construction... And you will have to forgive the indulgence, but I absolutely wanted to see how she looks with the major parts dry-fit:
  11. Jeff and Dave, thanks for chiming in! A positive attitude is the right way to call it.... Or, perhaps, hope? Like you guys I have a stash of models that have lost hope, too! I definitely want to finish this one, though. The profile, the curve of the wings, the MD-11 is too sexy for me to let this model fail. Adding a shim under the cockpit glass would have been a different path to the same solution, I think. The gap was very small, though, so perhaps a .005" thick strip of styrene would've been enough. To be honest it was just quicker to glue two points and fill it in afterwards. I'm not exactly a precision modeller, you know? I kind of just "eyeball" it... By the way, what's wrong with the fit of the wings...? I'm kidding!! I actually spent a fair bit of time working on the wings and trying to get them to fit flush. Obviously there is some cleanup work left to do, but I am happy now with the fit and dihedral. My solution mostly involved modifying the wing spar component. It seemed to me that the slot for the wing to drop into was too thin for the upper wing piece, so I cut it at an angle to allow the wing to be pressed in. From here it is only a matter of sanding down the wing edge to make it fit properly. The current fit is actually very tight, and there is only a little play in the wings when they are installed. At this point my plan is to build and paint the wings separately and attach them only in the final steps. But we're going a little out of order here... Getting back to the update, I drilled out and then glued together the wing halves. I started the gluing process in the main gear wells, and then aligned the ends of the wings before going back along the leading and trailing edges. This process resulted in very poor alignment of the leading and trailing edges, but correct alignment at the wingtips. Fixing the leading edge involves the usual process of sanding/filling/sanding. The trailing edge will require a bit more work, but essentially involves filing down the lower half of the trailing edge to thin and then rebuild it. I also began the sanding and filling process on the horizontal stabilizers and the fuselage itself. Regarding the horizontal stabilizers I only inserted the front locating pins. The model has supporting structures for the stabilizers, so I felt having the second pin would hinder alignment more than it would help. On the fuselage I used 180 grit paper to reshape the identified problem areas, but not too much effort was needed. The critical alignments, in my opinion, have been very good so far! Finally, the fuselage has been primered to check for flaws. I think one more round of sanding and filling will get it done. Having said that, I will clearly need to install the tail engine before I primer again, so that will be my next step. Thanks for checking in!
  12. So shiny! Are the horizontal parts red underneath? I've never seen that before!
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