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  1. Re the bolt weight..........I use UV glue now for things like that (and also making sure resin wheel wells etc don't come loose later. Cheers Paul
  2. Ouch.....looks a bit rough. Decals look good, will they go down over black I wonder. (Just flew on -MVI today )
  3. Nice start! Great kit. My only peeve is the surgery needed to lower the forward airbrakes. pAUL
  4. In late 1944, when following the Soviet invasion, Bulgaria quit the Axis and declared war on Germany. Replaced in 1948 with the roundel iside the red star in 1946. Paul
  5. Nice stuff so far! Yeah, that Airfix well is very poor in comparison. I find the Airfix plastic to be very soft and very easy to scratch too. The polar opposite of Tamiya. Eduard's is nice and stiff too. Cheers! Paul
  6. Eric.........Classic Airliners also do the delivery scheme. Sheet # is CA 144-102 Paul in Napier
  7. Looking forward to the Polish one, best choice for Croat 1990s...........
  8. My 1/32 Tamiya doesn't look as good! First model in 20 years? I'm impressed.
  9. For round handled knives, I always tape a piece of sprue to stop them rolling. Another reason to go for Swann Morton!
  10. Great news! Having just downloaded all the photos and notes to this WIP (over 100 pictures!) I want to thank you again Yufei. This makes by far the best resource for building this kit. Far better than any book or magazine article. Cheers Paul in NZ
  11. Haneto...........Beautiful job! Many thanks for the tutorials on metal area painting. Going to do some of these techniques on my GWH Fulcrum. Any cahnce of doing a WIP of a Fulcrum? Thanks paul in NZ
  12. Well I liked the 70s colours, but this is just awful..............
  13. As for the box art..........Inverness! Can't remember if it need an 'S' duct for #2 engine............
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