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  1. Great news! Having just downloaded all the photos and notes to this WIP (over 100 pictures!) I want to thank you again Yufei. This makes by far the best resource for building this kit. Far better than any book or magazine article. Cheers Paul in NZ
  2. Haneto...........Beautiful job! Many thanks for the tutorials on metal area painting. Going to do some of these techniques on my GWH Fulcrum. Any cahnce of doing a WIP of a Fulcrum? Thanks paul in NZ
  3. pommie commie

    Aer Lingus

    Well I liked the 70s colours, but this is just awful..............
  4. As for the box art..........Inverness! Can't remember if it need an 'S' duct for #2 engine............
  5. Looking good! The 1/32 one is also Trumpeter. Nice kit, but the prop blades are hugely too thick. Fit looks better than the 1/48 one. Paul (NZ)
  6. Interesting..........in that last photo you can make out faded "Air Force" markings. Maybe a former USAF D model, converted to a K? Looking at the kit............now I know why you see so few made up. Damn.
  7. Lovely plane, with excellent performance. I'm going to do several (eventually!), but I think a nice what-if Yugoslavia one (same colours as Do17 /. Blenheim) would look good, maybe with one side as a Croatia one.........Yugoslav markings oversprayed with Croat markings. As time (and space) get scarcer, I've decided to try and do as many planes as possible in 2 halves. Paul in NZ
  8. Try these (confirmed as an MF) http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/5603707/Businessman-is-just-plane-crazy http://rnzaf.proboards.com/thread/2242/mig-21-where And when it was down in Christchurch.... http://nzcivair.blogspot.com/2010/07/off-topic.html Google streetview (a year old), can't seem to link directly, but put 312 Chusch Street, Auckland into maps and Bob's your uncle.....
  9. Yes agree Gabor! Your showing of the difference in cockpit greens is a great example........the Verlinden MiG-21 book was based aroung a Hungarian machine, which looked greener than the classic jade. I just wrote it off to bad printing! We have 2 Fishbeds here in NZ, the one you can touch is a Polish UM, but in some Indian tigerstripe camo........ugh. The bis (or may be MF) is also ex Polish, but sits on a building rooftop.
  10. Hi Gabor Apart from the first class modelling, I love your stash of MiG-21 parts you keep bringing out! Paul
  11. pommie commie

    HK Lancaster ?.

    OK, question for the Lancaster experts. The only way I could ever do this beast would be in a factory assembly line diorama, with the wings stacked parallel to the fuselage. Not very realistic maybe, but uses a lot less space! The question I have is would a Lanc have oil canning while still on the assembly line? Cheers Paul
  12. Isn't PH-MUJ a Fokker 50? Not sure how much in common it has with the F27.....
  13. Saw a talk by Richard Taylor (WETA) couple of years ago, Dambusters movie was mentioned.........but not this! Would much prefer 1/48. At their prices, it'll make the HK one look cheap!
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