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  1. On 22/09/2021 at 16:58, helios16v said:


    48ers sold out before I got home from work.  They only had 24 available.  :(

    I just hope the guys that got them, got them to build them...not scalp on eBay for 2x or 3x the price.


    Hi all,


    We are in discussions with Hypersonic Models to reissue the AUP set . If you wish to be notified in case more sets are available please sign up at the product's page to be notified when it will be available.




    Thanks all for their interest - more from Zeus Projects soon! 





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  2. On 30/05/2021 at 22:11, Stephen said:

    Bullseye Models are only available from Spruebrothers in the USA and the48ers.com in Europe.  Spruebrothers have suspended shipping to the UK and the48ers.com have quite a substantial minimum order amount due VAT considerations.


    We apologise for the steep minimum order amount (due to the UK VAT law) BUT we offer a 5 euro fixed shipping fee via Cyprus Post (tracked). Hopefully, we will register to the UK VAT office in the near future.


    Thanks for the understanding.




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  3. On 31/05/2021 at 03:19, XV571 said:

    Congratulations on getting hold of a Zoukei Mura F-4C, they are practically unobtainable now for sensible prices; your partner's a keeper if they managed to track one down for you! The Z-M kit's rear fuselage is one of those Marmite features, some aren't bothered and some are. The Academy kit isn't without its faults  either. Since you have both kits perhaps temporarily tape the major parts together and see if you can live with the shapes. I agree with Ben Brown when he says the Academy F-4 will definitely benefit from adding the Hypersonic stabilators, nose AC intakes and one of the aftermarket main seamless intakes as these are the weakest parts of the kits.  The Hypersonic canopy details are a nice upgrade and I'd add a set of decent resin wheels, jet pipes and the Master Short Nose Pitot set too.


    Yes, you can use that pod. The QRC-160 is the version with the two bladed turbine nose. I have the same set as I too plan to do a Bolo F-4C someday. As has been mentioned above, I recommend that you download the Fundekal instructions linked by 11bravo. These collate a lot of the research on the aircraft that took part and provide a detailed description of each on the day of the mission. Best of all it's free! 😀


    Other things to note:


    As can be seen in the Fundekals instructions, Olds' aircraft 63-7680 didn't have the under radome sensor fairing commonly seen on F-4Cs. Both kits have a plain radome in the box;  Zoukei Mura provide a single radome with a separate shallow pod while Academy supply two radomes - one pain & one with a cut-out to cover the different sensor pod variations seen on the F-4B/C/D.


    Hypersonic make the only proper Mk5 seats for the Phantom. I think Cutting Edge might have done them but if they did they'd be practically impossible to find now. That F-8 Mk5 version has a different parachute pack and a pouch (presumably for the seat pins) not used on the F-4 version. You might get away with it in 1/72 (as the only option since there hasn't been a proper Mk5 seat for the Phantom in that scale except the 1980s Aeroclub white metal ones) but the differences would be noticeable in 1/48.


    The aircraft carried the orginal Navy style inner pylons with the straight edge You'll have to source a set of these pylons. You'll also need to find some Air Force style outer pylons as the Z-M F-4C kits don't have any and Academy only give you the Navy version! However Hypersonic make proper USAF outer pylons too. It's an expensive option for just a single pylon though. You could make do with modifying one of the tank pylons as a possilbe solution if you don't want to splash out for what would be a redundant pylon.


    You can get the Hypersonic stuff direct https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/products/1-48-resin/1/1/40 or from the 48ers  in Cyprus. I'd go direct, I've ordered from Jeffery and it's always been shipped with no problems arriving in about a week from Japan. The 48ers are also great but have a minimum £135 UK order threshold.


    Good luck with the project, I hope to see it come to fruition on here.





    Jonathan, just to clarify about the 135 GBP minimum order that this has to do with the new UK VAT legislation that for orders less than this threshold eshops need to collect the 20% UK VAT but in order to do that the vendor needs to be register to the UK VAT office. We are not for the moment, hence the minimum order amount above which we do not charge VAT. The latter is sorted upon arrival in UK from Customs.


    Just wanted to clarify this.






  4. Hi All,


    We would like to thank the forum and it's webmaster for allowing us to join this section.


    Let's start the communication through this channel by sharing that Summer Sales still run, with thousand of products (in 1/48 of course 😀) at up to 30%.


    Check them out here: https://the48ers.com/discounted-products-on-sale 

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