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  1. Hi all, We are in discussions with Hypersonic Models to reissue the AUP set . If you wish to be notified in case more sets are available please sign up at the product's page to be notified when it will be available. https://the48ers.com/f-4e-haf-aup-avionics-upgrade-program-conversion-set-limited-production-set.html Thanks all for their interest - more from Zeus Projects soon! Cheers, Ilias
  2. We apologise for the steep minimum order amount (due to the UK VAT law) BUT we offer a 5 euro fixed shipping fee via Cyprus Post (tracked). Hopefully, we will register to the UK VAT office in the near future. Thanks for the understanding. Ilias
  3. Jonathan, just to clarify about the 135 GBP minimum order that this has to do with the new UK VAT legislation that for orders less than this threshold eshops need to collect the 20% UK VAT but in order to do that the vendor needs to be register to the UK VAT office. We are not for the moment, hence the minimum order amount above which we do not charge VAT. The latter is sorted upon arrival in UK from Customs. Just wanted to clarify this. Cheers, Ilias the48ers.com
  4. Pre Holiday SALES with ALL products (>10,000 codes in 1/48 only) at up to 35% OFF! https://the48ers.com/
  5. Hi there, This weekend's sale includes Eduard kits as well as UPWiND metallic landing gear set up to 25%! Valid till September 27th EOD (PST). Cheers
  6. Hi All, We would like to thank the forum and it's webmaster for allowing us to join this section. Let's start the communication through this channel by sharing that Summer Sales still run, with thousand of products (in 1/48 of course ) at up to 30%. Check them out here: https://the48ers.com/discounted-products-on-sale
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