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  1. Hmmmmm...you try picking them there bombs up! Lovely build and diorama.
  2. Decided not to bother with the new Vulcan as I have always felt that the beast which I spent so many years on at Waddo and Scampton didn't actually produce great models; especially with so many V models weathered to within an inch of their lives which I simply don't recall as accurate. Big mistake, now I have to find 60 quid to try (and fail) to produce something like yours your Generalship. A fabulous rendition of a great aircraft.
  3. I was stationed at RAF Thorney Island in West Sussex as an 18 Yr old working on the flight line when these things were shiny and new. They actually looked their best under the flight line flood lights. Years later, I was posted to Lyneham on my last RAF tour. Exactly the same aircraft, just 20 years older. My word they were just so scruffy. That awful came that we were lumbered with, but also, every foreign kite that came in was pristine while ours, including 298 looked a disgrace to my eyes. Of course one didn't say anything as the (relatively unused) washpan was about a 100 yards away from B line.....the only reply would have been to get myself a towing/wash team and choose my aircraft..... The Airfix kit was a huge disappointment when it came out, and I have an Italieri kit in my stash which requires a scratch built interior, so might look at yours. Very nice model, remember them well.
  4. I was stationed at STCAAME when the shack arrived., prior to the 81 Valley open day. The shack was towed over and exhibited during the open day, and made the most money, so they de ided not to scrap it and flew in a 35 sqdn Vulcan instead. One of the flight lines produced a zap with Save the Shack, burn Valley applied, hence the Vulcan was the 1st to go, towed onto the grass adjacent to STCAAME and had its undercarriage blown off soon after. Broke my Vulcan heart. Should have saved the Vulcan and burnt STCAAME.
  5. Glad to see that I am not the only shakey handed bi-focalled lurker on here. Take a little bit of bravery to post on here and my excuse is I can't work out how to do it.Nice Skyraider. Love the hobby but my stuff isn't worthy to be on here.
  6. I think the excellent Airfix kit has revived interest in this lovely aircraft, and it is a total pleasure to see a build like this without being covered in somebody's version of weathering/everyday leaks etc. A handsome model very nicely done.
  7. Lovely Intruder, I have the Italieri EA6B awaiting some accumulated skills and some thoughtful aftermarket gifts. It terrifies me to even start it, then I see such a build as terrific as yours and the urge to start it keeps me awake at night again. Lovely job!
  8. Any ideas where I can get some sea tiger floats? Going to produce one for a great ex RAF friend in time for the annual Thorney Island reunion in early May. One of his dearest memories was flying in the Sea Tiger that operated from Lee On Solent in the mid sixties as a youngster who did alot of the pushing and shoving.
  9. Lovely Sea Vixen, but could they mix and match Firestreak and Redtop?
  10. Great build; just one point, you couldn’t carry both missiles. Either,or, but not both as each type of missile had its own missile pack. Otherwise terrific lightning.
  11. McDonnell VH-1 (VX-1) late 50s Dad helped me out. Followed by X15 (Revell?) Neptune, some small airliners, Then 1st personal purchase was the Airfix Lanc at 11 from 1st paperound wage. Restarted a couple of years ago with New lance and old Stirling
  12. You are right about the effectiveness of the early winders versus the soviet bomber fleet. Hang a flare off a wingtip and bobs your uncle. The Redtop had its problems though. But all systems were subject to updates. From conversations I had at STCAAME back in the mists of time, the Firestreak was probably more reliable. Against this was the limited range and lack of allround detector ability. Her is a further point, the firestreak was essential a tail chase weapon; stick four of them on a Javelin over the North Sea, I wonder what the chances were of getting a Jav to turn onto the rear of a fast moving bomber heading in? Just a thought... Re prune, you’d better not say anything against the Lightning!
  13. Possibly when the spam can was being purchased? Look what happened when they decided to install speys! At the time of purchase we were in an economic crisis, cancel TSR2, order and cancel F111 Then settle for phantoms. I could see an enquiry regarding home grown missiles, but the phantom had an integrated radar and missile system, could The Redtop, which also required an integrated radar system be integrated with MCS? Not a chance. The question may have been asked by the bean counters but I would think the answer would have been a very quick negative. The RAF did things like repair throwaway gyros, probably to save bucks, but you can only go so far. Side winder was a strap on and plug in system, Redtop wasn’t. Let us not forget size and weight considerations as well. I can’t remember the relative weights, but I think you will find that a Redtop is about 3 times the weight of a winder, much larger bang bit as well. It fires off a rail rather than drop like a sparrow so completely new launch bits as well for clearance purposes. Still be interested to see a ‘what if’,
  14. That means they did their job!
  15. Fire streak was of it’s time with 50s technology and Redtop was Essentially a transistorised version of fire streak. One reallY important factor here would have been reliability, and Redtop wasn’t a great system in reliability terms. it was supposedly all aspect but only against supersonic enemy aircraft. I am not qualified to comment on earlier versions of Sidewinder but the 9L reallY was all aspect and very reliable. Four 9Ls strappedto a lightningF2A/F6 would have been a better system than a couple of Redtops. As shown down south, the performance of the 9L was stunning. The Redtop is long gone, but in my period of engagement with the system, 81-84, (also 9Ls) it certainly wasn’t loved. The Lightning finished in 86, 4 years after the 9L came in service with the Sea Harrier and them floaty boatyard types. Sidewinder versions earlier than the 9L would not have been a suitable update, but the 9L certainly would. I would suggest that service timescales versus costs would have been a huge factor in any decision. The Redtop would never be considered for a phantom, simply an inferior system . Simply an inferior system
  16. Lovely job. My favourite colour scheme as I started on these beasts in 68 at Thorney Island and finished on them at Lyneham in 90. I have an Italieri 1/72 in my stash which I intend to finish in the crud and custard so can you tell me what colours you used. Thanks PBK
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