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  1. Yesterday, I continued with painting the clear parts' edges but encountered with unwelcomed situation.. When i was painting the edge, the paint leaked to the window... (I always clean with IPA but this time, it made the whole part blurry and stayed like that although i tried everything to remove the blurry and this part is the front window) edit: wiping with olive oil, yes olive oil worked little bit. Now it looks better!
  2. Thank you Nick and Ashley for your comments.. Hi again.. I did some work last night before oscars:) i have still some notable defects but these can definitely easy to be fixed. . I am planing to complete interior by Monday evening and then move to the body work. I am planing to make interior very detail.. for example i will add gray floor mats on the surface and an iphone holder mounte to the window
  3. My first post in this section I have started to make Revell's 1/24 scale mini cooper 998. I am sharing just 3 pics but i will upload more as i progress. I am still in progress. Tonight, i will complete whole engine, axle,exhausting system and other small details... the seats are(currently) white but i will paint them beige color..
  4. I mistakenly opened my mini cooper topic in aircraft section. Could you please move it under vehicle models. Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone my name is Terry. I am 28 and have been making scale models for 2 years. Actually, i did some models in the past but if you can call them a model:) This hobby is something you develop and improve yourself in each day.. Now, i am more experienced than past 2 years but of course i still make mistakes. I have been following this forum for 2 years and thought that it is the time to be a member of this and share my models with you,valuable people.
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