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  1. Nice one Steve, I have plans for another too. All good mate
  2. Fair comment Dick, as my skills improve I guess the next level will be incorporating the decals more into the weathering process. I would actually describe my finishes as more artistic than necessarily uber accurate. It’s how I like to build and present them though.
  3. Thanks . If I can save money and do it myself I will. To be honest though I used plastic card to replace those details I lost. A little time consuming but relatively basic skills and rewarding.
  4. Thank you. I used the kit parts, fair to say some sanding was required! Rewarding though and at least the plastic is soft.
  5. Thanks guys, comments really appreciated. It was a fun kit to build and very relaxing after an Eduard P51, which is a cracking kit too but requires a lot more attention.
  6. Airfix 1/48 Export Sea Fury built in Iraqi colors. A full build article is in Scale Modelling Now online magazine. This was a fun build of a great looking machine.
  7. It’s all true Mike. This is an expensive kit, but worth it. Everyone should get to build one. If it was £30 I would build several more. Unlikely to happen though.
  8. Thanks Nikola, it’s an exceptional kit, you will love it
  9. Evening everyone. I am pleased to share my latest work, Tamiya’s awesome P38 as a captured bird in Italian service. This is an absolute gem of a kit. I had so much enjoyment while putting her together. A few photos of the completed article. The model will feature shortly in a large build article for #ScaleModellingNow online magazine. Any comments welcomed
  10. I replenished my go to stock of H58 interior green from an online store yesterday. Got the new formula stuff. Both the bottle top and paint inside much more closely resemble Tamiya XF4 yellow green and bear absolutely no relation to the old H58. Several hundred shades lighter. Had I seen it in a shop I wouldn’t have bought it (2 actually!). Just a word of warning and can anyone recommend a good substitute interior green!
  11. Thanks jhutchi and sat69, I really appreciate both of your kind words
  12. Thanks for the info Troy, I’m keeping note of all the links. Hopefully if Eduard bring out a Mk1 the Tammy Spit will come down in price. I can’t justify £30 for a small 1/48 kit either, no matter how good. I don’t have an issue with their kit decals but I happened to have some spare Eduard Cartograph roundels that we’re just gorgeous, so I used those. The codes and serials are originals and I painted the walkways. I found that Tamiya decals are fine so long as you use the hottest water you can stand then they soften beautifully, just need to be careful though that you d
  13. That’s really useful and worth saving. Cheers Troy
  14. Thanks GRK. I used a gyro cutter tool to cut the pattern into the widest strips of masking tape I could get. I think the early Spits were painted using masking mats so a hard edge is acceptable. If only I could freehand that. I wish.
  15. Thanks Troy, I will have a good read tomorrow. I can certainly see from the comparison pic that the Tamiya aerial looks wrong. That said it would have been a pig to fix the aerial thread to without the horizontal spur they give you, so I’m going to forgive them that How does the newer Mk1 kit compare to your research?
  16. Thanks Bangor Lad, that’s how I feel too. There is no denying the skill involved in extreme weathering, it’s just further than I personally want to go.
  17. That’s really really nice. There’s not much in it to my eye. Maybe someone will post a pic of the medium then we can compare that too.
  18. Thanks Pete. I like Tamiya’s semi gloss clear just to reduce the shine of the x22 gloss clear from the decal stage. I like a semi sheen rather than dead flat as to me it looks more realistic.
  19. It’s funny because I was thinking of going up a size myself. The fine really is......fine.
  20. Had to go and check. its the fine thread. Jeez I didn’t know you could go even finer! cheers
  21. As much as I look forward to building Tamiyas newer 1/48 Mk1 Spitfire, I would contend there’s not a heck of a lot wrong with the legacy kit. Here’s mine painted with a combination of Mr Hobby and Tamiya paints. Chipping courtesy of a really old Berol Silver pencil. I used Uschi fine thread for the aerial wires and threaded the elevator wire through the fuselage courtesy of a cut down acupuncture needle with the thread superglued to it, to guide it through. The cloth machine gun port covers are Tamiya tape painted with Vallejo. The tyres were flatted and the exhausts d
  22. Sorry mate, made a mess of my response, see a slightly earlier post for my reply to you.
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