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  1. Yeah, those are always hard to find, there are only three on google images and the resolutions is rather low. I had more luck with towed array area, I've asked the same question on shipmodels.info and got the photos of Northumberland's quarterdeck before sonar refit. Maybe someone find it useful.
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for some reference photos so I can move on with my Trumpeter's Kent build. I can't find a single picture of the quarterdeck/towed array area. The only image I've found is PAINTING of this part: There are some pictures and one youtube video showing the 2087 sonar and it's surroundings, but I'm building Kent before it was fitted with the 2087. Also, I'm looking for any Type 23 dry dock pictures with sonar dome, lower hull or propulsion. And finally maybe someone know if there's any plan showing type's 23 rigging, due to perspective and small size IRL it's hard to tell where the cables are supposed to be attached. Any help will be greatly appreciate:)
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