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  1. Fantastic build, and your paint job and photos pick out those lovely curves!
  2. Excellent build, I'm impressed with the ability to just make your own brake discs!
  3. It does look smashing, if I didn't have an overflowing stash, I'd get one too. The kind of things you mention as negatives are all part of a normal and challenging build, but can't see any of it on the pictures. I like yellow too!
  4. It's va very sharp build, I wouldn't have expected such fine detail from a revell kit, but it looks great!
  5. Beautiful build, I've never seen one of these before. The body work paint and masking is what makes this one pop
  6. Great build and very impressive detailing in the engine bay
  7. It is strange how the pictures kind of hide that Chameleon effect, nice build tho...!
  8. Super cool build! Fantastic masking and body work painting and pin stripe detailing, the rest of it's coming along nicely!
  9. What a journey from where you started to where you now are, great progress!
  10. The beading is also impressive, did you mask and spray, or hand paint?
  11. I'm most definitely impressed! At this scale! Looks great.
  12. Looks fantastic! Well worth the effort
  13. The short wheel base does look a little out of proportion, but it's a great car and a fantastic build!
  14. Super cool build, the engine does look great!
  15. Cool build, agree with the comments on the window trim decals, it's a million times better than trying to paint them by hand...
  16. Looking forward to your colour scheme, great start!
  17. Pat, it's another great build, and the paint work is inventive!
  18. I like this car too! Love the colour...
  19. I can see why you liked the livery, really cool build. Curbside are fine when you have a window to the engine bay, looks great!
  20. Super cool, it's great to see these challenging kits built!
  21. I cannot believe how cool that printed engine is! The rest of it too. Amazing skills, thanks fue sharing!
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