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  1. On 07/09/2020 at 09:27, Tony Oliver said:

    Someone made me this as a one off!

    Laser cut, masked and sprayed. 

    Very cool and very chuffed! 
    Cheers Brian mate. 

    I like another one as well:



    Beautiful additions to you Tomcats collection. Great job, Tony!

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  2. Hi, Tony.

    Very happy to see you back in the town 😉

    Just in case, if you are interested in wheels with outstanding detailed rubber tires, check it: 


    I am proud that this young company is born in my native city in Ukraine. I have bought all stuff available in 1/72, including F-14A early, A late & B and F-14D wheels Looks gorgeous.

    You can find their contact on "F"amous social network site.

  3.  Hi, Tony,

    iI was just wondering on your F-14s for sale, but could not find them on "auction site". Would you drop me a link, please, if it is still valid. Regards,

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