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  1. On 16/07/2022 at 19:49, Julien said:

    Because thats what they had in the film?

    Probably my question has not been precise. I meant the US national insignias. In both movies they are real on F-14s, A-4s and F/A-18.

    The same real style of national insignias presented on the decal of Italeri Top Gun F-14A / A-4F.

    On the other hand Revell set Top Gun Maverick F-14 / F/A-18E as well as Airfix Top Gun Maverick F-14A and A-4 models, all have some fictional US national insignias.


  2. On 03/09/2021 at 19:51, Gene K said:

    One of the other most glaring shortcomings is the shape of the intakes - very large and squared off. To me there is absolutely no comparison between the Finemolds beauty and the poor Revell attempt. Too bad Revell blew it in so many areas since the engineering and fit are noteworthy.



    Gene K

    With all respect, for your kind information: 


    Of course, there is no perfect models... 🙂

  3. On 07/09/2020 at 09:27, Tony Oliver said:

    Someone made me this as a one off!

    Laser cut, masked and sprayed. 

    Very cool and very chuffed! 
    Cheers Brian mate. 

    I like another one as well:



    Beautiful additions to you Tomcats collection. Great job, Tony!

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  4. Hi, Tony.

    Very happy to see you back in the town 😉

    Just in case, if you are interested in wheels with outstanding detailed rubber tires, check it: 


    I am proud that this young company is born in my native city in Ukraine. I have bought all stuff available in 1/72, including F-14A early, A late & B and F-14D wheels Looks gorgeous.

    You can find their contact on "F"amous social network site.

  5.  Hi, Tony,

    iI was just wondering on your F-14s for sale, but could not find them on "auction site". Would you drop me a link, please, if it is still valid. Regards,

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