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  1. Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. Its hard to see on the pictures but I did heat the plastic and bend it as much as it would allow me to, however the mud covers that up.
  2. Yeah haha. I used a hot nail to melt the plastic
  3. Hi, So this is my T-34/85. The story behind this model is the tank has been taking some heavy hits from ze Germans (seen by the deep gouges in the armour) and they were unfortunate enough hit a landmine, destroying the left track and leaving them stranded in the thick mud, leaving the crew no choice but to open the hatches and leg it. Let me know what you think - constructive feedback always welcome Tanks for looking (Pun intended, I'm sorry)
  4. Lil' update So the sandbag wall is built and painted. I am sorry to those who said I should do circular but I decided to go square simply because the sandbags are solid and when they are placed in a circular shape they leave big gaps whereas you dont get this with a square shape. I tried to use some washes to make it a bit less monotone and add some depth which is hard to see in the pictures but I need to work on them some more anyway. (Also wish I had removed the moulding seam lines before I painted them ) Also now has barbed wire I have also build a new little shelf thing for my models to sit on which I am pretty proud of I have added some LED's to the underside as the shelf would create a shadow which hides the models below, so now they stand out a lot more Thanks for looking Also big thank you to those who have followed this thread
  5. Thats a good idea with the rolled gauze and cheesecloth, I'll have a look into it but I was thinking about just buying some 1/35 scale camo netting as they will have the leaves on them etc
  6. Thanks for your comment. I agree that they do look too rigid so next time I will try clay but once they have been painted and weathered a bit I think they will look alright
  7. So I have a question for you all. Rounded or square sandbag arrangement? Let me know what you think
  8. Now avec sandbags (mock-up - unpainted, not yet glued)
  9. Ah yeah so they do, it looks pretty good. Thanks a lot
  10. Thank you. I would like to find some netting that is a little more dense but thats a good idea
  11. Hi This is my Tamiya 1/35 British 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun. This is mostly complete but I was curious to see what suggestions you would have. I still need to put a matte varnish over the gun so it isnt as shiny and I would like to find something else to use as the camo netting. I do plan to get some sand bags and put them infront of the gun too. Its hard to see in the pictures but I have used some washes on it too. Any suggestions, comments are greatly appreciated. Sorry if the images are a bit blurry. Thanks Shaun
  12. Yeah I was quite happy with the bushes as a first attempt. Thanks for the advice on the mortar crater, I'll give that a go, not sure why I didnt think of that tbh haha
  13. Yeah Flickr works pretty well, plus its in English haha
  14. Yeah just noticed. Woopy-doo
  15. Hi, Here we have a little scene with two Armourfast 1/72 Panther G's. This was created so I could play with Mig's weathering washes as it is the first time I have tried to use them. I would really appreciate any feedback and I would like to hear of any improvements you think I should make. I'm happy with how its going but I could do with a little bit of help adding those final touches to make it look like a real war scene. I am planning on adding a few bushes in front of the tan/brown Panther and maybe one between the tanks to make it look like it is more of a woodland scene (any suggestions of where to get good but cheap 1/72 bushes would be amazing). The thing in front of the green/brown Panther is supposed to be where a mortar has landed, I'm not sure I like how it looks. My biggest issue is making the green/brown Panther look as though it has been properly knocked out. As you can see from the pictures below there are two shots that have penetrated, one in the hull and one in the side of the turret. The idea was that it has only just been shot and so the bare metal would still be showing, hence the silvery colour to the holes, however I'm not sure it looks right. What do you think? I am very happy with the damage from the ricochet's though. With the dark colour of the tank it was hard to make the washes show up properly. However on the tan/brown Panther the washes show up much better. I think I might also add some German soldiers to liven up the scene a bit and I will add a bit of mud to the tracks on both tanks. I wasn't really going with historical accuracy with this one, just trying to learn some new techniques and skills. So if you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated (Hopefully the pictures show up now, apologies to those who couldn't see them before) NOW WITH BUSHES Thanks for looking Shaun
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