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  1. Hey Chris, Sorry for not seeing this sooner! Unfortunately I don't have an iPad to try this with... but I would expect it to work the same as it does on any mobile device... so simply clicking the "Britmodeller" share code button will automatically copy the required link to your clipboard. You should then be able to 'long-press' and paste the link wherever you like. Worth noting that you also need to have Javascript enabled on your browser Best
  2. Thanks @Gorby The lack of images on the site isn't really because many are private... it's simply because the site is new-ish and I've only mentioned and used it here on these forums. So there arent many users yet! Here are the different available accounts. FREE £0/month Upload Size Limit: 4MB Storage: 1000 images Images Expire: After 730 days (2 years) of not being viewed Max. Images Views: Unlimited Watermark: Yes Disable Auto-Resize: No Image rotation (JPG & PNG) Image Tags & Titles Supports: JPG, P
  3. Thanks for mentioning my site @Gorby HobbyPhotoHost is 100% free. You can upload photos from Desktop or Mobile up to 4MB per file. There are options to upgrade your account for a small subscription, but the free service is all most people would ever want/need. A subscription service just increases the maximum upload size, allows you to keep images private, remove watermarks as well as a few other things it allows you to add your own watermarks. But if all you want to do is share an image, there's no charge. Obviously, subscriptions help to fund the server, offsetting the free users.
  4. @andmarsh thanks! much appreciated
  5. @andmarsh No worries... Though I think I actually just fixed the problem. Even if you don't intend to use my site, could you try uploading the image again just so I know it's working again?
  6. Hey @andmarsh The file size limit was only increased a week or so ago, but should have worked! I'd like to get it working for you, can you do a quick support request on https://hobbyphotohost.com/support/index.php?a=add and upload the 3.4 mb JPG image there?.. and I'll get it sorted/fixed today! Thanks
  7. This model feels like it's taken forever to build and paint, I'll be glad to see the back of it and move on to something else. Possibly the U.S.S Reliant I've had on my shelf for a few years. This one's been hard because between starting this model and today, I've lost both my mum and dad. When I look at it, it'll always be the one I was building through this difficult time Anyway, enough of the depressing background! So again, I've not taken as many photos as I would have liked to, but here are the once I have... Here, I've started masking out all the clear plastic us
  8. HobbyPhotoHost is as easy as, 1. Upload the image/photo 2. Click one button (use the 'Direct Link' button for this forum) 3 Paste in to this forum
  9. Hi @Monkeysinister I used Humbrol #35 Varnish Gloss - 14ml Acrylic Varnish (https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/35-varnish-gloss-12ml-acrylic-varnish.html) applied with an airbrush before applying the decals, and then again after the decals had dried. The result was okay (I'm happy with it) but it was my first model ever and others might have better advise on this subject!
  10. After a recent disaster this model has become a 'work in progress' again The mains adapter I was using for the power source had a removable/changeable end and it came off. I put it back on, plugged it in and turned it on. After a few seconds I could smell burning Turns out I'd put it on the wrong way around so the polarity was wrong. Luckily the power (9v) fed in to a small circuit board outside of the model, which in turn provided power to the other circuits inside the model. It also handled the timing for the navigation lights. So all the circuits and LEDs inside the model stil
  11. Those secondary impulse engines look fantastic! Very nicely done. I briefly looked at a similar effect when doing my Enterprise NCC1701 but in the end just went with a plain red, next time I'd love to get it looking as good as yours Looks forward to seeing more of your build!
  12. Looks like you got it working with Flickr I use HobbyPhotoHost.com which is pretty easy, and has a free option. You can upload from your mobile or a desktop too.
  13. Nice build log, lots of detail Looking forward to seeing the finished model!
  14. That looks amazing! Very nice :) I've seen some people use a soft pencil to bring out the deeper panel lines. Is that how you did yours?
  15. Thanks @RACETRACK I looked in to this a bit after someone else also mentioned DS9. The model does indeed look like it's based on the Enterprise featured in the DS9 episode 'Trials and Tribble-ations' which does have the grid lines... it made me feel better about not filling them in and trying to be faithful to the original series version I'd also love to build/have a 1/350 Enterprise, but I think the Mrs might get upset as I've not really got anywhere to display my models (yet)! The model I've shown above is a good size though, not too big but big enough to really get stuck in to
  16. Oh crap... I've just got mine out of the box and it does indeed have the panels scribed in I'll have to think about what to do, but I may forget about the aztecs on my Revell model, treat it as a bit of a test run (for lighting and colours etc) and maybe look at getting the Polar Lights version at a later date! Thanks for the info though! When I eventually get started on it I'll be posting my work in progress here so you can all see what I'm doing wrong Anyway, I'm really looking forward to more updates on your build, thanks for posting!
  17. Oh it's worth it, it looks amazing! In fact like others I'm very interested in how you did the aztecs. I've got a Revell Enterprise Refit build (1:537 scale) coming up and I want to to have the full on aztec paint job (I will be lighting it too). I've never attempted any paintwork like it before though so I'm really blown away with how good yours looks, I can only hope mine will look half as good as yours, and I'll still be happy
  18. Looks great! You probably know that the Reliant was originally designed with the warp nacelles on top, but when the drawings went for approval they were viewed upside down! They were approved upside down with the nacelles on the bottom and that's how it stayed! A lucky mistake that made the Reliant a stand-out ship and one of my favourites I only say this because it's interesting to wonder if the ship had been in the original series, which way up would it have been!? Great work, and great photos!
  19. Very nice opus999! Also, the detail in your posts is very useful to a relative novice like myself! Thanks
  20. Let battle commence! That looks like an amazing model though, lovely detailing and nice lighting. The K'Tinga was the ship I wanted when I bought my Klingon Battle Cruiser D7, which I just posted a work-in-progress for. I'll probably try to get one when my skill level is a bit higher I'm really looking forward to seeing your build!
  21. Klingon Battle Cruiser D7 I’ve finally gotten around to posting my work-in-progress Revell Klingon Battle Cruiser D7! I’ve had these hanging around now for a long time and I didnt take a huge number of photos, wish I took more (will do next time) but here’s what I’ve got so far! I’ve washed and tidied up the parts here and I’m about to start giving them a coat of adhesion promoter – to make sure the final paint job is hard-wearing. Between here and the next photo I’ve given everything a coat of adhesion promoter and p
  22. Hey all, I got a Revell U.S.S Reliant in the post this morning, to go with the Enterprise refit that I've had for a few weeks now! Both are the same 1:537 scale. The Reliant is my second favourite ship, after the refit Enterprise so I'm really looking forward to building and lighting these two! First though I have to finish my Klingon D7 kit. It's built and lit, but not painted. This one has taken me a long time due to family complications, but I'll post my build progress in the 'Work In Progress' forum soon So much fun to be had, so little time to have
  23. Nice! The updated paint job and decals look great, well worth the effort I'd say
  24. Very nicely done! It's a pretty small model too isn't it?
  25. Thanks again for the kind words all @Mikey-1980 & @Mike I originally planned to use a Raspberry Pie to control the lighting, in the end I built my own circuit(s) because I was worried abut running the wiring through the whole model to the base for all those LEDs and for both nacelles, so no programming. The chips I used for the warp nacelles were a '555 timer' to provide timing and a '4017 decade counter' to control the order LEDs were lit. I've uploaded my notes, diagrams and Pad2Pad circuit projects to NCC1701 Circuits The zip contains two folders, 'Na
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