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  1. I cant wait for this model to come out in 2045!
  2. HI! Let me show you my m1 abrams!It is a work in progress, but i hope you like."you can't see me"...some famous guy
  3. when are they gonna release these 1/48 hips in stores? annetra also made an mi-17 that they said was going to be released in autumn 2016, but when i look online i don't see any in stores that sell them.
  4. what products and equipment did you use to solder the metal parts together? because i don't really know how to solder properly. i tried to solder metal parts before but they never stick. i believe I've been using the wrong equipment and techniques for the soldering.
  5. wow, this looks really nice and well made. you did such a good job on the MIG-25 that it doesn't show any signs of a nightmare kit. more like you turned a nightmare into a dream kit. what air force is this? looks like Libyan air force (Qaddafi era)
  6. Do you know where I can get trumpeter Mig-29K decals? Either Im gonna get the proper decals, or I'm gonna have to paint this in a fictional scheme.
  7. there is no gloss varnish, i used a primer spray then spray painted it with Humbrol acrylic paint.
  8. hello everyone,as you can see in the images below i'm trying to paint a mig-29K, however i have encountered difficulty while trying to add panel line wash. i used enamel oil paint for the job, but while trying to clean it off, the paint mark is still present. i'm not sure how to fix this problem properly in the best way possible. can anybody give me a suggestion on what i can do to resolve this painting issue?
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