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  1. Interesting, indeed! Very Gerry Andersonesque, if I say so myself. Tommo.
  2. Not true in my 1st hand expierance, I have been routinely recieving 1st class the day after the item has been posted midweek, with only the odd glitch, where it has taken a day longer. Tommo.
  3. I have ordered direct from Whirlybirds over the years, including their S-61N and the BEA S-51 conversions this year with no problem. Tommo.
  4. Because its cool! Why build any model come to that. Tommo,
  5. Correct its sans shipping. However, any US buyers need to strip out VAT, so the purchase price of the kit reduces by 20%. It of course could be moot as there are possibly (probable?) local sources with better prices even with the VAT stripped out. Tommo.
  6. Now in stock at Hannants. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ROD347?result-token=GncB2 I was hoping for a price point more in line with the their C-133. Tommo.
  7. The kit will almost certainly be the one Polar Lights back engineered from an Aurora original. However, it looks like D&H have added a card display. Tommo.
  8. The 1/1350 XD-1 Discovery is now available, Cult has the the best price @ $59 (plus shipping) It is also available from other stockists and vendors - Price from a UK outlet is anticipated at circa £80, when it lands. https://www.culttvmanshop.com/NEW-2001-Discovery--1350-scale-from-Moebius-Models_p_5045.html Tommo.
  9. Reissue/repop of the Aurora/Polar lights kit. Its been and OoP for a few years so lets have a ripple for the return of Spindrift. https://culttvman.com/main/land-of-the-giants-spindrift-coming-from-doll-hobby-ga/ Tommo
  10. Reissue/repop of the Aurora/Polar lights kit. Its been and OoP for a few years so lets have a ripple for the return of Spindrift. https://culttvman.com/main/land-of-the-giants-spindrift-coming-from-doll-hobby-ga/ Tommo
  11. Which ones? The quotes I have seen, airlines are stating they are not envisaging getting back to anything approaching 2019 level before 2024/5 at the earliest. Tommo.
  12. Thats more likely to make a (re)appearance via Atlantis, rather than Revell. Tommo.
  13. I had forgotten about that innovative notion of engraved shadows! I wonder why it never caught on. Tommo.
  14. Why not wait and see given this is a partial/taster list. Whilst I doubt all those listed will be included in the 2021 release schedule you may yet be pleasantly surprised - who knows? Tommo.
  15. In a similiar vein, it will be interesting to see if the 1/32 Fi 103 V1 is at a better price point than the Special Hobby original too. Also is too much to hope for it is the hi-tech version as well? Tommo.
  16. As mentioned up thread, there is no question about it Airfix all the way. Particulary if it a is a later boxing with the additional 'accurising' sprue. Even without that sprue it is still the far better of the two kits. Tommo.
  17. Absolutely. Black on its own does not cut it in my opinion. Tommo.
  18. I very much doubt we will see an all new 1/72 IM Connie from a mainstream manufacturer, depsite its shortcomings the Heller kit sates what ever appetite the market has for one, which is highly likely not large. Its more likley that a 1/144 kit will be forthcoming from the likes of Zvezda or Roden, but I won't be holding my breath. Tommo.
  19. Out of interest, how do the Bandai kits compare with the Fine Molds equivalent ones? Tommo.
  20. Thanks Tim, particulary on your paint finish suggestions. I have over the years trawled through most the online resources and I have various books including the Haynes books and also I have my own photos taken at the Smithsonian and the CKVC last year (albeit the photos were taken on a crappy phone camera I had back then) and I'm still undecided. In the smaller scale I might get away with a colour closer to black, but in the larger scale I don't think in my opinion that will pass muster - I'll keep searching, reading and pondering. Oh! I forgot to mention I have both the Crows Nest 1/32 Mercury kits (porthole and window versions), however, they are currently not on the build schedule, yet! Tommo.
  21. I have been waiting for an epoch to start this project: I intend to build the Revell/Monogram 1/48 Mercury/Gemini combo I have the Real Space correction kits Space Model Systems & New Ware decal sheets for both as well as thei Agena docking target. I also have a 1/48 Titan and Atlas booster too - but, I'm going to leave those for the time being. In addition I intend to build the the 1/24 Revell Gemini kit (the 2014 iteration with the crisp white styrene) and I have the LVM Interior detail set and the Real Space external upgrade kits as well - the Space Systems ultimate decals sheet as well as a pair of Max Grüter 1/24 astronaut figures. I have the nice 1/24 Real Space Agena to pair it with too. If that is not enough, I'm going to build the Atomic City/MRC 1/12 Mercury. The only upgrade I have for this are the Space Systems decal sheet, the Max Grüter 1/12 astronaut figure and 1/12 resin stand inscribed with the Greco-Roman Mercury symbol with the number 7 inside. No idea who made the latter or where I bought it from but its a large very nicely cast piece of resin. Does anyone know the black used on both Mercury and Gemini, I have a ton of reference material but can't nail that colour - I have more than an incling it was a blue/black rather than an outright black - can anybody assist me? Tommo.
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