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  1. A fantastic build, extremely evocotive of the crash landing at Anderbad airport - well done indeed! Its a pity the kit is so hard to come by these days. I snagged a few when they were about, glad I did. Tommo.
  2. If you compare the Mach 2 fuselage to the second image you posted up thread it will jump out at where the Mach 2 kit is lacking. Correctable, of course it is - but, it just adds to the workload of a Mach 2 kit. I too would doubt the machine has a natural metal finish, if it was a carrier bourne machine the last thing one would want on an airframe would be exposed metal. Tommo.
  3. Its the rear fuselage as it sweeps up to the boom and the glazing arrangement on the Mach 2 kit thats not really correct for a military Dragonfly and its not quite right for the S-51 either, but a bit closer - if that makes sense. The grillage and exhaust arrangements will need altering too. The Whirlykits (military variant) model is correct on those elements, so you should be good to go with that one. Best of luck. Tommo
  4. 1/72 - The Mach 2 kit is neither fish nor fowl in that it is hybrid of the S-51 and Dragonfly (closer to the S-51) but either way it needs surgery - plus the usual caveats that apply to Mach 2 kits. - The MPM kit is waaaay! overscale and not particulary accurate in outline either - I'm afraid surgery won't save this one. - The Britavia/AVF kit is good for for the Dragonfly particulary the navalised version (it would need surgery to build it as a S-51 or HC-4). The biggest drawback to me, is its main component parts are acetate which is not a good modelling medium - that said I have seen some nicely built examples. - The latest iterations of the Whirlykits models are very good, if one is comfortable with resin. As mentioned up thread they bought the Britavia/AVF moulds and have improved the kit no end. Quite rightly they offer the miltary and civvy Dragonfly as two different kits. The better of the pair is the military kit - although for the HC-4 one needs the civvy boxing and undertake some mods. - The IM Aerdrom kits came with two sets of fuselage clear styrene and 'solid' styrene and were fundemetally accurate and easy to build, if a little basic - If memory serves it was only possible to build the S-51 and civvy Dragonfly despite a military Dragonfly boxing - I stand to be corrected on that as I have not seen one for an epoch! - The LF kit as being built in this thread is fundementally a S-51 (but good for the HC-4) and from what I can make out is the most accurate in 72 scale. I don't have and have not seen thier military version Dragonfly kit. But, I would venture that is equally as good. But, in the box it does look a modellers model - the detail for a short run kit is superb. ------ 1/48 - If one is comfortable with resin and vac, the Belcher Bits kit is great and extremely accurate and it is just about possible to build any variant of the S-51 and Westland Dragonfly out the box. - The Founderie Miniature kit is pretty good for a short run kit of its era if one is comfortable with all clear styrene fuselages halves and limited run kits. However, it has been welll and truly been overtaken by the AMP kits. Also its only really possible to build a S-51 out the box with out resort to the razor saw and Milliput. - The AMP kits are probably the most accessible in this scale and are very good indeed - However, it is generally one variant per boxing, so one needs to be careful what is buying to match the type and Mk of machine one wants to build. I'll be tagging along for this build too, looking good so far. Tommo. -
  5. Yep. I still have an unmade one in its original Kelloggs mailer. Tommo.
  6. No bona fida 'commercial company' will knowingly falsely declare the value of a shipment, it is ilegal to do so and the consquences could be devasting if found guility of false declaration. Now the UK is outside the EU, EU vendors should be removing local taxes and VAT for anything headed to the UK - which at least should make the purchase price cheaper. HMRC/UKBA have got thier act together with most items over the 'customs' threshold now attracting charges, the days of it slipping through I'm afraid have gone. Tommo.
  7. Don't forget to ask for local taxes and VAT to be removed from your order. No AA don't have a UK distributor, most of thier orders are made on demand. But everything they make is of the highest quality! Tommo.
  8. I have the 1/35 Wespe V2 set. I would say it is anything but simplified, in the box it exudes quality. Tommo.
  9. That used to be the case, not any more - in my expierance pretty much anything over the duty threshold gets tagged now. Tommo.
  10. That would be nice, wouldn't it? One can only assume they were poor sellers first time around, a Whirlwind variant would need a major mould change or more than likely a new kit - I can't see either happening personally. Tommo.
  11. Two pieces of trivia: - Hawker Siddeley made the EVA Pods. - Armstrong Withworth built the centrifuge for Discovery. Tommo.
  12. Here is a promo vid for the Voodoofx and Yay! Monster kits. Tommo.
  13. @oldmodeler Yes, I have the Moebuis 1/8 EVA pod, I have had it a while but not made a start on it yet and another yes I do intend to light it. It looks however, I'm taking a different route than you. The aftermarket ancillaries I have bought for it so far are: - The Yay! Monsters backlight translight filmkit! https://www.yaymonsters.com/shop/evapodtranslight/ - The Yay! Monsters light blocking vinyl set https://www.yaymonsters.com/shop/eva-vinyls/ - The Yay! Monsters acrylic support and LED support kit https://www.yaymonsters.com/shop/evasupport/ - Voodoofx lighting kit http://www.voodoofx.com/product/2001-eva-pod-lighting-kit/ - Shapeways 1/8 seated Bowman figure https://www.shapeways.com/product/Y66XNFSD8/sf-astronauts-figure-kit-moebius-eva-pod?optionId=96195441&li=marketplace Paragrafix make a 1/8 translight kit too, or most likely its the same one marketed by Yay! Monsters. I await your progress with baited breath. Its the Moebius Boeing Aries 1-B I'm patiently waiting for, no doubt well delayed now! Tommo.
  14. Yes! Shapeways Euro orders are printed in the Netherlands therefore its a consquence of Brexit. Tommo.
  15. Here's hoping the BEA decals are more accurate than the ones supplied with their (recentish repop of) Comet 4B. Tommo,
  16. Moebius certainly understand thier target market and demographic very well indeed, they most definately don't have the same business model as say Revell or Airfix. Highly likely as that filming miniature is extant. I snagged an absolutely fab one from Shapeways, costly but utterly and totally sublime! Tommo.
  17. Which does lend some credence it should have been bundled with the magazine. How many times do you go to the check out and they won't sell a can of baked beans or similar because its not been entered into the 'system'? I can't recall that ever happening to me, or I don't shop at the right places perhaps? Tommo.
  18. I have the Bronco kit, its absolutely huge! Tommo.
  19. The Horsa would be a large and impressive model in quarter scale. Tommo.
  20. I forgot to add the the LOK Moonship is a $100 plus shipping. Tommo.
  21. The Soviet LOK Moonship now available: Soviet LOK Moon Ship - Catalog - Fantastic Plastic Models (fantastic-plastic.com) Tommo
  22. Interesting, indeed! Very Gerry Andersonesque, if I say so myself. Tommo.
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