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  1. The Welsh Models website is normally pretty much up todate. If its not listed there (I have not looked) its probably still in the works and not imminent. Tommo.
  2. They are aimed at the likes of me. However, Revell have not had a bespoke 'classic' range for some years now. When they were last around I was able to buy dealer packs of quite a few of them at knock down prices where kits were working out at a couple of quid each - I still must have at least 15 Rotodynes, with multiples of the B-47 Jupiter C, the V2 and others from the range. They are aimed at the likes of me, but its clear the market is limited or else the range would be still going strong. Tommo.
  3. I bet Revell hate it more! Agreed there needs to some form of substantiation, otherwise as you say it is very dangerous idle gossip. Tommo.
  4. Why not drop Densil a line, I have always found he will get back to one with an update. That will be far better than speculation on an internet forum. Just sayin', like. That said, I suspect you have answered your own question. Tommo.
  5. Its a translucent abalative gold to reduce solar gain/flash into the cockpit. Tommo.
  6. You will require a Mabuchi RS-540SH motor (or UK equivalent) to motorise the model and make the lighting work: https://www.hlj.com/mabuchi-motor-rs-540sh-mab50654 The kit includes the mechanics and wiring/lighting, but not the motor. Mine has two clear glazing sprues, but it is an original Aoshima boxing, not the Bachmann one. Tommo.
  7. Ah! Its the same as the Aoshima boxing. If you want the TB-5 itself and the radar dish to rotate and lighting to function you will need to buy a motor. I have just checked my boxing and glazing sprue is clear. Tommo.
  8. It has the motor included? Thats an upgrade on the Aoshima boxing, as one had to buy that seperately - so a giant thumbs up to Bachmann. This is my favourite Aoshima TB kit, the additional sprues make a HUGE difference to the accuracy and fidelity to the finished model. Although, the included TB-3 is woeful - it is a shame Aoshima could not have included new sprues for that too. Tommo.
  9. This thread had me reaching for the Japan BD set at the weekend. I watched both 'Sunprobe' and the 'Edge of Impact'. The clarity is stunning, it is possible to work/make out that the nose cone of Sunprobe is carved from wood as the wood grain is visible. Tommo.
  10. At the risk of thread drift, I would throughly recommend Stephen La Rivère’s definative history of the Anderson's puppet series "Filmed in Supermarionation". Other than being an absolutely fantastic and balanced read - it is chokka full of photos, many unpublished, so therefore it is a fabulous reference resource. https://shop.gerryanderson.co.uk/products/filmed-in-supermarionation-book-hardcover-with-slipcase?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjPaCBhDkARIsAISZN7RT98LDbzqG12mS0H4uIBzkqdMELLjhOE2d1EMI5AGDY4N4Koe9K24aAn6yEALw_wcB I believe this is the updated and expanded edition that was originally part of the fab and long out of print and much sought after "Filmed in Supermarionation" box set. That came complete with the 2BD documentry of same name and a whole slew of HD remastered Anderson Supermarionation programmes and emphera such comics, post cards et al. Tommo.
  11. I'm not sure where you are going with this one, where else are you going to get one cheaper, I ask? A 1/72 Electra for $90 with full interior, is stonking good value. BtW I'm not dissing the Welsh kit it is very good indeed - I have a couple and one will be made in the TAA Hi VIz/dayglo livery of the early '60s. Tommo.
  12. Some context here, 1/72 Welsh Models Electra is over £100, so $90 is not too bad considering it has an interior. I have the WM kit and it is sizeable in that scale and has no interior. Tommo.
  13. Aoshima originally marketed them as two seperate kits (film and Tv versions). However, all the parts one needs are in either boxing to build both variants if one grabs the appropriate refererences. The screen time of the TB machines in reality was quite limited and all at the time would have watched the episodes on a low grade CRT B/W screen (Thunderbirds was not aired in colour in the UK until 1976, and that was in the Yorkshire region only). There was no thought what so ever, to longevity or repeat viewings on hi-def BD, therefore any variation in the filiming miniatures was not a huge concern. The masterstroke however, was to have all the Anderson and Century 21 productions filmed in 35mm - therefore they scrub up amazingly well in BD. I have the long OOP Japanese BD set and the picture quality is truly astounding/astonishing and one can spot the differences! Tommo.
  14. ...and shape, between the two filming minatures. Not to mention the effect the studio lighting had on both changing colour hues and washing out the weathering. Then there is the film versions. Tommo.
  15. Don't forget that April. 14 is Anderson Day and Network have Anderson tele-streaming marathon to co-incide with it. https://www.gerryanderson.co.uk/gerry-andersons-night-in-streaming-watchalong/?fbclid=IwAR0Pzyt7BFsqp5dW4nzhQaDLBIlWRkYAmRLmrOmGbh94HjiwXP3evy-l_bo Tommo.
  16. I missed this too. I have a couple of Heller 707s I snagged for a bargain and made off like a bandit. I have the HaHen BOAC and Lufthansa decals as well as their resin Conways and wing conversion, but I have to date shied away from it as there is a LOT work involved to turn it into a 707-436. Dunno which livery I will eventually dip for tho'. I have 1/72 Olympic decals too - which suits the 707 in my opinion better than the BOAC livery, not that it does not look cool in BOAC colours, it does. The Olympic version is however an is an easier proposition from the base Heller kit, that in turn might get it on the workbench sooner. Good looking build BtW, can't wait to see it finished - I always like the idea of a travel agent style model. Tommo.
  17. Super builds there @Kallisti Proves what great kits these are. If memory serves I don't have my TB-1 to hand but it can be built in either the film or Tv configuration/version. Tommo,
  18. To be fair to Scott Alexander (which I'm not keen on, due to the Atomic City debacle) he never claimed it was. But various companies including Paragrafix did some wonderful interior upgrades that made a huge improvement. Tommo.
  19. Yes the Moebius Discovery is based on the 2010 filiming miniature because it is still extant. Scott Alexander rehabbed it a bit back for TCM the company that owns 2001 and 2010 now and it was/is displayed in thier offices. When you get around to the Moonbus, both the Paragrafix detail kit (it just been updated and re-issued, so an easy if expensive snag at the moment) and the Stargazer (Ian Walsh) accurate interior kits are both absolutely essential, if you don't already have them. Timless Hobbies (Tony James) did have limited stocks of the later not so long back. Me, I'm waiting for the Moebuis Boeing Aries 1B, but I do have the AJA 1/48 kit c/w interior in my pending pile if that does not materialise. Tommo.
  20. To get the the flat screen effect that Kubrick wanted it was a series of 8mm film on a loop. But, in the film its imposible to tell and looks like and iPad screen from 2021. Tommo.
  21. Planning is a none political process and should be made on a set of strict set of mostly national critera and any convenats that may stretch back hundreds of years - such as the land must remain wooded or only be used for recreational use et al. The local authority is purely the adminstrator of the process, if the decision was deemed to be made on a political basis it will be overturned at appeal and the costs attributed back to the LA. A good gauge will be in the planning portal - if the officers recommend approval (possibly with conditions), however the elected members choose to ignore thier recommendation of thier officers and vote otherwise there is a very good chance the decision will overturned at appeal. Everything including minutes is publically visable on the planning portal. If in doubt have look to see what the officers recommended prior to the application going to the council committee and see how the members voted. This is waaaay off topic, but having pretty much having a working life wrapped up in obtaining PP, I thought it was worth a word or two about the process, trying my best to stay clear of the politics, which I have no idea about in this particular case anyway. Tommo.
  22. It would be strange to obtain funding and not have planning in place - because, one could be in the unenviable position of having to return or reallocate the funding if the app was denied for any reason - if its part funded by third party grant funding planning is nearly always a prerequisite. I suspect there maybe a pre-app in place, this won't appear on the planning portal, but will however inform if the development is feasible from a planning persepective. Apologies this is wildy off topic post, but I it was worth a mention before I return to my hole. Tommo,
  23. Too niche even for Aoshima I suspect, given they only appeared in one episode each. Fireflash at least appears in two and is ever present in both. I would have thought the 'helijet' in a decent size might have been an option as it is a recurring vehicle in various episodes. But, I'm sure if they were going to kit it, they would have done so by now. It will be interesting where Bachmann take this range in the future, if they do at all - given they have cherry picked the best of Aoshima's TB range, save the TB-3 launch silo - which would be worth them re-issuing. That said, from what I can make out, it looks like it has been an overwhelming success for Bachmann. Tommo.
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