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  1. Thanks, however, I have had on pre-order from Cult for very nearly two years. Tommo.
  2. I would temper ones expectations. The Moebius 1/48 Aries 1B has been in the works for over two years and I'm not aware of a recent update of its progress. That said, it would not surprise me if the Orion jumped the queue so to speak. Tommo.
  3. Cracking build of a cracking kit. Whilst the launch bay may not be as accurate as the others, the TB-3 itself is by far the most accurate of the TB machines thye make. Not that others are too shabby. Tommo.
  4. If memory serves the Airfix kit was in the shops a full three years before the prototype flew. Tommo.
  5. The Airfix kit as pictured up thread, is more the concept design rather than the prototype. Tommo.
  6. Yes on both counts and I believe I have had ended up with nice results too. Airliners are niche and are always going to attract a premium - its the way of the World and I don't see it changing. Tommo.
  7. The other point is, Airfix will be far more consious of the price point a kit sells for, the likes of Valom less so. Tommo.
  8. If everybody who has contributed to this thread bought two 1/72 of a said airliner kit, it does not make a market for them. There is an interest yes, but its small one and that should not be confused as market. It is all about selling kits in sufficient quanties, particularly for the investment required for an injection moulded styrene kit. That market is clearly not there, or also all the major airliners in the last 60/70 years would be available in 72 from various manufacturers. Tommo.
  9. He sold a few kits on eBay, much to the chagrin of the very many (myself included) who had paid100s of dollars in pre-orders, that where never delivered. Tommo.
  10. Zane, There is no 1/72 kit of Aries 1B. There nearest is the Captain Cardboard/Atomic City/Auroashouda 1/80 (which I wrongly quoted at 1/96 up thread) and that is long out of production. That, was almost certainly Scott's most sucessful kit. Someone (who's name escapes me) did an aftermarket flight deck kit for it - there was no passenger cabin kit to my knowledge. There was no UK Aries 1B kit, I assume you are thinking of Stargazer 1/144 kit, this was mastered by Ian Walsh who is indeed based in the UK, Torquay if memory serves. However, all the kits were cast in the US and sold via US outlets. I would personally wait for the Moebius Aries kit. However, if you cannot wait try and source the AJA one, as it is the best currently out there by some margin albeit it is 1/48. The Kaiyo Discovery has been due/in the works for an absolute epoch, I would file it in the lost projects for the time being. Tommo.
  11. @zanenobbs From your post it was not clear if you were seeking info about Aries or Orion, if its Orion the following may help: - A UK company (who's name I can't recall, but were located in the Bristol area, if memory serves) produced a large scale resin kit with a polystyrene core to reduce weight - which would have worked dout close to 1/72. It was beautifully cast and had delicate engraved details. However, regretably it was upscaled from the Airfix kit, so it was WRONG in pretty much every aspect. I sold my copy on pretty quickly after it landed. - Atomic City produced a large scale Orion in 1/72. The masters were finished off for Scott by Adam Johnson and the pre production build ups looked absolutely beautiful and having the Adam Johnson stamp of accuracy, it wa a must. However, it went the same way as the Aries leaving that bitter taste mentioned up thread. But, to add insult to injury Scott starting selling copies on eBay much to annoynace of those like me who had stumped up on pre order several 100 quid. I hasten to add other than finish the masters Adam Johnson was not involved in the Atomic City debacle. Stargazer did a true 1/144 (original) scale Orion sold through Starship Modeller, that was a beaut! The second iteration cast by Blap was even better. Many a garage kit manufacturer up until the appearnce of the upgraded Aurora kit produced by Moebuis had a tilt at it with varying degrees of success. The Aurora kit along with the Moonbus is surpringly accurate as they had access to Warners Bros art dept original drawings. Again, Adam Johnson was involved with the upgrade of the Moebius Orion so don't overloook that one albeit its not 1/72. Tommo
  12. I'm sure you are aware Moebuis have an large scale injection (no scale to date has been mentioned) shot styrene Aries 1B in the works, it was due Q1 this year, but obviously its been delay by Cv19. Personally I would wait for that one, but each to their own. No disrespect to the Lunar Models kit, it was great when it was originally produced and definatley ahead of the curve as was LM as pioneering company in large scale sci-fi subject matter. But there have been a lot of better options since. As far as I'm aware there has been no 1/72 Aries . However, probably the best to date is the 1/48 rotocast resin CAD designed AJA kit (produced and researched by Adam Johnson - so one will know it will as accurate as references peermitted at the time) complete with interior, sadly that is out of production Mine still looks at me saying 'build me'! Other than those Aries kits mentioned above there have been a few others: - Stargazer 1/144 - Captain Cardboard/Atomic City 1/96 Atomic City had a 1/32 kit in the works, but everything went wrong leaving a sour taste in many a mouth inculding mine - which is a shame as Scott Alexander's work is good. Tommo.
  13. Yes, I know, hence my comments up thread. A company with much lower overheads and a better reach into the 'classic' kit market than Revell. Tommo.
  14. Easy to say when one is not putting the capital up and not taking the risk. Its very clear from what Airfix say and their actions they have almost no interest in getting involved in the airliner market save the odd and infrequent repop from thier back catalogue. Hence my comment up thread, that I'm surprised they have not sold on their moulds to the Skyking range. There maybe gaps in the airliner/civil market however, Airfix are clearly of the view that is for someone else to tacke, which others slowly are - with the likes Amodel, Valom and Roden. I venture one of the reasons the aforementioned appear expensive is in part to offset the lack of mass market appeal and consquential relatively low sales in comparison to miltary types. Tommo.
  15. One can't really compare Atlantis to Revell its a two person company operating soley in a niche market. Thier kits are not particulary cheap either - thats an observation not a compliant by the way. Tommo.
  16. Airfix have not produced a new airliner kit in 1/144 in 40 years (let alone one in 1/72) and they have not been forthcoming re-issuing their extensive 1/144 Skyking range in the intervening years either. To the point I'm surprised they have not sold thier moulds. There is zero chance Airfix manufacturing a new tool 1/72 airliner kit. Tommo.
  17. Welsh Models are a good entry level kits for those who have not tackled resin or vac before. Tommo.
  18. If memory serves it was the 800 1st, followed by the 700. Tommo.
  19. Dunno. Even pre Covid the Airix range of 'Classics' had slowed up dramatically. Tommo.
  20. You can say that. The underside centre section of 'his' 1/72 Comet kits are a work of art. It s very complex set of compound curves and he nailed it big time! Tommo.
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