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  1. bowulf

    Yet another varnish question.

    ditto for the Humbrol rattle can matt varnish.....works a treat and is cheaper than GW stuff.....well, it is for me , just used it on an F16
  2. bowulf

    RAF Lightnings over Africa (profiles)

    thanks richard...........i like that.............i was actually thinking of an all black one like the Hunter or F4 look forward to hearing more of the saga one day Paul
  3. bowulf

    Rafale M Revell 1:48

    very very nice! ive got that kit in my stash.............id be happy if i could turn it out a tenth as good as that....bravo!
  4. bowulf

    RAF Lightnings over Africa (profiles)

    hi forgot i was a member here............just had to retrieve my password just so i could post in here.....great story line......would love to get an update i love 'what ifs' (im about to do a what if the labour government had canceled the Lightning as well as the TSR2.........a F104 in 111 squadron colours) so ive had really enjoyed reading all of this so if the US had become very insular what would have become of Isreal?.....would it have been over run in the next unpleastness with its Arab neighbours or would it have gone from strength to strength?....i can see it taking on a lot of those frustrated American techs....could see it making stronger ties with France and GB (im thinking Harriers, Buccs and Lightnings with a Star of David )until it could produce its own aircraft...would it become a major player on the worlds arms market, filling the vacum caused by America pulling out?.....would it 'reverse engineer' the American aircraft it already had in its inventory in this time line?.....useful source of F4 and A4 aircraft and spares as for AEW.................since the Sentry would never happen would the Nimrod AEW programme be accelerated?