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  1. Thankfully, it was an optional part! I can build the model as if it were in flight! Phew I was about to have a bit of a toys out of the pram moment! Your attention to detail Blackknight is something I am going to have to develop!
  2. Blimey well spotted! Unfortunately I have searched the bowl I washed the pieces in (I did not empty the water out), the box, and the plastic packaging and there is no wheel to be seen :-(
  3. I have only just joined, but it was suggested that I post pics of my first build, so I could get feedback and advice. Please be nice, I have two left thumbs and the talent of a dead possum :-) I went to Models of Distinction in Farnham today to pick up a few tools, no doubt I will be going back there frequently as I discover what I don't yet know I need I have a spray can of Acrylic primer, and from reading the threads I hope to coat it in clear gloss before applying decals, and then clear matt afterwards. That is predicated on me not ending up with it glued to my elbow and me throwing it out of the window! Here goes for posting pics! The box! Not as complex as any I have seen on this forum, but scary enough for me! Pieces washed and ready for me to start building! I have washed the pieces, as suggested elsewhere, just need to let them dry and then I can get started.....although trying to understand the instructions is like learning an entirely new language!
  4. Fatboyslow

    Hi all

    Hi, I just bought an airfix starter set: The Hawker Typhoon 1B, Hopefully it will be within my ability range! time to watch many you tube videos and read up on how to build models!
  5. Fatboyslow

    Hi all

    Many thanks all! Airfix starter kit it is then! I like both military vehicles and planes, so I might try one of each and see which one grabs me more! I will be seeking advice but looking at the in progress threads I won't post any pictures! Those builds are AMAZING! I wouldn't want to sully the forum with my fingerprint covered first attempts
  6. Fatboyslow

    Hi all

    Hi everyone, I thought I would introduce myself My my name is Phil and I have zero experience building models! I am in my early 40's with no artistic abilities but after finding my way here from a mtb forum I am very intrigued and want to give it a go! I have joined to get advice and tips, I accept that my efforts will never match some of the builds I have seen on here! I have 2 young children a busy job and race solo mtb 12 hr races so am after a hobby I can quietly lose myself in for a few hours at a time! i like the idea of military models, but have no idea what would be a good starting point! I have Alton models and Farnham models close by so will probably buy something from there I think So any hints for a or a complete novice?