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  1. Hey all! Whats the best way to cut small circles for masking? I've got some small roundels to paint on an upcoming 1/72 model and I dont feel comfortable to freehand circles at that scale.
  2. Engine #1 finished, engine #2 will be the same. I'm only painting the visible bits. in order to save time.
  3. Hey all! A while ago I finished a WnW Pfalz an, even after several months of moving, remodelling and job hunting, still have the itch to make more Pfalzes. As a result, I'm going to do a double build of Eduard's 1/48 Pfalz. I've found one of their Dual Combos and plan to do them mostly OOB. I'll be modifying bits here and there and adding the odd bit to make them more accurate. I'll be making the 'White Horse' Pfalz from Jasta 5; and 4202/17 from Jasta 30: I won't be using the kit decals for 4202 First I had to make
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