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  1. BLUE LORRAINE CROSS... but only a few "errors" at the bigining of free french and very far zones! For LORRAINE, ALSACE... all blue... with a RAF BLUE!! Not pale french "cocarde" blue!
  2. Hullo and what aboit first hurricane in Egypt (end of 40, first half on 41) ?? Seem a lot of scheme... green/sand, A and B pattern, C and D patter with sand on DE and DE on Green!
  3. Thanks... only 5 serial possible for my "Lorraine". I have never been so close to the truth! Thanks The search for the grail continues!
  4. Hello! Is it possible ti know what serial was in service in a RAF squadron in WWW2? General qiestion! Exactly, il an mookinf for the "percival" of No. 267 Pegasus Squadron RAF Communications Unit at RAF Heliopolis August 1940-August 1942! Is it possible wich plane was flown by CDT Grelier, chief of french mission, plane nicknamed "Lorraine". (VEGA GULL or PROCTOR I) Thanks for help regards Pierre
  5. Hi friends. In ICARE, it is possible to see a PROCTOR with a cross of Lorrain called LORRAINE. It is stated that his pilot was Commander GRELIER (FAFL) and that it was his personal aircraft. It seems that it was made available to the Free French by the RAF in Egypt, but I can not find other elements on this plane! Would you? That would help me! thank you in advance Pierre h
  6. Thanks too, for Seahawk! You know what... the BandB is at LELANT DOWNS... HAYLE!! And very good idea for Cornish pasty.. and thanks for good eating address too!
  7. Thanks Dave... 7 days near from Penzance8 I think it will be easy to spend a couple of minuts in this nice shop!
  8. Well well.. From Dover to Lelant Downs.. i visist SALYSBURY and perhaps this MODEL CERTER... i my wife authorise me!!! TRURO... I think its possible to arrive Victoria square by casuality, walking in the streets of the city! "Oh! A model shop! What a surprise!!" Thanks for all
  9. Hi all! My frenchy family arrive in GB at july... 10 days and 7 in Carnwall! Saint Ives, nice place to enjoy! (And, visit Eastbourne, Winchester, Salisbury, Bath, Exeter. during the travel) There are hobby model shop there?? I dont fonud nothing with internet! Sorry for my english! Best regard Pierre
  10. Hi friends On the left side of the plane, the ops codes of the hurricane Mk IIc, read KW ° R or XP ° B ... But on the right side is it KW ° R or R ° KW? is this systematic or are there variations from one squadron to another ? it seems very varied and without any real global rule? Neither for the 615th nor for the 174 sq I can find a vintage photo in MkIIc on the right side! I see a nice picture of MkI ou IIa with B°XP... So, how do I put my decals ??? Hmm ?? Othe question: here is MkIIc at 174sq at one time of the story of the quadron?? Thank you gentlemen
  11. Oh! troy... Lewes... i went there in hollidays a few years ago... 1971/72... Great days there!
  12. Sorry Chriss i am still here. A friend is making the JP496 of WingCo Davidson (R°D)... for the december 43 period. Did you know if this plane have the yellow marking of inside 20mm (those yellow marking desapeard progressively at the end of 43, or not?) Have you sometinga bout that Thanks a lot!
  13. Oh! OUI ! Antoine! I have all ! ... and more: Repainted wing after work or changing wing... will have the same look on a 1/72 AIRFIX kit!!! thanks for all
  14. Huho... its more than fortune, ils like winning euromillion! With, hour help, i have all what i want for my model... and now, at work! Thanks for all ! Pierre
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