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  1. So I dont really like the F16 but this one is really nice to look at..
  2. The kit isnt that old, early 1990... I built it too and its a very nice kit of an elegant plane. Looking forward to see you finish her. Gr TC
  3. Beautifull. Also this one is on my wish list. Gr Tc
  4. A shame for the decals on what is great looking model. Which brand did you use? Gr Tc
  5. Haha, i liked the setup with the car :). Great work on the pea shooter gr tc
  6. I recently saw a review of this kit and this might have convinced me to buy it if I find it at the hext modelshow. Great build, nice weathering too!. Gr TC
  7. Great modelling, it just looks real. Its so miles ahead... Gr tc
  8. Very nice, i am thinking of buying one of these :). gr tc
  9. Very nice, such a great result. Your masking is splendid. How long have you been moddeling? Greetings Lars
  10. Ok guys, next project. Or better a reboot. I had gotten this as a bd present and started this one last year. Due to stress at work and a training and uncertainity I could do the mottling scheme I put it aside. Having finished my La-5 I now return to this but not without a challenge. Due to the home decoration I got no workspace AND most of my paints and stuff is behind a heap of other stuff in the garage. So I can just cut, clean and glue abit. This makes that I try to clean and assemble as much as possible. And cleaning I do need to this. My first verdict is that it is not a perfect model but this package of a big bag of plastic and lots of nice detail for €35,- is a steal.The box with sub assemblies and parts fill quickly. Well there are a view weird attachment points on the engine part. Points?? Hmm more strips, will have to sand down this abit. There were four of these strips on both engine caps :(. . . The lower hull with lower wings. I needed to help this a bit to get the undercarriage part in place. Dry fitting with the hull will show if I can proceed. I can only build with good weather in the gardin till 5pm. So pray with me for good weather next weekend! Greetings Lars
  11. Yes why not pic a more difficult sheme . It sure looks interesting. Good luck on your built! Gr TC
  12. Very, very nice! Love the bare metal finish on this one! Gr TC
  13. All your effort paid off and that makes it an extra beauty! It will look great in your model cabinet for sure. Gr TC
  14. Nice build. Seeing the busy camo the underground could be more serene. Apart from that nice modelling! Gr TC
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