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  1. Cheers guys. Bruce, not completely sure but I guess the .50 is either a co-axial or ranging gun, and I would imagine remotely operated. Alpha, no green was harmed in the painting of this vehicle. It was black undercoat and desert tan over the top of that.
  2. Cheers gents. Viper, be warned, the tracks are a massive PITA.
  3. Hi guys, I finished this one up over the weekend. Usual Meng quality, went together really well. The only downside were the 6 piece track links that took forever to build. Paint is Hataka orange line lacquer, and the weathering was done with oils and pigments.
  4. Cheers guys. Exdraken, the aircraft decals were Two Bobs, and the missile & pod decals were a mixture of Tamiya and Meng (Cartograf).
  5. Cheers guys. I like to model them in flight. It's true you don't get to see much of the cockpit, but then if it's wheels down you don't get to see much of the undercarriage or ordnance. The previous 3 I built have also been in flight.
  6. This has been an excellent build from start to finish, top job Jeroen.
  7. Cheers. Thank you Sir. I guess that was before she was in the Splinter. Was it the Flanker scheme, or even earlier?
  8. Thanks Notty, yes the base is just some aluminium tube and a wooden flooring sample. The instructions only called out for the AIM-9 and ACMI pod, but then I saw this pic (https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9259493) which also shows the AIM-120's. I decided to go with that as prefer the look, although I didn't add the external tanks..
  9. Hi Guys, My F-16C Block 30 in the Blue Splinter camo scheme of the 18th Aggressor squadron, Eielson AFB, Alaska.
  10. I've been using Winsor & Newton Galeria varnishes for a while now, both gloss and matt (which can be mixed for satin). They spray straight from the bottle and work perfectly well with Tamiya paints.
  11. I like to Flory clay washes for aircraft.
  12. Thanks Rich. I did enjoy the build (other than the bloody tracks ) and I will continue to post my other builds. I've got an M10 Achilles on the go at the moment.
  13. My HobbyBoss Finnish T-50.
  14. Cheers, and thanks for the link.
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