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  1. My HobbyBoss Finnish T-50.
  2. Cheers, and thanks for the link.
  3. Good morning guys. I got this one finished up over the weekend. I finished it off by fitting the wheels and tracks (which was a bloody nightmare), applying some dust deposits & dried mud, some rust on the engine grilles and spare track links, and a few drops of spilled oil/fuel on the rear deck. I'm not sure where to put the finished pics, so I guess I'll leave them here. If this is wrong please let me know.
  4. Thanks Reini. I added some more grime and rust streaks to the lower hull on Monday, and got everything matt coated yesterday so hopefully tonight I can get the wheels and tracks on then complete the weathering.
  5. In for the build. I built this kit recently and absolutely loved it, definitely going to build another.
  6. StuG iii album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmL2WNbc
  7. Morning guys. I pushed on with this over the weekend. Decals applied (only 4 of them) although annoyingly HobbyBoss supply Swastika's rather than the correct Finnish Hakaristi (hook cross). I had 2 of the correct emblems left over from my StuG build so put these on the turret and the Swastikas on the hull. In retrospect I wish I'd left these off. Then it was on to the weathering. I decided to give this one quite a battered look (something I've not done before) so went quite heavy with the chipping. This was followed up with a pin wash and some streaking on the turret. There is more streaking to go on the hull, and I have ordered some AK earth deposits to try. I also got the wheels painted up and glossed ready for weathering.
  8. Morning chaps. The last few days I have been working on painting the camo. Because this is hard edge it's quite a laborious task. I started by scanning the painting instructions and then printing them out scaled 1:1 with the kit, which was then painted in the base colour. The shapes that remained the base colour were then cut out one at a time from my reprinted instructions, transferred to masking tape, cut out again and applied to the kit. The 2nd colour was then applied, and the masking process repeated. The third colour was then applied, and the masking removed. There's a couple of small touch up's required, and I still need to unmask the barrel (the paint was still soft so didn't want to grab the turret and leave finger prints) but once done I will apply a filter to tie everything together, then paint the tools and machine guns.
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