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  1. Sorry to hear about your dad, my dad also has macular degeneration so I know a bit about it. My dad is now at the stage where he only has peripheral vision. As you are no doubt aware it's the central portion of the vision that is affected, AMD is often referred to as tunnel vision. I mention this because you may want to get him to try some optivisors before you buy them, I'm not sure they will be a massive help as they tend to magnify whats directly in front of the eye, and obviously that's the part that's failing.
  2. Nice progress so far. I've built this kit, won't be building another one.
  3. The blister packaging that contact lenses come in. Perfect for when a small drop of paint is needed for detail painting. Also the cases that are used to store and clean contact lenses overnight are good for storage of small parts, or for paints.
  4. I've just read through this entire thread and must say I am mightily impressed with both the work to date and the plan going forward. I will continue to watch and read with interest.
  5. I've been waiting for this. WandaVision and The Falcon & The Winter Soldier weren't bad.
  6. Hi Gary, I came looking for your thread after you mentioned it on mine. Fantastic work on this, the paint is excellent. Cheers, B
  7. Cheers guys. Steve, they are: 1/24 Belkits Opel Manta 400 1/24 Tamiya Mitsubishi Evo VI WRC 1/24 Tamiya Nissan Skyline GT-R V R34 1/12 Tamiya Repsol Honda RC213V They were pretty much all OOB, I did add some Studio 27 harnesses to the Evo. I've only built a couple of cars before (and no bikes) so these were all subjects to learning new techniques. I'm currently building another bike (Tamiya Yamaha YSF R1) but after that I'm planning on building the Kawasaki H2 Carbon and will be adding the detail up set and some scratch building.
  8. Not sure, mine wasn't an exclusive, and I only remember seeing them in white?
  9. Cheers AD. Mine was a Manta B GTE coupe, D plate '86 (D317CEH). Had loads of awesome times in that car, you could slide the rear end out at will, often went round bends and roundabouts sideways. As a result I kept my papers in the glove box, got a producer at least once a week.
  10. Unfortunately not. That was 30 years ago so pre-digital. I'd love another one but they are mega bucks nowdays.
  11. Cheers guys. Vince, I had one in that colour when I was 18, which is why it's blue instead of the correct white.
  12. Hi guys. I've been on a bit of a civilian vehicle kick so far this year, here's what I've built.
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