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  1. Hi chaps hope we are all well.. this is my first group build ive ever done..on any forum! Thoroughly enjoyed it! I built this in around 5 days (still bits of wet paint on it :p) after deciding i needed a break from the italeri ju88 that had been doing my head in! So yes here is my effort.. All brush painted using humbrol enamels of various ages, fantastic little kit well done airfix! I built this kit as i would of built a kit when i was 12 i just went for it! lot of fun it just fell together. Great builds all, regards
  2. Hi chaps,hope we are all well.. Im coming to the final steps of building italeris 1/72 junkers ju88.. it has been a bit of a Battle in fairness and not one part seems to of fitted! So after many stumbling blocks imagine my dismay when coming to fitting one of the lower areas of glazing.. abysmal fit and a massive step! Pictured below is the area in question i have tried to put a slight chamfer on the sides where the canopy meets and i have also tried to cover up the offending step with paint! doh! still very noticeable! What is my best bet to get this step sorted would i be able to apply a layer of cristal clear over the lot to level things out? If i try to use superglue over the step will it fog my (klear dipped) canopy? Any help greatly appreciated gents! thanks!
  3. degsye39

    Is this Klear?

    It smells almost the same as the orange bottle stuff.. I'll let you know how i get on with it im going to mix it 50/50 with vallejo matt varnish to get a final satin coat hope it works as well as the older stuff!
  4. degsye39

    Is this Klear?

    Steve you can get the multi surface wax for £3 a bottle in sainsburys! and the astonish is a quid from boyes.. (i havent tried the latest batch though) Cheers.
  5. degsye39

    Winsor & Newton Galeria Varnish - white flecks?

    Just for interested brush painting parties i painted over some humbrol enamels with cellulose thinned galeria last night (pre-painted plastic card).. The plastic card had humbrol enamels with klear on top painted on.. this klear coated test piece got a coat first! A crazy paving type finish ensued!!! I would recommend against repeating the said combination... The next test i painted galeria thinned with cellulose onto just plain humbrol enamels.. It went down okay and did dry with some rapidity! I achieved no better a finish than what i would get if i was to thin the galeria with water mind you! So back to the drawing board my plan is to have another go with the galeria mixed with windsor and newton flow improver, and then a second test piece i will use galeria thinned with water and flow improver.. I am going to pre mix these combinations and stir with a drill/coffee frother in the hopes of a good finish.. I think one of my issues before was that i was thinning the galeria but swilling around the mix with my paint brush prior to application not actually stirring it! I'll see how i go now chaps! fingers crossed, cheers.
  6. degsye39

    Is this Klear?

    @Black Knight Im going to seem daft or colorblind here but.. is this the stuff you mean when say 'blue bottle'' ? This seems to be the only variant available at the minute? I have some but am reluctant to use it with some vallejo matt just yet.. If not @Black Knight Have any other BM'ers used the above and how does it compare to the old orange bottle stuff? Cheers and regards to you all!
  7. degsye39

    Is this Klear?

    Mr black knight sah.. morning I WAS using the astonish flawless polish in the orange bottle.. until my dear mother decided it was a ''surplus cleaning item'' and poured it away I found that it thinned vallejo matt varnish a treat and left me with a lovely satin finish! I do have a larger 1 litre bottle but i have not used it so far as i am unsure as to if they have changed the formula or not? Have you tried this latest version does it perform as well as the orange bottle? Cheers!
  8. degsye39

    Beginner, what to start with?

    Hi alan, airifx do a readily available 1/72 spitfire mk1a, a word to the wise though the instrument panel needs sanding for the fuselage to close up right, and the canopy needs sanding on the back but besides that it builds well (pilot figure is only fit for the bin though mind!).. Other marks are available and though and i have a mk22/mk24 in the stash, though i haven't built said bird yet so i cannot comment on it. If you fancy building a Messerschmitt the airifx me 109 g6 is quite crude (early hornby tooling) but fit is excellent and all in is a very nice relaxing build.. Im going to sound like an airifx fanboy here .. but if you can lay your hands on an old tool airifx hurricane it is a cracker and seamless to assemble! Cheers!
  9. degsye39

    Winsor & Newton Galeria Varnish - white flecks?

    Anyone managed to get this stuff to behave its self when brushed on yet? I may do a test later chaps and report back im going to thin some galeria with some cellulose thinners and brush it onto a humbrol enamel painted test piece.. See if it does lift! Cheers!
  10. degsye39

    Humbrol paint range reductions

    I'm in the same boat ive just bought a rather large stock of the older tins instead of entertaining the new stuff! Its the dogs! Regarding new tins i have had varying success.. i tried a new tin of 90 beige green and a pot of 155 olive drab both of these tins were very nice to use if a little thick.. But here is the qaundary some are awful.. So why take the risk when the old stock is available and very cheap?! (in the uk at least) Cheers chaps
  11. degsye39

    Is this Klear?

    I'm using lakeland quickshine which seems pretty good so far.. I wouldnt mind getting my hands on a bottle of the original stuff to try a side by side test mind you
  12. degsye39

    I'm a serial brush killer

    What paint are you using hazza enamels or acrylics? I tried sable brushes and found them a little fragile.. That was as an enamel user though! Strictly enamels! Ive been using some of the airfix starter set brushes and ones out of older airfix sets, i also use humbrol heller ''senator'' brushes all of these are holding up great.. Make sure you wash your brushes thoroughly with white spirit/water then rub some soap onto the bristles and re -rinse.. I leave my brushes in a pot of white spirit over night as a final step make sure the brush is supported or you will lose the ''point'' Cheers! ETA If its is the first time you are using a brush make sure you pre wet it first (water for acrylics and white spirit for enamels) Otherwise capillary action will take effect and your new brush will be kaput after the first usage
  13. degsye39

    Single seat Il-2 just been raised from Russian lake

    That is incredible troy, thanks! Like others have said it makes you wonder just what else is submerged out there!
  14. degsye39

    Metallics by brush

    While this may be unhelpful as it isnt technically readily available.. Nothing beats pre hornby era tins of humbrol enamel 11 or 191 IMHO I'd suggest ebay as i have seen multiple auctions with 50ml tins of the stuff going for a pittance ! Cheers!
  15. degsye39

    Winsor & Newton Galeria Varnish - white flecks?

    Cheers for the reply doddsy, Ive got a can of badger propellant from a bit back i might just buy a cheapie airbrush and see how i go! Since getting back into the modelmaking lark i've been collecting up old enamels (I couldn't get on with acrylics) i mainly use humbrol ''super enamel'',older tins,authentic etc. I dont bother too much with the modern ones. I use lakeland quickshine as my pre decal gloss coat, Ive used W&N over this and not had issues but its just the darn brush marks! I've found that if i mix lakeland quickshine with vallejo matt varnish 50/50 i get an acceptable satin finish. Im just chasing that FLAT finish i guess Saying that with all the above combinations things could go awry over a year or so? not sure.. I got myself one of those IKEA coffee frothers after a recommendation on here (maybe you) it works a treat.. Doesn't fit in the little humbrol tins though, So for stirring those i use my dads burnt out and knackered dewalt drill.. With a piece of bicycle spoke in the chuck that i bent at one end No disasters.. Yet!