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  1. Thanks for the kind words chaps! Sadly she wont be making the gallery tonight.. i've had issues with getting the vinyl tracks on and manage to snap off the drive wheels! Doh! I seem to of cleared the hump now so the finished item will end up in here soon! Also i haven't finished my figures i've still got a few pouches and belt buckles/straps to paint! Well done to all those who made the gallery! Cheers!
  2. Bit more progress on this one what a superb kit for 1967! I've not come across an airfix classic that i haven't enjoyed yet, I've cut out some front windows from clear plastic card as i think this will help bring the build up a bit! Hoping i can time this all right and get finito for sunday night!!
  3. Hi lawzer thanks for stopping by! I would of liked to of maybe have made the camo a tad thinner but the painting guide in the airfix d-day set is a heller item and very vague, I had to kind of guess the finish by using google image search.. Still i think a bit of matt varnish will tone everything down i hope! Thoroughly enjoyable kit to build my only gripe was that the chassis was twisted i had to tack it in place with super glue! Im getting there and hoping to make the sunday finish! I made a start on the diorama last night too! Im going to try and spruce things up with some foliage later! Thanks and godspeed everyone!
  4. Hi chaps a little progress on the sdkfz 7! the camo is on Also made a decent start to the figures! next step is to find a suitable diorama base! Cheers!
  5. Good morning chaps.. Thanks for stopping by, finally getting a bit of progress made on this one! Wheely good fun! Robert i am rather surprised at just how well this is going together i love these oldschool airfix jobbies! i am hoping to have a coat of paint on by monday night! Lawzer the plastic is okay but not as hard is it looks when attacked with a file, no problems so far though an enjoyable build! Will give another update soon chaps! Have a great weekend!
  6. Hello chaps hope we are well! First post for about 6 months on BM i've decided to join this fine group build to try and get my mojo back.. Too many long winded builds. So even though it is a little late in the day to be starting (i hope this will motivate me!) I've decided that an airfix classic tool is the way to a stress free build, The sdkfz 7 tractor and 88mm gun are from the airfix ''D-DAY'' boxing.. i have decided to omit the included figures and the 88! and i intend to portray the sdkfz 7 at rest on some sort of diorama base i am hoping that a couple of figures from Caesar will add some life to my small vignette! The kit The figures Many thanks chaps!
  7. Great work mate..need to build my couple.. love these old airfix kits!
  8. Its turned up! the canopy was on top of the kitchen roll i used to wipe the old klear off with!! Id searched for 3 hours to boot even checked the bin re-dip then i will finish off! Watch this space! Cheers! Also snap with the messy bench mines a pig sty im afraid!
  9. Thanks for the kind words mate! thanks for hosting!
  10. Vought F4U Corsair NZ5272/NZ5307 307 No.1 Servicing Unit Guadalcanal 1944 Airfix 1/72 rivet monster Brush painted with humbrol enamels and finished with winsor and newton galeria matt I got much more enjoyment out of this than i had any right too, granted the mould is very well worn and out of the airfix VJ Day giftset this was the shoddiest mold out of 9 kits! Still i think if you go into the build not expecting the moon on a stick all is good! Just set aside a lot of superglue for filling! I did regret not doing any scratchbuilding but you can barely see inside the canopy anyway! I Also faffed it up on the intermediate blue to white demarcation doh! You can mimic a mottled/faded edge with a light brushing of white spirit on semi-dried paint ive found you can get (acceptable) mottling without an airbrush on german aircraft this way too! sadly it does not seem to work with white! flippin white!!!!! I left it anyway but that is the only thing i am not very happy with on this build! Many thanks to our hosts and to all of those that also built and posted comments! Cheers!
  11. Disappointingly this one is not going to make it to the gallery 1 out of 2 isnt bad but.. I've put the canopy down for this and i CANNOT find it, the carpet monster is real. ive got this far..
  12. Finally finished! Something about these old airfix kits i love 'em! Enjoyed this so much i could make another... Yes the mould was wrecked, but it was a good honest kit with no nasty suprises unlike some other manufacturers where the kit looks great in the box but ends up being a total pig! *COUGH* italeri *COUGH* All brush painted with humbrol finished with galeria matt! Thanks to our hosts and everyone that commented! Cheers chaps!
  13. Thanks alan i actually started to paint the corsair humbrol 15 for the glossy sea blue at first! Then i wisely did a little research and ended up using the paints below These rusty little 17p tins went on a dream! good old humbrol.. Crusty corroded old tins that i had to emery paper for a while (paint was fine in every tin!) i bought 300 it was tiresome im afraid! colors used are humbrol 181,144,134
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