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  1. degsye39

    Winsor & Newton Galeria Varnish - white flecks?

    Cheers for the reply doddsy, Ive got a can of badger propellant from a bit back i might just buy a cheapie airbrush and see how i go! Since getting back into the modelmaking lark i've been collecting up old enamels (I couldn't get on with acrylics) i mainly use humbrol ''super enamel'',older tins,authentic etc. I dont bother too much with the modern ones. I use lakeland quickshine as my pre decal gloss coat, Ive used W&N over this and not had issues but its just the darn brush marks! I've found that if i mix lakeland quickshine with vallejo matt varnish 50/50 i get an acceptable satin finish. Im just chasing that FLAT finish i guess Saying that with all the above combinations things could go awry over a year or so? not sure.. I got myself one of those IKEA coffee frothers after a recommendation on here (maybe you) it works a treat.. Doesn't fit in the little humbrol tins though, So for stirring those i use my dads burnt out and knackered dewalt drill.. With a piece of bicycle spoke in the chuck that i bent at one end No disasters.. Yet!
  2. degsye39

    Winsor & Newton Galeria Varnish - white flecks?

    I did pick up a bottle of the W&N flow improver so ill have a muck around with ratios too! I do see myself as strictly a hairystick user (you know how polarized chaps are on here ) i am seriously considering a basic airbrush when funds allow just to spray galeria on with! Cheers!
  3. degsye39

    Winsor & Newton Galeria Varnish - white flecks?

    Thanks for the info mate.. Id be putting it over klear on top of humbrol enamel so maybe that would be slightly more resistant than acyrlics? not sure.. I must concur its superb on small scale stuff like 1/76 armor it is DEAD matt and hassle free to brush on, Only issue i have is when i try paint something large like an aircraft wing i get streaks galore!
  4. degsye39

    Winsor & Newton Galeria Varnish - white flecks?

    Also going to try out your method @Watcher See how i get on! Cheers!
  5. degsye39

    Winsor & Newton Galeria Varnish - white flecks?

    Goggsy interesting idea that mate i am brush painting galeria ATM and i just cant get it to go on right What type of thinners do you use is it just ''cellulose thinners'' or something else? any specific brand you use? what are you spraying the galeria over also? a coat of klear or something else? Thanks and all the best!
  6. degsye39

    CorsairFFU year of builds ... Added photo’s

    Good stuff mate! The lightning is my personal fave!
  7. degsye39

    Airfix Heinkel He 111 H6 colour scheme

    Going to try this with my translucent RLM shades.. good shout!
  8. degsye39

    Just tried out some Revell enamel paint.

    Interesting that you mention these sapper.. Since getting back into the hobby i've been accumulating odds and sods of paint! Many a lot of old humbrol has had a few revell enamels lobbed in.. What can i say in a toss up between these and new humbrols i would likely use the revell, It is perfectly acceptable for a brush painter IMHO as long as it is thinned with white spirit, It IS like molasses (well most of the ones i have), Painting an me 109 interior with some thinned grey was a breeze lazily brush painting a matchbox M16 halftrack straight from the tin was a different story.. Though i did paint a corsair gloss blue with revells as a kid and that was OK. And this is where the older marfleet wonders shine for me i can just lazily slap it on from the tin every time! (i know its poor and i admit to being a sloth!) And i am not trying to make you aussie lads envious (you've got the V8's and the weather!) but there seems to be an unlimited supply of slightly rusted up of old humbrols on uk ebay! So at the minute im flogging all of my revell enamels and disposing of my newer humbrols (the iffy ones). Regarding the clear matt varnish i picked up a tin of that a few months back i keep meaning to try it as its supposed be a non yellowing enamel varnish! Oh and im keeping the clear yellow as humbrol only used to do green,red and orange! Im planning to try the clear matt soon enough as i still cant get a grip on the galeria matt! This is one of my jellied old tins (most of them like this stirred up okay). https://ibb.co/gsrpST Regards Bud!
  9. degsye39

    What primer for under Enamel paints?

    No primer in use here, though i have used some of the new (and awfully thick may i add) humbrols as an undercoat for light shades such as 90 sky/beige green.. The only adhesion issues i have had have been with the hornby era metallic enamels (avoid these) and trying to brush paint humbrol 11 acrylic silver! You should be okay with no primer but IMHO if you fancy slapping on an undercoat it is unlikely to hurt! Regards mate!
  10. degsye39

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    I have to say it does seem rather scarce! The proverbial rocking horse droppings come to mind.. I'm looking forward to slapping some on my brush now Cheers!
  11. degsye39

    Audi A4 Dark Blue required

    I think that is what they refer to as ''doom blue'' Sorry .. I would suggest a rattlecan if you have somewhere to spray best bet on the continent would be motip-dupli im guessing you should be able to get the exact paint code! I know zero-paints can custom mix stuff. Looking at my humbrol colorchart, Humbrol 15 seems to be fairly close match too! Cheers!
  12. degsye39

    Good value gloss acrylic varnish

    I find it to be okay so far, I'd like to be able to compare it with the original 'klear' side by side but i last used that as youngster and to be fair i cant remember much besides it was great for dipping canopies. I'd say that lakeland quickshine is definitely superior to astonish and pledge multi surface wax! What method do you use for brush painting the galeria stu? i cant seem to brush it on without creating tons of brushmarks! Sigh At the minute my final coat is vallejo matt varnish mixed 50/50 with quickshine or astonish, It gives me a decent satin.. But for bigger stuff i can see myself (begrudgingly) getting an airbrush to spray galeria or using rattlecans! Cheers and regards mate!
  13. degsye39

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    I had no idea these paints existed due to building my first kit around 1995! I did pick up a pot of the PRU Blue in a recent ebay joblot of paints/tools etc. I was getting ready to bin the glass jar of the stuff, when i thought id just prod it to see just how hard the paint had gone Turns out it was a skin..and it stirred up lovely! If i use it on my airfix spitifre PR ill report back! PS Chaps should i thin this paint for brushing or is the consensus to brush directly from the pot? Regards!
  14. degsye39

    The best acrylic paint

    What he said! I used to brush paint tamiya arcylics as a teenager somehow! Very few headaches with good enamels IMHO i am on diet of mainly made in hull humbrols and have thankfully procured a lifetimes supply now! I need to try mr sovereigns paints when the moolah allows though!
  15. degsye39

    Good value gloss acrylic varnish

    Another vote for lakeland quickshine here lads! Its just finding a good matt varnish that brushes well now, GRRRRRRRRR! ;)