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  1. degsye39

    Degsy E39's 1/72 Airfix F4U Corsair

    Im going to slap on some cursory glossy sea blue on the kit regardless see how those ''toned down'' rivets look! thanks for your help mate!
  2. degsye39

    Degsy E39's 1/72 Airfix F4U Corsair

    Alan thanks for the help chap Though i would consider myself a ww2 aviation fan i i know very little of aviation in the pacific theatre! Im presuming NZ5632 is just eligible for the GB, If not on the same hannants sheet we also have NZ5272/NZ5307 No.1 Servicing Unit Guadalcanal 1944 Im guessing i could do either NZ5272/NZ5307 as a failsafe! Cheers
  3. degsye39

    Degsy E39's 1/72 Airfix F4U Corsair

    Hi rich.. I should of read the rules properly! Doh! Anyway no bother, i am planning to purchase xtradecal sheet X72209 and model RNZAF NZ5632 ''Kathleen'' from that sheet.. I think this is eligible? Only thing is i have painted my pilot in USMC colours but i think the RNZAF uniform may be close I suppose i could always poke my brush into the *just joined fuselage and make some modifications? Cheers chaps!
  4. Hi another entry from me.. An airfix oldie from the V.J. Day set boxing.. Looking at using the supplied decals (eeeek!) VMF 321 Hells angels. The kit I've just started with the ''classic' airifx pilot and some fuselage paint! Cheers all!
  5. Hi chaps i'd like to enter this fine group build.. Not made a start yet but you have to be in it to win it right?! I see this bird has already been done in the kit decals (papau new guinea).. So another pacific area set of decals may have to be bought! Cheers!
  6. Looks ace! Love the surface detail, hope they sell loads!!!
  7. degsye39

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    Julien I'd have a look on ebay mate.. always lots of old humbrol on there often older 50ml tins of 11. Even if you dont want to faff about bidding there always seems to be joblots of paint on there that work out at around a quid a tin
  8. degsye39

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    Just to add my 2 cents.. I have also been using the new ''wrap around label'' humbrols specifically numbers 155 and 90 it is excellent paint 99% as good as the old stuff.. The newer full label stuff well i have had some ok tins and some AWFUL tins such as a number 16 gold that could be literally scraped off of the plastic and RLM enamels that were actually translucent!! I would not chance it with these tins! I depend on vintage tins for all painting duties, i had a carrier bag full of super enamel from my younger modeling days but these paints were lost before my return to the hobby, I've been amassing the older stuff when available on ebay since, it is that good i am trying to get a lifetimes supply sorted out Im going to see what my 109 ww1 blue (wrap around label) is like and report back Cheers lads!
  9. I did think that may have been the case and im not causing a ruckus here.. it wasn't in the rules for this groupbuild though im sure! i did re read it a few times to be certain. I saw you cataloging the builds and thought maybe something was a miss? i was looking for GB's that didn't require a WIP in all fairness..Because.. Because i spilt a mug of tea on my laptop keyboard last year and lost my B and my N keys! So typing now means plugging in a USB keyboard! And im lazy im afraid But excuses.. excuses i know.. Roll on starting something for the pacific GB I did join the GB's with the hope of pulling my finger out! But.. now i know eh what is the RFI please squire is it like a members gallery or something? In that case i might have to take slightly better photos without my hand in shot!
  10. Hi dave thanks for your reply mate.. the getting timed out thing might just of been me im not sure, i do feel kind of cheeky asking for special treatment from the mods,, but ey, ya dont ask ya dont get I did scour the rules of this GB and i dont think a build thread was mentioned i may be wrong mind.. i did not produce a wip thread for the p51 single type build either Not trying to rabble rouse here... honest Already got my eye on the war in the pacific GB too!
  11. Hi all i tried posting my 1976 tooled airifx 109e in the gallery at around 23.57 yesterday! Better late than never right Site went down though for me around at that time i mean i know i left it late but any chance of me slotting in somehow Cheers lads no bother if i cant though!!
  12. Hi chaps hope we are all well.. this is my first group build ive ever done..on any forum! Thoroughly enjoyed it! I built this in around 5 days (still bits of wet paint on it :p) after deciding i needed a break from the italeri ju88 that had been doing my head in! So yes here is my effort.. All brush painted using humbrol enamels of various ages, fantastic little kit well done airfix! I built this kit as i would of built a kit when i was 12 i just went for it! lot of fun it just fell together. Great builds all, regards
  13. Hi chaps,hope we are all well.. Im coming to the final steps of building italeris 1/72 junkers ju88.. it has been a bit of a Battle in fairness and not one part seems to of fitted! So after many stumbling blocks imagine my dismay when coming to fitting one of the lower areas of glazing.. abysmal fit and a massive step! Pictured below is the area in question i have tried to put a slight chamfer on the sides where the canopy meets and i have also tried to cover up the offending step with paint! doh! still very noticeable! What is my best bet to get this step sorted would i be able to apply a layer of cristal clear over the lot to level things out? If i try to use superglue over the step will it fog my (klear dipped) canopy? Any help greatly appreciated gents! thanks!
  14. degsye39

    Is this Klear?

    It smells almost the same as the orange bottle stuff.. I'll let you know how i get on with it im going to mix it 50/50 with vallejo matt varnish to get a final satin coat hope it works as well as the older stuff!