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  1. Thanks, Mike! Feel free to get in touch with me when the time comes for your Canberra, I can help you with providing the 3D prints I made.
  2. Hello, I just wanted to let you all know that I was now able to finish my 1/700 HMAS Canberra in her as-lost configuration, including her Supermarine Walrus. I posted an article about my build at the Shipmodels forum http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=165672. I am really happy I managed to finish her just in time for the 75th anniversary of her final battle. Once again, many thanks for helping me with exchanging knowledge and opinion in this thread!
  3. Hello, I just wanted to let you all know that I finished my 1/700 HMAS Canberra in her as-lost configuration. I posted an article abou her at the Shipmodels forum http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=165672. I took advantage of the latest findings by fellow RAN researchers as well as my own research of available reference, some of which were discussed in this thread. I am really happy I managed to finish her just in time for the 75th anniversary of her final battle. Once again, many thanks for all your ideas!
  4. Hello Mike, thank you - I will definitely check the B15. I´ve been in touch with Jon regarding his very nice build, he explained to me how he straightened the aft section of the Kombrig hull . I like the 3D printed lanterns by Model Monkey but I would not make use of more than one of them as my primary focus is IJN and USN, so I will use my PE. But I have worked with Simon Percival (Micro Master) on 3D printing of better main gun turrets for her, now I´m nervously waiting to have them delivered in approx. 10 days! I will then take some photos of them and post a review at shipmodels.info. Vladi
  5. Hello Callum, thanks for your reaction! I know the Kookaburra collection, it´s really amazing. I checked PE sets in 1/700 for WW2 RN radar but I did not find the A290. The LionRoar one contains both types of 271 lanterns which is great. As there were no reactions for some time here I asked the same question at http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=6188&start=220 (starting with 4th post at that page) and I got some interesting replies, so I suggest that to anyone interested in this topic to move on there. Thanks!
  6. My interest in WW2 ships started many years ago when I - as a small boy, perhaps around 10 years of age - received Revell 1/720 USS Arizona kit as a gift, which was something really exceptional as foreign kits were only very scarcely available in Czechoslovakia at that time. I started then building mostly 1/72 WW2 aircraft but eventually focused more on ships. After a long lull of getting married, having children and starting a small company I came back to building kits after I turned approx. 45 and since then 1/700 WW2 Pacific Theatre warships have been my main focus. Few years ago I decided to build at least one ship per class of those participating in the Battle of Savo Island, that I was always fascinated with. My building pace is usually very slow so I have so far completed IJN Furutaka and IJN Chokai and now I´m working on USS Quincy, HMAS Canberra and IJN Tenryu while some of the remaining participants wait peacefully in my stash: IJN Kinugasa, IJN Yunagi, USS Vincennes and USS Astoria. Some of my builds can be seen in my Flickr albums.
  7. Hello, I am now building HMAS Canberra in 1/700 as she appeared just before the time of her loss at Savo Island on August 8th, 1942, based on the Kombrig resin kit. My questions at this moment are related to details of the following: Bridge equipment - there is a well-known photo showing HMAS Australia´s open bridge details during wartime, but her modified bridge was very much different from her sister´s at that time. Would anybody have some photos showing other Kent-class cruiser´s original-style bridge layout and details? Type 271 radar was housed in a typical lantern, that had either octagonal or circular shape. Unfortunately, neither of the few photos I know of showing Canberra´s final fit (photo 1, photo 2) including 271 radar is clear enough to be able to see it clearly enough to tell which type it was. Would anybody be able to tell e.g. based on the type likely to be installed in that period? She also carried a Type A290 radar on her foremast. To depict the radar however I would need more details that I was not able to find yet, especially dimensions and ideally clear photos or even a drawing of the set. The best I´ve got so far is this photo of HMAS Warramunga with A290 but anything better would be highly welcome. Thank you! (For those interested, there also is an interesting discussion regarding Canberra´s Walrus colours at this forum)
  8. Hello again, I played a bit with the 2 best photos I have of Canberra in summer 1942 and enlarged the Walrus on them, see below. It still does not help to solve the yellow roundel overpainted yes/no question but it seems to me it may have a lighter bottom half of the hull (sky blue ?) than it´s upper half, with a demarcation, but I may be wrong. Would anyone have a clearer version of either photo to play with? If so I would be grateful for the full photo as a reference for my Canberra build, thanks! Enlarged and cropped from https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c4/HMAS_Canberra_1942.jpg Enlarged and cropped from https://flic.kr/p/Qi98ny
  9. Thanks a lot for help to everyone! Happy modeling in 2017!
  10. mhaselden: I did find this other pic which may be of interest. It's Pinterest (so take it with a huge dose of salt) and it's not definitely tied to HMAS Canberra (ie it could be HMAS Australia). This is HMAS Australia because of dual 4" AA guns seen there, her original single 4" being replaced in 1939. Canberra had single 4" as she has never been modified to dual till her loss. Nevertheless the Seagull/Walrus camo is interesting, although it is not dated precisely. Again, hard to tell if the tops are one or two colours...
  11. I am afraid we are now way off the original topic. Can we please return back to Canberra´s Walrus colours (and perhaps move the last 5 posts to the ships section and continue with Canberra colours there - I am not sure if it is possible and how to do it)? Thanks!
  12. B15 seems too dark to me, but I do not have it here to compare. Generally, I think exact colour shades are less critical in case of 1/700 ships than e.g. for 1/72 aircraft, mainly for proximity effect and heavier weathering effects.
  13. Looks like you already know something about her Reportedly she was painted in some sort of locally mixed approximation of a worn-out USD 5-N Navy Blue (references to "Chicago Blue" are later), so I will use something between 5-N and 5-S. After some consultations (most importantly with Randy Short) I will most probably use 507A for her decks. It just seems not likely to me she had her decks natural wood in the situation when she was expected to counter heavy air attacks.
  14. Graham & Greenshirt: I see what you mean, I totally forgot that the bootom wing had lighter colours that the upper one on biplanes (I built a 1/72 Walrus long time ago and I have it right there). Garry: Yes, the bottom puzzles me, too. And I cannot really see the two-tone pattern on the hull (except the slanting dark part in front of the rudder)...
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