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  1. Welcome aboard Barry. There is a ton of information and incredible upgrades on this site and blog. Also jrhscalecars.com is a great site to visit.
  2. Shouldn’t be that much pressure on the springs Brian. Check out the JRH site for details on the head and setting the rockers up. http://jrhscalecars.com/Super Detail Notes-Vol1-Engine.pdf
  3. Ha ha ha that’s a riot. Not really but you have to retain a sense of humor doing this build I think. Build OOB or detail after detail. Really comes down to, Will you be happy with OOB or wish you had done a little more. Myself I love doing the detail, and the challenges. I probably won’t go totally museum piece. I am contemplating a convertible working roof though. I know NUTS ! See if I can work something out when I get there. This is a great blog for guidance and help. I believe I did get missing parts from Koo when I ordered the DVD. I had some missing in my kit.
  4. Yes he’s an inspiration alright. I have the leaf springs and they are very good quality. Haven’t assembled them yet.
  5. Hey Brian, looking pretty good. Make sure you have those parts available as you go along so you are sure they don’t interfere with each other. Im at about the same point as you but I will be delayed somewhat. House is going on the market.
  6. I use digital verniers for most of my measuring Brian. They're very handy for measuring wire gauge too. i have sort of hit a stop sign with Rolls as we are in the midst of listing our house on the market. i sneak off once and awhile and do some quick tinkering.
  7. Hey Brian. Oil lines are in waiting as I sort out other pieces (oil pump, distributor base, carburetor,) that may interfere with them.
  8. Following the DVD and Codgers amazing works of art. Like it was said, each piece is a model in itself. Appreciate all the support!
  9. Appreciate the ideas coming in. what a great site. I do have a table full of pieces of everything you could think of. still end up getting something else though.
  10. Sounds good Brian. Did you see the latest JRH update? Another change to the carburetor and air cleaner. Pump to. I like the style Codger has done so that’s what I’m sticking with. All those levers and lines look like they should be a riot.
  11. Brian are you using round stock styrene for oil lines? There is a good selection of all different wire gauges or even solder available. i found a fairly good selection at Michaels. Easy to bend and work with.
  12. Well Brian, you and I are definitely on the same page. I’ll let you know how my metal work goes when I get there.
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