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  1. i've been a bit busy lately, so the project has been on hold. hopefully i'll be able to pick it up again in the near future.
  2. So, this is how it actually looks: all the parts are made out of rubber, and when unpainted are of a plain creamy color. The snaps are not that good and you need to sand them in order to fit properly but being made of rubber sanding them is not a really clean job. Ribs are all bent, and i'm probably going to cut them and redo them using milliput and metal wire. i'll start with the skull. Removing all seam lines with a dremel. The teeth are out of proportion and since sending them down would not produce a good result i'll just cut them off and use green s
  3. this is an odd one, but i'm willing to give it a try. I've found this on the chinese ebay and considering how cheap it was ( around 10 € ) i wanted to give it a try. It's kinda more a toy than a model but i figured it out it could become a nice frame to work with and with a little bit of love and some milliput something interesting might came out of it. This is how it looks when assembled: this is how it looks when it's disassembled
  4. how many of them they sell? i mean that thing is huge.
  5. what about a B-24 assembly ships? they're definitely the most interesting and challenging camouflages to make. They were used to help bomber squadrons form up, therefore painted with very bright and visible color schemes. or b-24 coastal command used to patrol british coasts, they had very elegans camos and look very good on a model
  6. don't really know if this was better posted here or in diorama section. Introduction Tank is Panther Ausf D 521 that fought in the battle of Kursk. I wanted to make a battle damaged tank, but i also did want to make a properly built panther, but i didn't want to build two of them. so the solution i came up with was to build this vignette, with the tank seen as pristine from one side and as disabled from the other, and two russian tankers posing for a picture with the tank they've killed to provide some contest. the damage is based on pictures of damaged panth
  7. hell if i know. as i said those are the only two known pictures of fuchida's plane ( and it seems like they come from a video if u ask me ). they're usually presented as picture from the pearl harbor attack, but as far as i know the thing is still disputed. that's kinda crazy the amount of information already lost on an historical moment that happened so relatively recently. no other picture taken than these two, no people able to confirm or deny, no reliable accounts
  8. yeah they have kind of a problem with priming and sea weathering, makes it quite fun for modelling actually. Also i'm not totally sure those picture i've shown are right from the pearl harbor attack or later pictures from the same plane flown by the same man. They're always presented as such but i've opened a discussion before starting the kit and there are different opinions on that.
  9. thank you. Yes the flaps are part of the kit. They've got plastic pins you can remove so you can place them both in extended or retracted position, thought extended looks better. Ailerons and tail surfaces are fixed on the other hand.
  10. Nakajima B5N2 Flown By Lt Mitsuo Fuchida during Pearl Harbor attack. The Kit is Hasegawa 09076 used the following pictures as reference
  11. applying green over gray would make sense, but usually a paint sticks well over another paint, so green peeling exposing gray i dont really see that happening. but it can be that green peeled off also the gray layer exposing metal. or maybe the upper side is more exposed to sun and rain therefore it weather quite more heavily than the underside. i've found this video, it kinda gives an idea of a weathered b5n2, i'm still convinced it's metal showing under there. also i've discovered a new interesting thing, apparently there was some weathering also on the half wings
  12. Well i think i will use the pictures as reference, both because i like to make something with an historical verified background and cause i'd like to do some peling on this model that would certain make it more interesting that a flat freshly painted green one so overall you think the most correct interpretation would be underside gray ( let's say tamiya XF-12 ) and overside green ( let's say tamiya xf-11 ) with the peeling revealing a bare metal skin, with no traces of primer. how come the green would peel that much and the gray not?
  13. so, in short, i'm waiting for a hasegawa 1/48 kit to arrive, and i was planning to make it in Mitsuo Fuchida Pearl Harbor color scheme. so, couple of questions: 1 - the underside. according to hasegawa instruction sheet is silver. I've read somewhere that fuchida's plane was all silver during training ( that's why you sometime see the all silver livery depicted ) and overpainted with green for the attack. But i've seen it depicted everywhere with the underside in the usual IJN gray like you have in the zero, plus i've read somewhere akagi planes were all in gray/g
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