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  1. Wow! Slowly but surely the Mach 2 airliners get the attention and spotlight they deserve! No excuses anymore, obviously one can built them into real gems!!! Thank you for sharing, OLI
  2. Beautiful! Like the Norwegian colours, too! Thanks for sharing! Oli
  3. Most interesting. Love a fokker f 27!! Will be watching closely! Oli
  4. That's lovely Thanks for sharing!
  5. Wow, what a beauty! Congratulations. I like the paint scheme, something different from the usual all-white stuff... Have a 737 500 from DACO in the stash, too...thanks for sharing, OLI
  6. Don't get me wrong, I do love a brush painted vacform just as much, as long as the builder is having fun doing it...
  7. Mmmmh I think I have to delve in 1/72 airliner land, too... That looks fabulous!! Oli
  8. Well, I would say this is as good as it gets if you build 1/144 civil stuff... Your builds are some of, if not the best airliner builds I ever saw on the internet, they have almost a photo-realistic look to them... Nothing that would surprise me on a 1/32 F 16 but on an 1/144 airliner, it's pure magic!! Truly an inspiration and I thank you for sharing your builds here, OLI
  9. Deleted - not the wanted area
  10. It's getting serious now.... I'm so my pants right now...http://
  11. I didn't get that much done in 30 years of modeling! That's faboulus, not my subject anymore but beautifully done! Thank you for sharing.
  12. Yea, I think I'll tackle the white top on sunday... Stay tuned for pics....
  13. Small progress. Glued the few parts together and filled some seams... Let the filling-sanding-priming begin.... http:// Thanks for watching, stay safe and keep on modeling, olli
  14. Hi there, you might not see any progress in the pics, because, well, nothing much happened in the meantime. Wings on and sanded, final primer coat ( OK I must dmit I am annoyed by the colour, too, but it polishes to a wonderful silky sheen). Some bits glued on, but my obsessive compulsive habits don't allow me to call it done and start painting. I'm always finding something that I overlooked or don't like and out comes the Mr, surfacer again undecided on the livery too... Anyhow... http://
  15. Hi there, pulling out some shelf of doom oddities. This one is the Welsh models vacform kit that I begun.... 2014?? I really can't remember anymore having a soft spot for Luxair birds (first time I flew in an airplane was 1996 from Luxembourg to Frankfurt in a 737-500) and having also a soft spot for Vacform kits I startet numerous Welsh kits in the past. Non of them made it to the finish line So, having what I can only describe as a manic episode concerning my modeling motivation I dug this one out and see how far I can get with it before I lose all my modeling motivation and dive into my
  16. Wow a Mach 2 airliner! I' m all in!! Great start, have fun and keep them pics coming!!! That kind of builds make my day! The surface detail looks really promising actually.. Thank you for sharing, ollli
  17. Top shelf! Classic colours! Thank you for sharing!
  18. That is unbelievable modeling. You really have to love that subject to do this kind of witchcraft. That's another level I could never achieve... Thanks for sharing!
  19. .... And after about 45 mins with a fresh new sanding stick and a sharp scalpel blade I had the main parts cleaned and roughly sanded. OK. THE PARTS COUNT IS VERY LOW Still pretty rough but much much better already Let's have a look..... http:// Olli
  20. Hello and happy new year ... Since I was waiting for the MILLIPUT to dry on my 727 I started a new kit while I was motivated and inspired, thanks to you guys I love Fokker airliners so I just had to have the F 28 from FRSIN, 1/144, injected plastic! The surfaces are VERY rough, I tried to capture this in the pictures so that everybody can judge for themselves if a FRSIN or Mach 2 kit might be something to consider in the future...
  21. Small progress... Wings on. MILLIPUT on the seams, not cleaned up yet... Some cleaning up and I can finally think about paints and stuff...maybe next week.... Olli..
  22. Hi. Would love to participate with this cool Canadian Herc: http:// that is, if I can get my hands on a Minicraft 1/144 example.... Olli
  23. Morning quick small update... Working on the navigation lights, never done that before.... Could have done better but it looks OK to me so... On to glueing the wings to the rest. More updates soon. By the way, any experiences using fdcal products?! Thanks, until later, olihttp://
  24. Wow... outstanding, clean build. I like it a lot! I have one in my stash also, not confident enough yet to tackle it.... Your work is certainly inspiring. Thanks, olli
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