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  1. Ohhh that is so nice! Perfect start in a modeling Saturday! Thank you for sharing! Superb build! Olli
  2. Wow! Slowly but surely the Mach 2 airliners get the attention and spotlight they deserve! No excuses anymore, obviously one can built them into real gems!!! Thank you for sharing, OLI
  3. Beautiful! Like the Norwegian colours, too! Thanks for sharing! Oli
  4. Most interesting. Love a fokker f 27!! Will be watching closely! OliπŸ€—πŸ‘
  5. Wow, what a beauty! Congratulations. I like the paint scheme, something different from the usual all-white stuff... Have a 737 500 from DACO in the stash, too...thanks for sharing, OLI
  6. Don't get me wrong, I do love a brush painted vacform just as much, as long as the builder is having fun doing it...
  7. Mmmmh I think I have to delve in 1/72 airliner land, too... That looks fabulous!! Oli
  8. Well, I would say this is as good as it gets if you build 1/144 civil stuff... Your builds are some of, if not the best airliner builds I ever saw on the internet, they have almost a photo-realistic look to them... Nothing that would surprise me on a 1/32 F 16 but on an 1/144 airliner, it's pure magic!! Truly an inspiration and I thank you for sharing your builds here, OLI
  9. Deleted - not the wanted area
  10. It's getting serious now.... I'm so 🚽 my pants right now...😳http://
  11. I didn't get that much done in 30 years of modeling! That's faboulus, not my subject anymore but beautifully done! Thank you for sharing.
  12. Yea, I think I'll tackle the white top on sunday... Stay tuned for pics....
  13. Small progress. Glued the few parts together and filled some seams... Let the filling-sanding-priming begin.... http:// Thanks for watching, stay safe and keep on modeling, olli
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