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  1. Hello, This build = reason why I`m enyoing this forum so much. Beautyful build, photography is top drawer, too !! Thank you for the Inspiration! Oli
  2. Sorry for the inconveniance with the pics, IM WORKING ON IT....
  3. ok, got some plastic stuck together! I've got to say, that thing doesn't fit very well... I will try to build the fuselage and wings/engines as separate groups, maybe already paint the engines, I fear I won't be able to reach everything once it's all glued together... glued some evergreen sheet behind the windows and will fill them with milliput or something, the clear window parts don't fit the openings at all, can't see how one can build nice&clean windows with this.... later, olli
  4. Hello fellow modellers, finally there is this rare occasion in the space-time continuum when the wife and kids are away, I don't have to work and I find enough will power to start a kit, so let's start while motivation is at max level....I think you are all familiar with the kit, it's the... i tried every possible way to upload the pic....does it work?
  5. First helicopter? you're kidding eh ?! looks superb to me ! thanks for sharing ! olli
  6. classic airliner, beautyfully executed! especially like the realistic window decals ! what's Not to like Thanks for sharing, olli
  7. Hello DMC, https://www.scalemates.com/kits/948444-contrails-models-cm44-727fedx-boeing-727-fedex-engines Thanks for the link, I definitely will try to get my hands on these ! olli
  8. Inspiring build, i gave up on my 727 until i find a way to replace the engines without scratchbuilding new ones....that is buying resin aftermarket ones....Keep on with that build, very motivating ! olli
  9. awesome work! can't wait to see progress. Thanks for sharing olli
  10. Brilliant idea. I think A LOT of people will borrow this idea and build similar picture frames for their modelling rooms! I don't expect the wives to like this in the bedrooms... Thanks for Sharing!
  11. That is beautyful ! Being a fan of all things vampire/venom, i especially like your painting & weathering- exactly to my taste, super photographic skills too! Thanks for sharing ! Oli
  12. My robotic circuits are beeing overdriven by these fantastic airliner builds !!!! So, whats the next GB gonna be ? 747?? Or Airbus !!! Olli
  13. Very nice model. Top notch photography too.... Thanks for sharing. olli
  14. that is one nice Sabre! cool build, thanks for sharing! Olli
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