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  1. @Shalako, @coneheadff, @crobinsonh_ many thanks my friend's
  2. @James G thanks, little later add more details at TF-34 GE-2 ... Engine from Black Dog are not incorrected for Viking, but they absolutely corrected for A-10... I cut all details for A-10, used only body from engine , and more details made myself...
  3. Thanks Bill, that part (radiator) from Metalic Details set, my friend help me with purchas...
  4. Next it's cowling with locks, rivets and other details...
  5. Micro update from me... Add repair plates at bomb bay door, at left nose section, bomb bay area, some fuselage parts, add some mechanism at some doors, add rivets at left and right wheel bay doors... To be continue ...
  6. @Shalako Thx. These are traces of sandpaper when I cleaned the surface.
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