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  1. Great stuff, love the weathering. best Gee
  2. Hi there, here is my first dabble at a tank, normally do aircraft. loved doing the weathering, might have gone a bit mad with the mud? hope you like it. best Geehttp://s566.photobucket.com/user/bassnut2009/library/Military vehicles?sort=3&pa ge=1
  3. Thanks still learning how to do it all. cheers Gee.
  4. Hi there, just finished this prowler, but chose to change the colour scheme to the playboys one, I hope you like it? best Gee.http://s566.photobucket.com/user/bassnut2009/library/Prowler pics?sort=3&page=1
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice, think I'll go for the Vallejo option. looks the closest to me. thanks Gee
  6. Hi there, I am just about at the stage of painting a Ea6b kinetic prowler 1/48 scale, but with the vamp 2 playboys colour scheme. It calls for light gull grey for the upper fuselage. Tamiya x20, or model air 71:121 have been suggested. Has anyone any advice on the closest match for this? would appreciate any advice. cheers Gee
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