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  1. Revive the thread from the dead....Happy 2019! I've been looking at this kit for a couple of days now. Came across this thread and all I can say is wow!!! This is amazing work! Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Pat
  2. ‎Patrick Nyquist‎ to Hornby America 59 mins · Dear Hornby, Please retool the 1/24 P-51D Mustang to current standards....You would sell thousands of them I promise!!!! Thank you,Patrick 1 Comment LikeShow more reactions Comment Share Oldest Comments Hornby America Hello Patrick, thanks for your suggestion. And while our choice for a large scale (meaning 1/24) model has already been announced for this year we appreciate your desire to have us make a new 1/24 Mustang. We will take it into consideration when we make our decisions for the coming years.
  3. If they are still available I would love them. I put the kit back in the box because of the voids and just found this thread tonight! I did send you a PM with my email. Thanks for your hard work. Patrick
  4. Wow just wow......I love the cut away. Seriously impressive build.
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