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  1. Looks great. Those PE masks worked well Merry Christmas Peter!
  2. Great job as always Peter. How many 190's is it now?
  3. Looks uber! Love the dirt and crap.
  4. Looking good mate! Nice way to do the tracks.
  5. OK to start I have very little experience in this field and want to build the sub as cheap as poss.. I have been watching some Rcsubguy, Scratchbuildwithjohn, David Merrimen (all great) and a few others on Youtube. And tried to glean as much info from them as possible for my build. These are some clever engineers and shrewd business men/women?! (I intend to link these guys websites and more in the future. Just getting started for now) I intend on combining and adding my slant to these giants great work.. 40mhz Radio will be used. Futaba transmitter and Corona receiver with built in fail safe. Various servos. Pics soon. (pics of the kit are available on google but no reviews. This kit has fit problems!. but you can fix them quite easily)! Info soon! Sorry for no pics. Gimme 2 or 3 days Cheers Tim
  6. Looks great! I'm glad I found you again. Last month was terrible for me. So it's nice to see one of my best buddies still producing quality! keep it up mate and will be posting a new build soon.
  7. Looking great. As you know, one of my favourites
  8. Tim B

    TOG II

    I'm thinking of scratch building a 1/35 TOG II. If any1 can give me info on the tracks, road wheels and sprockets. It would be a great help. The tracks look similar to Churchill ones. Are the links the same size as Churchills? Any info on the TOG II is much appreciated. Cheers Tim
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