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Oliver d

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    IDF aircraft and armour and figures SAAF aircraft

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  1. Oliver d

    IJN Kaga aircraft carrier 1/700

    A cracking job you did on her.
  2. Oliver d

    IDF M579 Macha"G Fitter

    Very nice build and great detailing and weathering.
  3. Oliver d

    Big DeBoers Enterprise

    Love this build ,following
  4. Oliver d

    Tamiya 1/6 Suzuki Katanya

    stunning piece of work
  5. Nice,one of my all time favourite road bikes
  6. Oliver d

    Meng SS003 Achzarit Early

    Very nice build,figures and all.I just want to add one small thing the colour does not quite look right its to green it should be more towards the btown/drap colour,I normally use Humbrol 84 as my base and then mix in a bit of slate grey,black,sand depending on what I want to achieve.Humbrol 72 gives a very nice base for a faded paint job on a old vehicale
  7. Oliver d

    Early Israeli Phantom decals

    Okay first off the Airfix decals show a non existing squadron,secondly the Isradecal set is for phantoms from 73 onwards until there retirement in the early 90s.I think your best opption would be to try the Hi-decal ones.Just to add the coloured tails only came about in the 82 Lebanon war and latter.
  8. Oliver d

    Barque Earl Granville 1877 - 1911

    I just love your work and it very much tickles my interest to give it a shot.
  9. Nice4 build but it looks futuristic for the Falklands time span
  10. Oliver d

    Tamiya Merkava MkI 1/35

    Nice job on it you got the faded IDF paint spot on and your weathering looks great.
  11. Oliver d

    The Raccoon

    Thks a lot
  12. Oliver d

    The Raccoon

    Here s one more photo https://flic.kr/p/QsE4aN
  13. Oliver d

    The Raccoon

    Here s a model based on the American Hummer with a Israeli designed and build observation and system mounted on the back.
  14. Oliver d

    Corgi 'The Saint' Volvo P1800

    I owned one once as a kid many years ago,nice restoration you did in that one.