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    Principlay I'm a table top wargamer but after a haitus of over 20 years I've returned to building model aircraft. Having collected over 100 die cast aircraft. I felt it was time to gety gack to building them. Though will have to fit this inbetween a couple of armies that I need to get done as well.

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  1. Thats a realy nice build, love the clean blue scheme and the background.
  2. Excellent idea very well executed. A great kitbash.
  3. I intend to build the Norseman in the attached pic. I like the wear and tear and should be able to source the markings from my spare decals.
  4. The start pic of my Sea/Float Plane group build project. Nothing fancy just a nice little build.
  5. Only saw the Hasegawa 1/72 MV22 metion in the latest Airfix magazine. AT LAST a new Osprey and in 1/72 plus just in time for Telford . Sorry for the excessive expression of emotion, but I have waited for a new MV22 for so long. Please let it have a correct rear ramp and masses of internal detail.
  6. I've picked up the 1/72 Matchbox Noorduyn Norseman for this group build.
  7. Put me down for some thing in the rotary wing theme.
  8. Count me in for the Zevesda or Hobby Boss Hind.
  9. I've got 2 Russian swingers in my stash an Su24 and an Su22, put me down for either one of those.
  10. Lovely work and incredible conversions, what rule system are they intended for?
  11. Great work It reay does look like a whole world of flying hurt. Beautiful blending of the elements into a very beleviable airframe.
  12. This is comming along very nicely, I like the combination of elementsa and the background, Do you think the front aerofoil could disrupt airflow to the engines?
  13. I like how that is taking shape, nice work.
  14. Thts comming along in leeps and bounds, I had'nt the aft engine until now very nicely integrated.
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