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  1. A pair of 1/100 Panzer III's in Africa. These have been made for wargaming, so intended to look their best at three or four feet away rather than at close inspection, much less under macro. We have one in the pre '42 colours and another in the '42 onward colours. Build thread is here . The generic north African buildings in the background are scratchbuilt - perhaps I should have gone in the Africa GB? Many thanks for looking, and thanks to Mr @PlaStix for running the GB. _20210515_194443 by Rob Churchill, on Flickr _20210515_192558 by R
  2. Spraying varnish slightly took off the weathering powder effects as I'd kind of expected, especially over the engine compartment of the short-barreled panzer which looked quite good in the first photo of my last post. But I'm not too bothered, and I'm calling these two done. Now, PzIV, Tiger, Churchill, or something else for the next build? _20210515_194443 by Rob Churchill, on Flickr _20210515_192558 by Rob Churchill, on Flickr _20210515_192529 by Rob Churchill, on Flickr _20210515_190214 by Rob Churchill, on Flickr
  3. Thanks Mr @PlaStix. Issues all manageable, although I'll think I'll try some other paint brands for my next build. The tanks are done, and I'm just getting some photos for the gallery right now.
  4. Progress, and paint woes. Nearly finished now. I've painted the tracks, added a little chipping here and there, painted the details like the tools and stowage, and added some desert dust to the tracks, running gear, and some horizontal surfaces using weathering powders. These should be finished tonight: Nearly there... by Rob Churchill, on Flickr And now the woes. Woe 1) Painting the tools with a mix of Mig Ammo dunkelgrau and matt black, I quickly found that the paint wasn't adhering well. I flipped over the tank and painted a few broad brushstr
  5. Seeking the wisdom of more experienced modellers here: On the subject of paint, I am becoming increasingly disappointed with and frustrated by the Mig Ammo paints I've been using. I've acquired about twenty bottles over the last couple of builds and I find that many of them have a serious problem with very poor 'wetability'. I'm not sure if it's the paint I'm applying, or the paint I'm applying it to, but it acts like I'm trying to paint it over a layer of silicone polish. It just pulls together under its own surface tension and beads up, sometimes leaving no trace that it was ever
  6. Today, I have mostly been painting... tyres. Here are the ones on the BF panzer, I've painted the blocked in tyres about half-way back to the hull to help give the impression that they're the correct depth: Tyres by Rob Churchill, on Flickr I like Citadel's 'Charadon Granite' for this, it's a nice dirty dark grey. While I'm on the subject of paint, I am becoming increasingly disappointed with and frustrated by the Mig Ammo paints I've been using. I've acquired about twenty bottles over the last couple of builds and I find that many of them have a serious pr
  7. Freehand painted the turret numbers (15th panzer division - cos they're easiest! only the company number, and no white outline). Freehand painted DAK palm tree symbols front and back (kind of impressionistic at this scale) and added balkankreuz decals to the side armour.
  8. Busy day today, but found a little time to tidy up the washes a little and do a light dry-brushing. These little models need so few man-hours compared to the other entries in the GB, but it is still possible to stall the build, so I think it's a good idea to do at least a few minutes every day if possible. My oldest will be home over the weekend and will want his room back, so a few days' break will be forced on me. Thanks for looking.
  9. This serious looking young man is Herr Leutnant Fritz von Schermannknäckerer, who will in due course be taking command of the long-barrelled Pz III.
  10. Now I'm happy with the pre-'42 colours, but less so with the '42 RAL 7027 on RAL 8020. The RAL 8020 (by Mig Ammo) when painted on white paper gives a good colour - I'd call it a lightish yellow ochre. On the photo above it doesn't look too bad. But in the flesh, under daylight or LED lights, - yeesh. It's an insipid colour, distinctly unmilitary. I'd say something like vanilla icecream. I sprayed it over a pale grey primer, Tamiya fine surface primer. Could be it'd have been better over a medium grey. So I've given both tanks a wash with Vallejo sepia wash, diluted 50:50 with acryl
  11. I remember finding Colditz exciting but a bit bewildering - I was probably about ten when I played it. But my cousin had a army of diecast tanks and artillery with the spring loaded firing mechanisms. We would deploy these along with plastic infantry at either end of the kitchen table and take turns shooting matchsticks until a victor emerged. And now I'm starting to sound like Ron Manager from the Fast Show; "boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts, shirts and skins, those were the days..."
  12. @Ned When these two are done, I'll have three Pz Iii's, one with the long barrel. I have a Tiger and a Pz IV to do, which will be plenty for a game of 'Tanks!' - it's a small, manageable wargame that's intended to last only half an hour or so. On the allied side, I have a Churchill, a Grant, a Matilda, a Valentine, a Crusader, a Honey, and a Sherman to choose from, none of them finished. I have built the desert baseboard though, and several bits of terrain.
  13. Decided to go with the Afrika korps pre-'42 colours of RAL 7008 on RAL 8000 for the short-barrelled Zvezda and the '42 colours of RAL 7027 on RAL 8020 for the long-barrelled BF: As ever, thanks for looking.
  14. I'm having difficulty sourcing 15mm scale 1/100 Afrika Korps turret number decals in red or red with white outline. I could always freehand the numbers as I did with the last model, but I do have some red turret numbers with black outline. Does anyone know where and when the Germans used those colours?
  15. Primer on. I do like this stage. The model always looks clean and you can see where there are any mold lines to clean up or joins to fill. The drive, idler, and running wheels and the return rollers on the Zvezda are separated from the hull: ...but are blocked to the hull on the BF: Perhaps it's an unfair comparison. After all, the Zvezda is intended as a display model that can also be used with their game system, while the BF is intended purely for wargaming.
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