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  1. Cadman

    Russian Infantryman 1713.

    Funny, but that's what I try to do as well. I'll use something like Napoleonic red as a basecoat and then take it from there. I've found that a good highlight for a really bright red effect is the slightest touch of orange, or even a yellow, but only as the very top highlight, and only the very slightest touch. If you're careful though, it really does create a very subtle red tone. For red shadows, I tend to avoid black and go through a series of brown colors until I'm using a very dark brown for the deepest shadows. Naturally, we all have our own ways of doing things, but these two approaches are what works for me.
  2. I sorted out the two or three issues that were still bugging me about this 75mm figure today and thought I'd post some photos here. And I got the figure base done as well. He's to be displayed along with my old Pegaso Roaming Knight and Vlad Dracul. And the unit at the back of my office is starting to fill up nicely. I like using those cheap wooden coasters as figure bases. It just makes them a lot more stable and less likely to be knocked over. Now I need to find one that'll fit old DD's base and raise the figure up about 10mm to 15mm or so. Cheers H
  3. Cadman

    Russian Infantryman 1713.

    Wow, that's eye catching, and red is one of those colors that can be tricky, but you nailed it.
  4. Cadman

    Games workshop Eowyn

    I'm assuming it's 28m? It's a great job in that scale..
  5. Saturday 11-Aug-2018 Was pleasantly surprised when a small package from the UK turned up on our doorstep late afternoon.That was quick because these usually take around three weeks for delivery and I only placed the order ten days previously. So the Postie done good this time. Opened up the shipping box and found the individual figure boxes were a bit bashed up, but the kits weren't damaged so the packaging obviously did it's job. Sunday 12-Aug-2018 Kabuki Models are based in Italy and have obtained a license to produce models from the work of fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. The first release was the iconic "Death Dealer" which has featured on the cover of Molly Hatchet's debut album way back in 1978, and has also been used on book covers, posters, etc. So that was the model I chose to do first. Sunday 12-Aug-2018 The resin figure comprises of 15 nicely cast parts and these got the usual scrub with an old toothbrush, liquid soap and warm running water to get rid of release agents or any other unwanted muck. The two parts of the horse went together without any drama -- the right hand and left arm were only tacked on for this photo. They came back off again and the figure was then given a squirt with black Vallejo primer. Monday 13-Aug-2018 I was simultaneously working on this figure and another project on Monday, (Alclad Vlad). This is as far as I got with DD by the end of the day. Wednesday 15-Aug-2018 Didn't do anything with DD yesterday cos I was too busy playing around with Alclad lacquers, but began adding more details to this figure today. And here's where I'm at with it this evening. I'm not too crazy about the right hand and the angle of the battle-axe, so it'll be coming back of and get the old hairdryer/cold water treatment to straighten things up. The cloak is too bright and needs more shadows added to tone it down. I'll do that tomorrow. Oh yeah, and the guy's sabre is attached back to front, so that's another job for tomorrow as well. The horse needs more blending work, especially at the rear end. And I still have to paint that pretty good base. Overall though? TBH, I reckon....not too shabby, and it looks good for getting him finished sometime over the next 24 hours.
  6. Cadman

    Alclad Vlad

    Sometimes it's these spur of the moment decisions that end up really paying off. This experiment of mine was much the same. You know, "Och, let's just give it a try. No big deal if it doesn't work", kind of thing. Anyway, I woke this morning to find the Evil Old Goat has taken up residence on the Polish Winged Hussars/Ottomans shelf in one of our display cabinets. He's not quite from the same era, but does look good in there as he surveys the carnage going on below his perch.
  7. Cadman

    Alclad Vlad

    Absolutely. I deliberately left the spurs for later because I would've just broke them off and lost the things while turning the figure around to ensure the paint went into every nook and crannie. They'll go on tomorrow.
  8. Cadman

    Alclad Vlad

    It's certainly unusual Vince, and extremely eye catching. I wonder if anyone else has ever used this stuff on a figure as opposed to a vehicle? I'd like to get my hands on the different Prismatic lacquers just to try them out but it's difficult because of shipping restrictions, plus I can't find too many on-line vendors close enough at hand to make surface mail viable. Luckymodel in Hong Kong have had these on backorder for an eternity, and I know there's a model shop in Shenzhen stocks it, but they don't use Paypal. I might try asking one of the nationals to buy some for me, but with my execrable command of the language I'm liable to end up with a pizza, or an umbrella. One of the Japanese hobby shops might be worth a try though. Dunno, I'll chew it over some more. Meanwhile I have a Kabuki Models Frazetta Death Dealer to get on with, and was completely ignored yesterday and today cos I got sidetracked with this little experiment.
  9. Cadman

    Alclad Vlad

    Well, two coats of aqua-gloss later and I'm simply blown away with the results. The way the colors change from a copper red to a deep green as you move the model around is quite incredible. Wifey's scared to come near me now cos she reckons I've been attending night classes in....sorcery.... As experiments go, this one has succeeded beyond all expectations. It's certainly been interesting, albeit something I'll most likely never do again but it's definitely been time well spent in my opinion. What's more, we've now got a totally unique present to hand over next time there's a birthday, or a wedding, or anything else. Cheers H
  10. Cadman

    Alclad Vlad

    Monday 13-Aug-2018 Monday morning; well, the first coat of Maple Lacquer went onto Vlad Dracul around 9 o’clock Monday morning. I then sat with my jaw hitting the deck for the next ten to fifteen minutes as the lacquer dried and the prismatic effect began to appear. The impact of the color change was quite astonishing – and that’s just the first coat! I gave the model a second coat of lacquer yesterday afternoon and left it to cure overnight. It’ll get a couple of coats of Alclad clear aqua-gloss later today and then I’ll try to work out how I’m going to display the model; although I already have an idea in mind. Somehow or other I must get a video clip out to friends and relations showing how the colors change as you move the model around, or move your head around the model. It’s quite stunning. Should be able to upload a video to my Youtube or Dropbox account. DISCLAIMER I accept that for some, this might well represent a waste of a figure costing approximately US$100, but the point is, and as I’ve previously mentioned, I already have two of those Pegaso Vlad Dracul models. I simply don’t need a third one in my collection. And it's not as if I can sell the kit cos no-one around here would buy it, and even if they did they’d expect to pay a re-caster’s price; i.e. about 10 bucks – and that’s no pirated re-cast. It’s a genuine Pegaso model, bought and imported from the UK. So that’s how I justify this little exercise to myself. The kit would’ve just sat in the cupboard until such time as I eventually shuffle off this mortal coil – and then be thrown out along with all my other scrap metal and similar junk. This wee project means that at least I’m getting some enjoyment out of this surplus to requirements model. Well, a kind of enjoyment I mean, and after all, I now know how the caps on Alclad primer bottles work. Besides, Nitromors paint stripper is still pretty cheap. Next update – today’s frolics with Alclad aqua-gloss topcoat – posted tonight my time, prob’ly.
  11. Cadman

    Alclad Vlad

    Saturday 11-Aug-2018 Saturday morning; and I carried on assembling my spare Vlad Dracul. The following photos illustrate most of the steps. The kit construction tends to be fairly straightforward, although there's a couple of steps that can trip you up. Then again, and as previously mentioned, this wasn't my first rodeo with Vlad Dracul, so I was already aware of any potential issues. So that was the assembly pretty much finished and I left the model alone overnight while all the 2-part epoxy and superglue settled down. Sunday 12-Aug-2018 Sunday morning; and the model got two light coats of Alclad gloss black primer. I'm not used to Alclad paint bottles and managed to lose half of it onto the floor - and onto myself - when the top flew off as I was attempting to fill the cup on my airbrush....DOH.... ....cack-handed'R'us..!! .... However, I managed to get most of it off after a rub with IPA and then a good scrub in the shower. An expensive and rather aggravating foul up, but lucky for me the wife was staying at her daughter's place over the weekend and I managed to clean the stuff off the floor tiles before she got home – and saw the mess – and go radio rental. As it is, she knows nothing about the incident. Phew! Strangely enough, the Alclad primer didn’t seem all that glossy when it was initially sprayed on, but developed a deep shine as it dried. Which I thought was a bit weird? It doesn't honk as bad as I expected either. In fact my locally bought airbrush cleaner smells far worse - but the side benefit of using that particular cleaning fluid is that it replaced the last whiff of foul language still lingering in the atmosphere after that bottle top popped off. TO BE CONTINUED IN NEXT POST
  12. Cadman

    Alclad Vlad

    Friday 10-Aug-2018 Some time ago, and for reasons that now kind of escape me, I decided to order up a bottle of Alclad Prismatic Maple lacquer, along with their gloss black primer and aqua-gloss topcoat. I probably had some vague idea of doing something rather “arty” with it, but the problem with this stuff is that it can’t be shipped via airmail so it had to be sent by surface mail from Hong Kong. The order took something like ten weeks to reach our remote corner of N.E. China and by the time the package got here my interest had waned, so the paint has been languishing on a shelf for the past couple of years. Well, a few days ago, while being forced to tidy up my hobby room a tad, I happened to notice the three Alclad bottles and once I managed to work out what they actually were, I got to wondering what I might use them for. Hmm, I’m not a car modeler and couldn’t think of any household items that would benefit from a lick of Alclad lacquer, but I do enjoy assembling and painting white metal or resin kit miniatures. So much so that I have two examples of Pegaso Models excellent 75mm Vlad Dracul and Roaming Knight figures, albeit they were painted in slightly different color schemes just to keep things that bit fandabbiedozzy. This is my first stab at these brilliant pieces; and they're just straight copies of the boxart. This was my second effort around two years later. Sure, they're a little bit different, but you're sort of limited as to just how different the paint jobs can be done. Well, it just so happens that I had a third version of Vlad sitting in my stash cupboard – the reason why is neither here nor there – and already having two versions, I simply wasn’t inclined to paint up another one. And it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that where I’m going with this thread is now becoming somewhat obvious........ So on Friday I began the process of drilling and pinning the model -- and gluing my fingers together, as usual. The 54mm Andrea figure was included in the following snap to demonstrate just how huge these 75mm models are, and once assembled Vlad weighs around 1kg, which is kind of pretty Heavy Metal. That's as far as I got with it on Friday. CONTINUED IN NEXT POST
  13. Cadman

    Game of thrones

    Some busts from NutsPlanet in S.Korea. Perfectly obvious who they're supposed to be.
  14. Cadman

    Game of thrones

    Found the Jon Snow figure. It's by Toison Studio -- I think they're based in Italy, or might be Spain. Called Winter Night Ref. No. is TS-06 and it's 70mm size. The figure is white metal and the base and cloak are resin. Can't remember what the Direwolf is made of cos I used it in a diorama a few years ago now. Sorry for the poor quality photos. It's night and when I used the flash the reflection off the tin just washed the images out altogether.
  15. Cadman

    Legend - Figure WIP

    Well, seeing as the delightful creatures comprise half the world's population, I've never been adverse to including a few in my dioramas. The word "delightful" always being subjective, of course....