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  1. The last of the skulls, plus the paints I ordered for the re-do of the Dancing Girls skirts, should be turning up around end of next week. But I'm not all that chuffed with the look of the dungeon floor - the pigments I used make it look too "yellow" and have subsequently left it far too bright. So all the figures and everything else are coming back off the scenic over the next couple of days while most of those pigments get washed off and replaced by a darker color. That'll also provide an opportunity to integrate the piles of skulls better into the floor of the scenic. Meanwhile, I decided the display needs more of Thulsa Doom's henchmen, so I made a start on assembling and painting these two 75mm thugs. Ignore the guy in the middle who's "Taken the Black". He's going to be used in the next fantasy show I have planned.
  2. Was thinking of something like this - and I like the sandpaper suggestion.
  3. Did consider it, but the only space available is to the left of the large statue. and I haven't quite figured out how to make them look old and rotten. I'll have another think about it though.
  4. Well, this one is now very close to being finished with the exception that I still need to decide whether to include the two "Dancing Vampires" - who's skirts are to be repainted anyway. Other than that, there's not too much remains to be done apart from an additional skull here and there.
  5. Thanks mate. Someone emailed me and suggested I've a second career beckoning - manning the ladies cosmetics counter at Victoria's Secret. They're not finished yet and some of the parts are only a press fit right now. The effect on their skirts is okay and all that, but perhaps not quite what I was trying to do, so they might be coming back off for a dip in some paint stripper. Dunno, still thinking about that one. But I've decided these ladies are not going into Doom's Dungeon after all, so I'll get on with two different figures while I wait and see if I can get my hands on the particular type of paint I want to try out on those skirts. Should get an answer back from the hobby paint manufacturer over the next couple of days - if they can understand my execrable attempts at the Spanish language. As for the fleshtones, they need a significantly different approach from the typical male figure. The main difference is that the contrasts and blending have to be kept really subtle - and that's something I haven't always done too successfully. I use acrylics, so the only way to achieve very smooth blending is by multiple glazes of very diluted paint. The technique appears to have worked okay with these two beauties. Cheers H
  6. Not quite finished, but definitely getting there now.
  7. Still a long way to go of course, but it all seems to be coming together nicely. Think I'll get the skintones on the two Dancing Vampires finished tomorrow and then make a real start on all the tiny details of their clothing. (And fix all my usual overpaints). Also need to move those pole-arms behind the statue and add some goop oozing down the walls.
  8. And I was always under the impression that Woodbine was just Old Man's Gaspers........ Another series of excellent posts Badder....
  9. Well, to all intents and purposes - that's both heads finished apart from some highlights on the hair, but I'll do that in a couple of days time. Going forward, I want to now focus on the skintones of the torso's and the clothing, which is full of the tiniest details. Still awaiting delivery of the final kit figures that are going into Doom's Dungeon. I'd think they'll turn up around end of this week. Cheers H
  10. One of the best dioramas I've seen in recent years.
  11. Began slapping some paint on them this morning. And this was as far as I got by lunchtime. Calling the blond girl "Quasidodo" might've been a Freudian slip, but I suspect it was more along the lines of a Senior Moment.... Got back into it this afternoon. And here's how they look this evening. There's still a lot to do of course, but I'm in no rush and am quite happy with the progress so far. Cheers H
  12. So, that's the Demoness finished apart from one or two more gobs of gore and a coat of matte varnish - minor details which I'll attend to tomorrow morning while I've got the airbrush set up. Next up for the reworked display are these two characters that I cleaned up and primed yesterday.
  13. Well, I cleaned up the overpaints on her wings today; added some slight detail to those "things" she's dangling from her dainty little fingers - and there's still more detail to go on them once I get around to it; and I've now done as much as I feel inclined with the Wee Bizzum for the time being. I'll finish off the small details and the new round base once the additional skulls I ordered from the UK turn up.
  14. Postman Pat turned up at our place today with a couple of orders I've been hopping from foot to foot while worrying that they don't get "lost in the post". RP Models 75mm resin version of the Icini Queen's 2HP Coupe GTi circa 61AD came from the UK. The box was a bit bashed but thankfully there was no damage to the contents. This is a longer term project while I'm waiting for certain other sets to be delivered. Of more immediate interest are these two 75mm wee resin beauties that came direct from Chronos Miniatures in Russia. I had a close look at the castings tonight, and they're exquisite. Cutting them free of those casting blocks won't pose much of a problem, but I'm really scared at the thought of breaking off those extremely delicate fingers. I'll just have to be very careful during the cleanup and assembly process, I guess.
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