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  1. Cadman

    Hanoverian Sergeant, Battle of Minden.

    Yeah, I'm on an enforced break from the hobby for exactly the same reason and it'll be two or three weeks before I can get back to my own half-finished stuff as well. It is what it is.
  2. Cadman

    Hanoverian Sergeant, Battle of Minden.

    Excellent work Roger.
  3. Cadman

    Feral Cat

    This is excellent, and very unusual. Very well done at all levels. I love it - and the S-b-S is extremely useful as well.
  4. Cadman

    Dungeon of Doom

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys - glad you like it. I'm elsewhere at the moment, but when I do get back home the first hobby priority will be to finish off my half-completed 75mm Sun Tzu figure. It's been a WIP for far too long. After that, I intend to revisit this older project and replace certain of the figures. I'll then do another photoshoot and post the results in the Diorama section. Cheers H
  5. Cadman

    RP Models 75mm Sun Tzu

    Got the basic issues I had with the pony sorted out, so it's coming off the base tomorrow while I do the hooves and all the other small details, err, such as re-attach the tail with a steel pin. the base itself can get done at this point as well. The rider, his left arm and his cloak are all just tacked on right now and they'll be coming back off to be finished as much as possible before being re-attached. Good progress today though.
  6. Started prep work and assembling this really nice model of the legendary Sun Tzu a few days ago, then gave it a light spray of grey Vallejo primer. Finally started blocking some color onto him yesterday and today. Lots of nice crisp molded detail to be brought out during the painting process, so this is definitely not going to be a one week job.
  7. Cadman

    What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    You might well be right. Then again, it's a figure of a semi-legendary character riding a 6th Century BC Chinese Pony, not a Late-Medieval European Warhorse. So I tend to think that the sculptor got it just that bit more right. Of course, I won't know for 100% certain until I finish the assembly and paint him up. Hmm, might have to do that bowstring again though........and that's not going to be fun seeing as the bow itself is cast in very thin resin and liable to be pretty brittle. Wonder if it might be best to try bending a bit of brass rod into a composite bow shape? The stirrups were a nightmare to attach as well because they're so thin and brittle. As for the arrows that come with the kit - I'll never get them off the casting blocks in one piece. It's a pet peeve I have with resin kits - and white metal figure kits as well. Items such as bows, arrows, sword blades, spears, and similar, should be supplied made from a strong but slightly flexible steel. I'd gladly pay a bit more for that. Oh well, it is what it is. Cheers H
  8. Cadman


    Thanks Stix
  9. Cadman

    Mixing scales......A new trend???

    Just to demonstrate the point, I cobbled this small vignette together of a chance encounter on the Mean Streets of Mega City One between two characters of 2000AD fame, and then took these photos using a simple bokeh technique to de-focus the background. The 70mm Judge Dredd and Durham Red figures are not the same scale as the two little girls. Does the concept work? I'll let the viewer decide.
  10. Cadman

    Mixing scales......A new trend???

    The OP is perfectly entitled to his own POV but in a hobby as diverse as scale modelling opinions are inevitably going to be polarized between what works for some and what works for others. Merriam-Webster defines a hobby as; "A pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation". That definition reflects my own personal point of view, with the emphasis on relaxation, together with the enjoyment to be derived from attempting to depict some kind of story in 3D by means of a diorama or vignette. As mentioned by others in this thread, forced perspective is the key to using different scales in a diorama and it can be an extremely effective technique, especially when there is a general lack of display space - and it can be even more effective when utilized in the photography side of this hobby. In addition, not all items you might want to use in a diorama are available in the same scale, and that restriction definitely applies in the world of white metal or resin figures. This means there are times when compromises have to be made. I tend to believe that whether those compromises are deemed to be acceptable by the individual modeler is entirely up to him or her, although well-meaning and helpful critique is, and should be, always welcome. Personally speaking, I think I'm inclined to continue on my own merry way of trying this, trying that, and if it doesn't work for me then no harm done and I'll just try something else. Cheers H
  11. Cheers Jim, I guess I'm really just bouncing ideas around.
  12. There's no doubt that I use film and TV time and again for ideas, and like you it's the details I tend to concentrate on and try to learn from. For example; I'm not a great photographer, but even that has improved just by observing how a director frames a shot, or the angle at which it's taken. The old 1949 film noir classic, "The Third Man", is worth watching, not just cos it's a great movie, but also because the stark cinematography is so similar to a modern graphic novel, and that's a technique I often like to try and emulate. John Ford's, "The Searchers", taught me how effective taking a photo using an open doorway as a frame can be. Boorman's, "Excalibur", provides inspiration in his use of color throughout the movie - I keep meaning to do a small scene with 54mm knights riding through an orchard of cherry and apple blossom trees while Carl Orff's Carmina Burana is blasting out of the speakers. I could drone on, but you get the picture, (groan, pun intended). And you've just reminded me that it's been ages since I built an AFV....
  13. Cadman


    Thanks Steve
  14. Here's one I finished in April 2016 and recently rediscovered the photos sitting in an old external HDD. I decided it was best to crop certain figures out of the images, but these shots will show the general idea. As can be seen, I used several ideas, images and concepts from film, books, comics and various fantasy artists, then cobbled them all together to come up with what's basically a cartoon-like and fairly typical Conan scenario, which isn't intended to be taken too seriously. Viewing is much enhanced by playing Arnie's Conan the Barbarian movie soundtrack by Basil Poledouris in the background. Several versions are available on YT and this is one of the better shortened examples. Just hit the Go Button in the middle of this link and then scroll down to the photos. All the white metal or resin kit figures are 70mm/75mm from a range of different manufacturers. The structure is foam which i painted and weathered with W&N water soluble oils - mainly because I couldn't think of any other use for them as I normally use hobby acrylic paints for figures and vehicles, or cheap tube acrylics for basic groundwork. Took an age for those oils to completely dry and cure as well. Overall view of the diorama:- AND I JUST REALIZED I PUT THIS IN THE FIGURE RFI SECTION INSTEAD OF THE DIORAMA SECTION - DOH! .... Sorry about that.
  15. Thanks Jim. You know, I've been tempted to paint the figure's face and visible parts of the horse conventionally but decided this would detract from the finish. I also re-watched some episodes from the 2014-2016 TV series Marco Polo, (yet again), for a bit of inspiration, and okay it's TV with all that implies, but I noted that quite a few of the Mongol horsemen are depicted wearing face masks. So perhaps the finish isn't quite the fantasy it appears to be at first glance? PS. I was pretty disappointed that the TV executives pulled the plug on Marco Polo after only two seasons. It was, and still is, a brilliant show. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2189461/