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  1. That is a stunning piece of work...
  2. I wouldn't stress about it Hans. As I mentioned in a different thread, highly magnified photos are best used to spot and rectify glaring errors during the WIP stage. When figures are viewed from normal distances, most minor mistakes are generally imperceptible.
  3. Looks great. I have this one in my stash. Must get around to building it.
  4. Yes, totally agree with the other comments -- great job and I look forward to seeing the finished result...
  5. Looking forward to seeing the updated photos. Our conservatory is beginning to warm up at long last after resembling a deep freeze for the past half-year, so I hope to be able to come up with much improved images of my own stuff over the next few months.
  6. You've sure got that right. Facilities in Western Hotel Chains are generally clean and well equipped, but Public Conveniences are best avoided if at all possible. This is an amazing scratch-built model and I'm going to be following future updates with avid interest.
  7. Have just this minute finished watching S02E10. What a finale, with an end scene straight out of "Enemy at the Gates" and all to the strains of "Hand of Doom" from Black Sabbath... In fact, the entire OST is really spot-on. In common with Kallisti, I can't sing the praises of S01 and S02 high enough. The cast is simply stellar. In no particular order, stand-out's for me are:- Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth - amazing "Young Michael Caine" impersonation throughout James Purefoy as Gulliver Troy - effortlessly reprising much the same ruthless character as his Marc Antony in "Rome" Ryan Fletcher as Wallace "Dave Boy" McDougal - I've known a lot of Dave Boy's in the past and Fletcher has them down to a tee Dorothy Atkinson as Alfred’s mother Mary Pennyworth - reminds me on an updated Mrs Miniver with a slight dash of an older Vera Lynn Paloma Faith as Bet Sykes - psycho with a heart (kind of), but really more like "Ilsa; She Wolf of the SS" Polly Walker as Peggy Sykes - Bet's not-quite-as-psycho sister Jason Flemyng as Lord James Harwood - latter day "Party Leader" Jessica Ellerby as "The Queen" - so hot that she's incandescent every time she's on-screen Edward Hogg as Colonel John Salt - one of the main villains and an utterly repulsive individual Harriet Slater as Sandra Onslow - fragile Marianne Faithful type of character with a bit of Dusty Springfield thrown in Anna Chancellor as Dr Frances Gaunt - definite echo's of Margaret Thatcher Emma Corrin as Esme Winikus - Alfie's girlfriend before she became Lady Di in "The Crown" Here's hoping for a S03, S04, S05...and...and... Cheers the Noo
  8. Yeah, a few different authors have tried to keep the Flashman family saga going, but they're nowhere near as good as the original packets. Just about to start watching Pennyworth S02E04...
  9. Looks like they're trying to find Alex on the map so they can go enjoy an ice cold one...
  10. Well, you might be right about Queenie being Margaret. There's certainly no sign of Elizabeth's husband, or any of her kids either.
  11. Well, I just finished season 1 last night and am going to binge-watch season 2 over this weekend. I can't remember the last time I watched a TV series with such an enormous grin plastered all over my face. It's pretty bizarre at times, but in a brilliant way and is definitely the best TV series I've seen since S01 to S04 of GoT, before the inept scriptwriters ran out of book material. Queen Elizabeth in the show is at least 10 years younger than she was in the 1960's...and she's a drop-dead gorgeous hottie. The Prime Minister is a dead ringer for a devious Harold MacMillan. There's far-right and far-left political groups, each as odious as the other, just as they are in real life. The lead actor has studied the young Michael Caine for sure, as he's got the accent and mannerisms spot-on. Being called Alfred is particularly useful as the scriptwriters can then regularly make the obvious references to MC's famous character "Alfie". His two sidekicks play their parts well too, especially his Scottish mate. There's the two psycho Sykes sisters from "Oop North" who crack me up every time they have an exchange of dialog. The actors playing Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane are also extremely well cast. They even shoe-horned the Duke & Duchess of Windsor into the screenplay -- as well as Aleister Crowley... The fashions, hairstyles, the cars, the houses, just everything, is all 100% right for 1960's London...apart from the more nightmare-ish cinematic images the series uses to depict a dystopian alternative timeline. The scripts are really clever. Sample chat over the breakfast table, with Dad Pennyworth reading the newspaper:- Dad P, "I see the American President has promised to send a man to the moon." Mum P, "Oh the poor chap. Whatever has he done?" Dad P, "Who?" Mum P, "The poor man they're going to send to the moon." ...that's so surreal...and the same kind of dead-pan cracks just keep coming. Like everything else nowadays, it's got elements of PC, but not overly so. It's not for everyone of course, and certainly not for the squeamish, but I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking for something very different and in a far different class from the usual TV dross.
  12. How about fixing the Sea Harrier just above the bust, with an acrylic rod exiting the back of the aircraft then forming a right-angle to end in a base situated behind the bottom of the plinth? That way the eye will follow naturally down from the SH, to the bust and then the nameplate -- and this would provide the option to use/not use the SH as the inclination takes you.
  13. I look forward to the photos illustrating the end result. You can always add a WIP thread as well, although I appreciate these do tend to take up a lot of time. PS. Your cutting mat looks as "abused" as mine does...
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