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  1. Crowbar, Very well done It most definitely looks the part. Great Job, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  2. Mario, Truly a very nice tribute build to a very interesting episode during the Vietnam War. Well done sir Mr. Happy (In name only)
  3. snapper_city, ‘’Outstanding build and weathering on that 113 Bravo Zulu, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  4. Beautiful work Mr. Happy (In name only)
  5. Delayar, Love this build thread I’m eagerly awaiting the next update,your doing some very nice work on that conversion All the best & Cheers, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  6. Dermo245, Very nice job with the SEA camouflage. Cheers, Mr. Happy (In name only)
  7. RidgeRunner, OUTSTANDING JOB Beautiful paint work Cheers, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  8. tonyot, Great job mate The SAAF Decals really make the livery pop Love it Mr. Happy (In name only)
  9. Wow It’s great to see the old Hasegawa kit built up so nicely Cheers, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  10. Jamie, It’ s looking great so far I’m looking forward to your next update Great job, Mr. Happy (In name only)
  11. CasualModel98, Wow you are off to a great start Please keep us us updated when possible your do some great work on that cat Cheers, Mr. Happy (In name only)
  12. Man you can knock those kits out Very nice job on that camouflage Cheers, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  13. Looking good Stephen CJ Great at job and we are eagerly awaiting this final reveal Keep up the great work, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  14. Ian, You really hit this one out of the park Beautiful paint job and hopping you will place at your next model contest This most definitely a museum piece and so deservedly should win. Cheers good sir and Bravo Zulu Mr.Happy (In name only)
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