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  1. Thanks very much vangos for enlightening on the launcher mod. Looks like the USN/USMC Aggressor F-5Es which carry the AIM-9L/M on the RHS did the same treatment for its LAU-101s. https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/Northrop-F-5E-Tiger-II/1210371/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRe8yawUFi6E7Bd3ahRcYko8GYxsmAxpK7%2B40uPv/PXgz%2BWlUfPVeM6inAhb/pA1lFn4X6mfiKCmOq%2Byc2x3NvVA/kwSzdN12FyNlEj1X%2B4EVJ%2B%2BRFeHPbxIgq0LxLfyw1t4GZGib3MF4iCUnbg0ox0TL8gPDLzJp https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/Northrop-F-5E-Tiger-II/1195818/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRe8yawUFi6E7Bd3ahRcYko8GYxsmAxpK7%2B40u
  2. I recall that the F-5's wingtip missile launchers are the LAU-100 for LHS and LAU-101 for RHS. It came with the 19-pin connector for AIM-9P missiles. With the AIM-9L/M which has the 34-pin connector, the mod to carry it would require the swop of the 19-pin connector to the bigger diameter 34-pin. I suppose this and any other mods to the launcher to carry/fire the AIM-9L/M are internal and no change to its external profile?
  3. Thanks Selwyn and Jari for your comments. First time made aware of Canadian F-5s with AIM-9M too.
  4. Shortly after I posted the above, I did a quick check on airliners.net and realised that the Turkish upgraded F-5As are equipped with AIM-9Ls. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Turkey-Air-Force/Northrop-F-5A-2000-Freedom-Fighter/2252558/L?qsp=eJwtjLEOwjAMBf/FM0y0KupWBlYY%2BAEreYKI0ES2JYiq/jtJYbw76RZyaTZ87FYyaCQFi3vQjjILv5TGhThIDHOL/TB0h9qeKO8kvlY67/upGk1ip1LZs2FyDtng//4iHtIS1G3je3u1T4Zcf3TsKvqgOfJ2gXGItK5fGRgyqQ%3D%3D Question remains whether the Greek F-5As fly with AIM-9Ls as operational configuration.
  5. One of my favourite research topics. Thanks for sharing. Also wished that Airfix will update its Belvedere one day.
  6. In researching the web for an interesting weapon load to attach onto a NATO country F-5A, I came across two photos of this Greek F-5A 89047 with AIM-9L missile on its wingtip. All other photos of F-5As I know of show either AIM-9B or AIM-9P missiles. Did the Greek AF armed their F-5As with AIM-9Ls, or perhaps 89047 is an exception, ie. for certification trials and never introduced fleetwide? Interestingly, 89047 is one of the subjects featured in the 1/48 Kinetic F-5A kit.
  7. Found this among the photos I took of the Hunter in the Singapore Air Force Museum.
  8. I did noticed that on the 230 gallon tanks as well on the Singapore Hunters. The "dent" or depression was present on both sides of the tanks. Consulted a Hunter airframe technician friend, and he says there is nothing in the AP that mention about the depression. In his opinion, it is likely to allow additional clearance between the main wheel door and the tank when the gears are lowered. Perhaps some one can confirm that. Attached are some pics of the tanks mounted on Singapore Hunters.
  9. I just happened to come across a photo of a Peruvian Hunter in a Peruvian Facebook page showing the gamefowl badge on the starboard side. Hi, @Diego. Is this the "training device" device that you mentioned, as it seems to have its ejection seat missing or is this an operational aircraft? Cheers, YK
  10. Many published photos of MiG-21s on display in Hanoi show no insignia on the upper wings. However, I believe they were painted on during the war and also later years. Here's a photo from the book "Vietnam - The War in the Air" by Rene J Francillon, published in 1987. Two screenshots from this video on Youtube: Two of the frequently published but grainy photos of MiG-21s during the war show sign of insigina on the top wing surface (indicated by the arrows). Here's the MiG-21
  11. Hi John and Ali, I vaguely remembered that the positions of the rocket rails were discussed here before. Managed to pull out the thread. Rgds, YK
  12. Apologies, the nylon cable is about 1000 ft, and as Mark mentioned, 800 ft.
  13. Thanks very much Mark, for the photo of the banner target container. Based on your information and those I gathered from my friend, I made an attempt to pictorially depict the launch sequence of the "twin-tow" system for the Hunter. Without knowing the details of how the cable from the fuselage attachment point to the tow cable (I was told its made of nylon) in the container was connected, I made some assumptions in the simplified picture below. Look forward to corrections and any other information to enlighten on this interesting configuration.
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