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  1. YK GOH

    Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 P2544 of 274 Sqn

    Thanks Troy and Peter for your comments. I also tried to colourise the photos I found and here are the results. I understand the colourisation software has its limitations but the results points towards what you said is right, Troy. I also note that the 2nd photo here, showing the port side do not have the glare shield mentioned by Peter. Hope there are other photos that will turn up for confirmation. YK
  2. YK GOH

    Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.4 - 1:72 Airfix

    Love this kit. Hope Airfix will release an export version (eg. South Yemen, Iraq, Kuwait markings) with an additonal sprue for weapons.
  3. I was given the Hasegawa 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I Trop kit 09323, and planned to build it as P2544 of 274 Sqn. In reading up on this aircraft on the various websites, I realised that there are two interpretations of the colour scheme. The kit instruction sheet says the upper surface camo is Middle Stone and Dark Earth. However, some websites gives it as brown/green. The links to the two of the websites are shown below the two images here. https://www.militaryartcompany.com/military_art.php?ProdID=4086 https://bbs.hitechcreations.com/smf/index.php?topic=342114.0 Am just wondering which one is correct, or both are correct?...that the aircraft was delivered to the field in factory brown/green camo and later repainted in sand camo? Look forward to advice on this. YK
  4. YK GOH

    Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 Inboard Pylon shape

    Hi Ali, Am new to Britmodeller and great to know about your projects. Digressing from this thread a bit, on the 2-seat Hunter, I hope you will be including the option for the export 2-gunned big-bore version. ...and looking forward to your correction sets! YK
  5. YK GOH

    Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 Inboard Pylon shape

    Thanks very much Mark, in confirming that the pylons (whether with EMRU or ERU) are standard for the various Hunter variants. Thanks also for the great scale drawings in MDF 16. They are an invaluable source of reference. YK
  6. YK GOH

    Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 Inboard Pylon shape

    Sincere apologies, it was pointed out to me that I labelled one of the photos in the earlier posting wrongly. Here is the correction: I hope it did not caused any confusion earlier. Again the 1/48-scale plan was enlarged from the 1/72-scale drawings from MDF 16 book.
  7. YK GOH

    1/48 scale M16/AR-15 rifle

    Not sure this is the correct forum to pose a query. I model 1/48 scale aircraft and recently obtained a Roden 1/48 Cessna O-1 Bird Dog. From photos of Vietnam operations, it seems that the pilot and observer normally has a rifle in the aircraft, which looks like the M16. I know 1/48 scale is not the mainstream scale for AFVs, but wonder is there any M16 rifles in 1/48 scale available, as had been trawling the web and unable to surface any. Warmest regards, YK
  8. YK GOH

    Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 Inboard Pylon shape

    The other alternative is to scratch-build it from a 2mm thick plastic card. The outline can be easily traced off a scale drawing. Guess not everyone will be bothered to take the trouble and just use the kit parts, but I do hope Airfix can correct it in their F.4 and future releases.
  9. YK GOH

    Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 Inboard Pylon shape

    I thought I should try my hand on fabricating a more accurate inboard pylon. As a reference, I placed a side view of an F.6 with the Airfix LIDAR scan. Using the excellent line drawings from the book, MDF16 from SAM Publications, I used the FlightPath metal pylon as a donor, sandwiched it with plastic cards cut to the correct 1/48 size. The result is as below. A crude effort, which I hope will be improved with some final touch-up and scribing of panel lines. And here's the comparison with the Airfix kit part. Perhaps a bit overboard on this interest, but the Hunter was what got me interested in aviation and to me its pylons and stores add to its characteristic beauty.
  10. YK GOH

    Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 Inboard Pylon shape

    Yes, Airfix has incorrectly moulded the swaybrace shoe on the 100-gallon tank resulting in it having a platform that fit into the pylon cut-out. I wonder how it will be like for the 230-gallon tank for the future FGA.9. I do hope Airfix could correct the height and shape of the pylons as the Hunter F.6 kit is a fabulous kit, and looking forward to the announced F.4 and hoping for a FGA.9/FR.10.
  11. YK GOH

    F-104 pilot figure 1/48

    Hi James, I simply shaved some material off the shoulder and get the arm inside the cockpit. Looks ok, if not fussy. YK
  12. YK GOH

    Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 Inboard Pylon shape

    Thanks Selwyn, on providing the correct terminology and description of the sway bracing.
  13. YK GOH

    Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 Inboard Pylon shape

    Going through books and photographs, I stand to be corrected, but am kind of convinced that the various Hunter variants used the same inboard pylon. Perhaps as mentioned by Selwyn, the differences are internal on whether its equipped with EMRU or the ERU. For outboard pylons with ERU, an aerodynamic fairing is installed above the wing to cover the protrusion. I enlarged a side profile from SAM Publication MDF 16 book on the Hunter to 1/48 scale and placed the Airfix and Academy part over the inboard pylon. And here's a comparison of the inboard and outboard pylons from the 1/48 Airfix Hunter F.6 and 1/48 Academy Hunter F.6/FGA.9 kits. From my measurements of the aircraft in the museum here, overall, it looks like the Airfix pylons are correct in length but underscale in height. But what all the pylons missed out is the distinctive shape at the bottom of the pylon which flares out to increase the surface area of contact with the store. Perhaps Airfix can consider correcting the pylon height by adding an extension to its pylon parts to include the "flared" profile?
  14. YK GOH

    Algeria Air Force MiG-21F

    Thanks Serge, for correcting the variant of the Algerian aircraft. Vultures1: am guessing its between B and C as some kit manufacturers has Algerian Su-7s with the roundels on both wings. Just another interesting trivia in modelling aircraft from air forces that are not well documented.
  15. YK GOH

    Defender 9V-BDT

    Found a grainy photo of c/n 235 when it was G-AYTS from http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Crafts/Craft20908-3.htm#pics It shows that the registration G-AYTS was painted below the port wing. Could I assume that when it was re-registered as 9V-BDT, that was painted below the port wing as well?