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  1. This is the parts layout for the Hasegawa's 1/48 A-4B/C Falklands kit. The A-4B and A-4C share the same parts except the nose parts (K) for A-4B and (L) for A-4C. As the A-4B and A-4C are powered by the J65 engine, there are differences in the fuselage air scoops and vents compared to that of the J52-powered A-4E/F/M aircraft. Hasegawa took care of that as well.
  2. I am also building a 1574 TTF Meteor F.8 from the Airfix 1/48 F.8 kit. From all the photos available on the net, I have come to the conclusion that the Flight's Meteors were originally in painted aluminum on its top surfaces and later some were painted LAG with black tails as depicted in the Xtradecal decal. That's the attractive scheme am going for. Would be great if my observation can be confirmed/corrected.
  3. YK GOH

    SUU-42 anyone?

    Here's another shot of the rear. Hope it helps.
  4. YK GOH

    SUU-42 anyone?

    If you are looking for a 1/48 scale SUU-42, perhaps you may want to contact Six Scales in Singapore, which has just did a small run by 3-D printing. Six Scales can be contacted through their Facebook page on: https://www.facebook.com/sixscalesmodelmaker I have a pair of them and they measure up well to the published dimensions. YK
  5. Thanks, but not easy to find. Also does not include the VF-74 patch.
  6. Hopefully, another opportunity for the markings of USN's first operational Phantom squadron, VF-74 on its first cruise, to be included. If not, still waiting for the aftermarket.
  7. Video of the Lecture by Ron Gibb, the Project Engineer of the RF-5E programme. Many interesting insights on the design and the evolution of the reconnaissance versions of the F-5s.
  8. The RF-5E Tigereye has a completely new and elongated nose, and is different from the recce nose retrofit for F-5A and F-5E. Here's a photo (kindly provided by Francis Kho) of the nose of the RF-5E of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), which operated eight of this jets. Only four air forces operated the RF-5E: Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Singapore. The KASL 1/48 RF-5E detail set includes a nice resin part for the camera pallet.
  9. Hi, the photo posted above also appeared in this blog. http://pattiselannodavid.blogspot.com/2008/08/matc-days.html Rgds, YK
  10. Thanks very much vangos for enlightening on the launcher mod. Looks like the USN/USMC Aggressor F-5Es which carry the AIM-9L/M on the RHS did the same treatment for its LAU-101s. https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/Northrop-F-5E-Tiger-II/1210371/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRe8yawUFi6E7Bd3ahRcYko8GYxsmAxpK7%2B40uPv/PXgz%2BWlUfPVeM6inAhb/pA1lFn4X6mfiKCmOq%2Byc2x3NvVA/kwSzdN12FyNlEj1X%2B4EVJ%2B%2BRFeHPbxIgq0LxLfyw1t4GZGib3MF4iCUnbg0ox0TL8gPDLzJp https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/Northrop-F-5E-Tiger-II/1195818/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRe8yawUFi6E7Bd3ahRcYko8GYxsmAxpK7%2B40uPv/PXgz%2BWlUfPVeM6inAhb/pA1lFn4X6mfiKCmOq%2Byc2x3NvVA/kwSzdN12FyNlEj1X%2B4EVJ%2B%2BRFeHPbxIgq0LxLfyw1t4GZGib3MF4iCUnbg0ox0TL8gPDLzJp https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Marines/Northrop-F-5E-Tiger-II/1063089/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRe8yawULFkJ3CrrVhRcYko8GYxsmAzWU3t1pcPf/e/AW8tOo%2BOqjZtBABSz%2BRTvKLPwpNCzEUVIcN9k7d%2BjMvVHnSYJZuu77i5EyiZ6r/cCKk/fIivDnNwmQTaH4Fn5aq7MBubdN7mg8xJITtwaUY6J1/QHApzJj
  11. I recall that the F-5's wingtip missile launchers are the LAU-100 for LHS and LAU-101 for RHS. It came with the 19-pin connector for AIM-9P missiles. With the AIM-9L/M which has the 34-pin connector, the mod to carry it would require the swop of the 19-pin connector to the bigger diameter 34-pin. I suppose this and any other mods to the launcher to carry/fire the AIM-9L/M are internal and no change to its external profile?
  12. Thanks Selwyn and Jari for your comments. First time made aware of Canadian F-5s with AIM-9M too.
  13. Shortly after I posted the above, I did a quick check on airliners.net and realised that the Turkish upgraded F-5As are equipped with AIM-9Ls. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Turkey-Air-Force/Northrop-F-5A-2000-Freedom-Fighter/2252558/L?qsp=eJwtjLEOwjAMBf/FM0y0KupWBlYY%2BAEreYKI0ES2JYiq/jtJYbw76RZyaTZ87FYyaCQFi3vQjjILv5TGhThIDHOL/TB0h9qeKO8kvlY67/upGk1ip1LZs2FyDtng//4iHtIS1G3je3u1T4Zcf3TsKvqgOfJ2gXGItK5fGRgyqQ%3D%3D Question remains whether the Greek F-5As fly with AIM-9Ls as operational configuration.
  14. One of my favourite research topics. Thanks for sharing. Also wished that Airfix will update its Belvedere one day.
  15. In researching the web for an interesting weapon load to attach onto a NATO country F-5A, I came across two photos of this Greek F-5A 89047 with AIM-9L missile on its wingtip. All other photos of F-5As I know of show either AIM-9B or AIM-9P missiles. Did the Greek AF armed their F-5As with AIM-9Ls, or perhaps 89047 is an exception, ie. for certification trials and never introduced fleetwide? Interestingly, 89047 is one of the subjects featured in the 1/48 Kinetic F-5A kit.
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