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  1. Wow,that is some collection.I love building Spits.That is something to aspire to. on all of them.
  2. Very nice.A very different looking paint job.
  3. That is the best Harrier i've seen here.Superb.
  4. Superb.I have fond memories of Matchbox as well.I'll have to track some down.
  5. On first inspection the kit looks rough,but nothing bent.It is the only game in town for a Sea Prince,which will be a difficult hole to fill in my Culdrose collection otherwise.
  6. Some good stuff there.I loved the Swordfish.
  7. Looks like you are already a dab hand at mottling.
  8. I am about to start my first all resin kit which is a Magna Hunting Percival Sea Prince.I have some experience of using resin as part of after market kits,but i've never built an entirely resin kit before.So i could do with some tips. I am aware that resin dust is nasty stuff,and i will be very careful when sawing and sanding.I am also aware of the need to wash the kit parts to remove mould release residue,before painting.But apart from that i'm fairly clueless. Which is the best glue to use.I want a glue that will allow a few minutes to work with,not one that makes an instant strong bond. How do you get rid of the join lines between fuselage halves etc.I know the resin wont melt like plastic.So what do you use and how do you use it. I've heard about the pin holes you find on resin mouldings,but i've never encountered any.How do you detect these holes,and how do you fill them. Finally,anything else i should know about before i start. Thanks.
  9. Nice Spits.Looking forward to the family shot.
  10. Superb.That weathered NMF is amazing.
  11. That is a beauty.Well worth all the hard work.
  12. Superb.A great trio of models.You've made the most of those Airfix freebies alright.
  13. I nearly missed this one.Superb.One of my fave Spits.
  14. Very nice.That pic of the two Spits really shows how much it evolved.
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