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  1. Nice review of a decent looking kit, I actually went and bought one after reading this and hope to make a diorama along with a 1/35 Tamiya Panzer II I have in my stash. One question as I can't see anything in the instructions in my boxing that indicates this, how would I model the bonnet open - would it simply be a matter of cutting the bonnet part in two along the hinge line and mounting one or both halves open? Andrew
  2. Lovely looking kit! I'm not usually too fussed for WW1 aircraft, mainly because of their fiddly nature and the blasted rigging, but I may make an exception with this one Regards, Andrew
  3. And she's finished, Tamiya's 1:48 T-34/76 Russian WW2 tank. Airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics and fine details brush painted also with Tamiya acrylics. Finished as decal option D to represent a T-34 that fought on the Eastern Front in June 1943, cyrillic script on the turret translates as "For Soviet-Estonia!" which reference material found seems to support. Weathered with a number of different Citadel washes and dry brushed with thinned Agrellan Earth, a Citadel technical paint, to give the tank a dusty appearence so it looks like it has been serving on the steppes of the Eastern Fron
  4. Finally an update, Easter half term here in the UK so I've been away with my kids so have had a short break from modelling The T-34/76 is now painted and fiddly bits added, the tow cables aren't attached yet however, these will be affixed once the gloss coat is on and weathering is complete. Gloss coat will be airbrushed on tomorrow, more later. Andrew
  5. So after finishing my Bf109 I've decided to build a piece of armour, the kit in on this occasion is the T-34/76 in 1/48 from Tamiya. An enjoyable build so far and has gone together without any issues, road wheels and tracks have been built as a sub assembly to aid painting and won't be fixed to the hull, along with the small amount of 'fiddly bits', until painting is complete. The building stage is now finished so it's on to painting, more later :-) Regards, Andrew The most time consuming part of any armour kit: Wheels and tracks f
  6. Thanks Mark! I've taking to airbrushing easier than I thought I would though obviously I have plenty of room for improvement and many more skills and techniques to learn :-) Regards, Andrew
  7. Thanks for the comment my friend however as much as I would love to take credit for the spinner my airbrush skills are not that good, it's a decal haha ;-) Regards, Andrew
  8. Finished my Airfix 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf109G-6. Built OOB with the addition of the CMK resin and PE cockpit set and Xtradecal swastikas. Airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics and fine details brush painted with Tamiya acrylics. Finished as kit decal option A to represent the aircraft flown by Ofw. Alfred Surau, 9./JG3, Bad W├Ârishofen, Germany, September 1943. All in all a good, but basic, kit that was easy and fun to build which I'm happy with especially as it's only my second airbrushed kit. Regards, Andrew
  9. Think I'll go with Hannants, they're advising they have 10+ in stock and have ordered from them before with no issue. Plus I have wishlist items I can add to my order haha Andrew
  10. Sorry to bump this topic but does anyone know where this kit is available for purchase in the UK? Or am I just going to have to bite the bullet with shipping costs and order direct from SH? Andrew
  11. Hi all, I have the above kit in my stash and I'm planning to build it soon however as the cockpit is non existent due to the age of the mould I want to improve it. Would the cockpit detailing set from Aires (AIRE7138) which is designed for the Revell kit work with the Airfix kit or will I have to give scratch building the detail a go? Thanks in advance. Andrew
  12. Ah but if I wanted to model a Pompey 23 I would need to give it a drybrush with a certain bodily fluid to get the appropriate stench....
  13. Thanks for your responses everyone, very much appreciated! I think when the time comes I'll order the Hawk Graphics decal sheet from AVR Models. Andrew
  14. Sorry if this has already been posted/asked elsewhere but does anyone know if there are any aftermarket name & penant numbet sets for the 1/350 Trumpeter Type 23 frigate to enable it to be built as any of the other ships in the class? I'm thinking of getting the kit and would love to model it as HMS Sutherland (F81) as I have served on the real ship. Thanks in advance! Andrew
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