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  1. Excellent effort Stu, how did you find the stencils on the Mustang? must admit I needed a stiff drink when attempting them.
  2. You certainly ain't hanging about Stu, looking good.
  3. It's a nice kit, only issues I have found are the wheel struts which are a bit bendy so be careful with those, also good luck with control stick as it's almost impossible to get off without snapping. Mine has current had a couple of coats of clear prior to decals. It's been a very nice model to put together. i will pull up a pew and watch on if you don't mind.
  4. Discopop

    Gloster Javelin 1/48

    That is one stunning lookin bird, mucho kudos Chris
  5. As a newbie myself and probably have this kit, I am pulling up a chair if you don't mind
  6. Discopop

    1/72 Hasegawa Lightning F6 - 74Sqn

    that's not that bad a finish, the bird is looking fine to me, please crack on as I need pointers for mine
  7. Discopop

    SMER 1/72 Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk

    Interesting model as I have been looking SMER stuff on eBay but was unsure of quality, however I will pull up a pew for the dogs as much as the build, as an absolute softy with all animals with dogs being top I can't abide mistreatment and you efforts are uplifting, keep up the good work with both canine and model I will be more than happy to see both come to a happy conclusion.
  8. Mind if I sit in on this? A front row pew would be nice, and good luck I am sure it will be a corker
  9. Hmmm I have asked Santa for this kit and after following some of the trials and tribulations of your build and I must add brilliant work I am now officially bricking it and maybe secretly hoping hasn't got enough space for it on the sled.
  10. Discopop

    Greetings from Tamworth

    Welcome Resin, I have the Tamiya King George in 1/350 in my stash after buying on a whim a few years ago and its a beast hope you have a big shelf if not best brush up on the DIY as the wife wont be impressed.
  11. Discopop

    Greetings from Manchester

    Hi CB, Thanks for the welcome, I came across a stash of airfix starter kits in Home Bargains priced at £2.99 each so cleaned them out So busy attempting to hone what feeble skills I have on a Curtis Tomahawk in 72 and a Fw 190 in the same, I think both are new moulds but with a few minor fit issues, I have some other goodies to go at once I think I am not going to ruin them. Btw if anyone wants a starter kit at keen prices drop me a line as it seems I have overdone it on clearing the shelves
  12. Discopop

    Greetings from Manchester

    Cheers Steve, my main pastime is road cycling which is one of the most expensive things you can get involved in at a decent level bike and kit wise, I was hoping modelling would be be a little kinder on the wallet but the growing stash and peripherals is proving that was indeed a naive thought
  13. Discopop

    1/72 Hasegawa Lightning F6 - 74Sqn

    I am a newbie to the site but would love to sit in on this one, I have the kit in my rapidly growing stash with added goodies of some PE and resin seats so some handy tips will go down a storm
  14. Discopop

    Greetings from Manchester

    Hi there, long time lurker, probably like a good few on here just stumbling back into moddeling after the usual work, family stuff took up the last 30 odd years! I have a few pastimes so work will probably not be prolific I will mainly be dabbling in 1/72 in most eras. Have to say I have inspired from the stuff I see in the WIP thread however a little nervous of posting my probably mostly botched efforts but I am sure you will be gentle. Disco