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  1. Nice start! I see you have done a lot of surgery already. I'll definitely be watching this build. An Esci S-3 was the first model I entered in a competition, way back in the 80's. David
  2. I used to live near Travis AFB, and loved watching these monsters lumbering along. The engines’ peculiar buzzing sound at takeoff was music to my ears! Great job so far. And you are right, it is a beautiful aircraft. David
  3. It has been inspiring watching your progress with this. What is the CAD software you are using? David
  4. Great work so far. If you are still not happy with the contrast, you could probably just respray the demarcation line with a lighter color. It would require pretty minimal masking and spraying time. No one would notice if the rest of the underside was slightly darker. Alternatively, you could darken the Ocean Grey (again, just at the demarcation line) during the weathering process. David
  5. Hello Onezone- If you used acrylic paint, ammonia-based cleaners will work very well and have zero effect on the plastic. Oven cleaners will also work but are much stronger and might fog clear parts (also, please wear disposable gloves if you go that route). Enamel paint is a bit more problematic,, but IIRC oven cleaner works. I would be wary of nail polish remover as there are various formulations, some of which will instantly attack styrene. When in doubt, test any product on your sprue trees first. David
  6. Awesome job so far. This kit is on my wishlist. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but should there be lap belts on the ejection seats? Looking forward to your next update. David
  7. The California ANG scheme is a great choice. Not that I'm biased or anything. You might need brass landing gear to hold up all that resin! Will be following with interest. David
  8. That has happened to me before. To prevent it, you can shoot a light coat of your final color first to seal the tape edges, then primer, then final color again. Future (Klear) can also be used to seal the masking. But that is hindsight. To fix it, I would not try to cover it with more red. Your stripes will be too wide. Masking the red and shooting a light coat of black is probably your best option. I spent about 6 hours yesterday masking off walkways on my Kinetic E-2C, and I'm still not done! Isn't masking off most of your plane to paint a small area fun? David
  9. That is a good video, but the music is cringe-inducing! Well done with the weathering so far. The resin exhausts look superb. Nice job with the fuel dump, too! David
  10. Excellent work! I built this kit many years ago, well before there were resin and photo etch goodies for it. What an improvement. You may want to flatten the end of the tail cone a bit. It's actually the fuel dump port. There is a nice shot of it in the Squadron Walk Around on page 57. Google might be of use as well. Keep up the good work. I want to build another one now! David
  11. This is incredible stuff. Those minifigures do some amazing work! David
  12. Absolutely fantastic weathering. Well done! David
  13. This is looking great! Nice job with the landing gear. David
  14. Absolutely spectacular paint scheme. Well done! David
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