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  1. Oh my. After all the effort you have put into this, that last shot is pretty heartbreaking. Could you perhaps print a replacement? David
  2. Awesome job with the weathering. Got to love that shark mouth! David
  3. That “Sweden” livery has some crazy tail art! That should be pretty striking. What is the squiggly writing under the word “Sweden,” just above the windows? David
  4. Nice! This is coming along well now. So... many... decals... David
  5. Hello Ed- Welcome to the forums and also back to the hobby! Don’t get too hung up on colors. Just have fun! Speaking of colors, what did you use for the cockpit? It is a good match to the photoetch. David
  6. Big indeed! I like your improvement to the engine faces. Have you chosen markings yet? David
  7. Oh my! That is a very lumpy, bumpy, and pokey airplane! Looking good, Ray. David
  8. John, you should be able to fully remove the Gauzy with an ammonia-based cleaning solution (undiluted). David
  9. Serkan, your pursuit of perfection is truly inspirational. Great work, as always. How are the Blackbirds coming along? David
  10. Although “perfect” is in the name, PPP is far from from it. It definitely has its merits, however, and is the best material for certain applications. Just another tool in the arsenal. Excellent use of science with the nose weight calculation, Bill. I love it! David
  11. I was tempted to purchase this kit. This might push me over the edge. Those wing decals! David
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