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  1. Wins award as ugliest airborne weapon ever built.
  2. FYI, for those modelers doing today's USAF jets - Pretty slick looking, some interesting upgrades including jaw actuated lights, noise canceling and much lighter than the current 55P.
  3. Subject is a very dirty and weathered P-47, based in Italy late in the war. She was originally flown by the Brazilians and then transferred back to the USAAC. At that point, her OD paint was heavily faded and had multiple touch-ups of varying shades of OD. Fresh OD was used to overpaint the Brazilian insignia and markings. Here's a nice shot of her in action: And another that shows the upper wing surfaces in more detail. The kit is the oldish Hasegawa one. Still nicely detailed and quite easy to build. I added the MDC cockpit set (simply amazing and priced very reasonably), Quickboost resin R2800 engine to replace the someone clunky kit engine, Barracuda's fantastic resin wheels and EagleCal decals. I also added multiple hydraulic / electrical lines in the wheel bays, brake lines on the landing gear. For ordinance I used Brassin 1,000 lb bombs and a 75 gal drop tank from the Tamiya P-51 kit. The cockpit. I figured the cockpit would be a beaten up and weathered as the exterior: The Quickboost engine. Nothing is visible aft of the first row of cylinders so I didn't spend much time painting that area. The wheelwells are typically the dirtiest part of any aircraft. Also added the canopy jettison hardware. You don't see this replicated on too may P-47 builds. And some "glamour" shots: Can't forget the arming wires for the bombs! One noticeable bit of weathering on all Jugs was the scorched area inside the inner landing gear door from being in close proximity to the exhaust. Thanks for looking! John
  4. Added a 75 gal centerline tank from the Tamiya Mustang kit. Added a bunch of cables and bits to try to replicate the emergency jettison system on the canopy. Touched up the weathering, added some additional small bits. Getting there lads! Thanks for looking.
  5. Spent some time on the beach at Naval Station Dam Neck, VA (home of Seal Team-6). Saw these guys off in the distance, kicking myself for not having my "real" camera with me instead of my phone. You may have to squint but it's a formation of A/M-6 Littlebirds and MH-60 Blackhawks from the US Army's Nightstalkers, 160th SOAR. Later that evening, while sitting at an outdoor brewery enjoying a cold one (or two), had an MH-47 fly over.
  6. Next set of pictures. Weathering continues, especially on the underside. I used a mix of oil washes, Florey Washes (great stuff BTW), a silver artists pencil and pastels. I tried to accurately replicate the 1,000 lb bombs. Nothing more amusing than a hard working combat vet from WW2 with immaculate bombs. Most bombs were simply dumped into the dirt / mud at massive "bomb dumps" before getting assembled and mounted on the aircraft. Only part of the bombs that were typically immaculate were the tailfins which were stored separately. Just need to add the arming wires. 75 gal drop tank is from the Tamiya Mustang kit.
  7. Wonder if SH will go to the trouble of downsizing this very impressive looking upgrade when the 35th version comes out? I sure hope so.
  8. Lots of new construction happening at all the bases that house "special" aircraft. Your guess is as good as mine as far as what they are supporting. The construction program that I'm really curious about is what they are doing with the old Space Shuttle processing facility at Vandenburg AFB. Something that requires very high security is going in there. V-burg is the perfect spot to discretely launch aircraft out over the ocean with minimal witnesses.
  9. I believe the primary factor for the replacement is increasing reliability. Those old J-57's are an absolute beast to maintain. The BUFF already has sufficient range for the mission set it's tasked with. For the life of me, I don't understand why they are dragging the -52 out for another few decades while retiring the B-1. The B-1 has very impressive load carrying capability and is certainly much more survivable than the BUFF.
  10. I had good luck with White Ensign here in the US. HB is a one-person show and it sounded like he was going through some challenges. Only thing is that when I went back to re-order some paint from WEM, many colors were OOS. This was about a year ago, no idea if they have been restocked.
  11. Just some random pictures of my ongoing build. Subject is "Little Bunny" based in Italy at the end of the war. It's got some interesting colors, it was an ex-Brazilian machine and when the US took possession of it, they used fresh Olive Drab to paint out all the Brazillian insignia and unit markings. Over a very faded and weathered OD base coat, this made for a pretty unique look. Here's the original (I disagree with the conclusion below that the other color is RAF Dark Green): Since Little Bunny was based on a pretty primitive dirt strip and subjected to the harsh Italian summers and winters for over a year, she was definitely showing signs of wear and tear. I did my best to replicate this. Cockpit is MDC's amazing resin / PE set. Engine is from True Details, a quick (and cheap) upgrade over the basic kit one. I didn't spend any time painting / detailing aft of the first bank of cylinders, nothing would be visible. Wheel bays are typically the filthiest part of an aircraft. I added all the hydraulic lines and then a bunch of grime. Painting starts: I added the brake lines to the LG legs and Barracuda's fantastic resin wheels. I also added the hydraulic lines to the inner gear doors, along with the characteristic soot from the nearby exhaust stack. Much more to come, especially on the weathering side. These aircraft were filthy. John
  12. Nice touch that McD went to the trouble of labeling each one. Maybe a tech could read it with the seat removed but there is not way the WSO could. Only thing I could think of would be a reference sheet that stated for "CB X, 4th row, in 3"? I've been staring at F-4 cockpits since I was a kid, I never had a clue all those circuit breakers were present. BTW, if anyone wants to check out a great F-4C cockpit reference, google USAF Museum, 3D cockpits. A fantastic reference for many aircraft cockpits including a nicely weathered F-4C pit.
  13. I'd just replicate the first row of CB's that are adjacent to the outer edge of the panel. Nothing else will be seen. Maybe just use very small sections of stretched sprue? Good luck doing this in 72nd, I'll be doing the same thing in 32nd when I start my F-4C build. John
  14. Thank you so much for all the information. Could I trouble you for one last question? The flaps in the lowered position are suspended from the wing by three pretty prominent metal linkages. Does anyone have suggestions on what color these linkages would be? I'm leaning towards Neutral Grey but really have no evidence to base this on. Again, any info is greatly appreciated. Regards, John
  15. Thanks very much guys, it's greatly appreciated. One last question, if I may-what color should the area of the upper fuselage, directly behind the pilot's seat and normally covered by the closed canopy be painted? John
  16. Hi folks, I'm in the process of building this P-47D: I noted the very small centerline tank (75 gal?). Was this the standard 75 aluminum tank as used by P-51's or something else? Does anyone have details on the brackets / fuel lines? Assume unpainted aluminum? Also, does anyone happen to have a picture or two showing the undersides of WW2 era P-47's? I'm trying to get a feel for what I need to do for weathering. I'm having a hard time finding any decent shots. Lastly, this P-47 is an ex-Brazilian Jug that was returned to the USAAC. Note the overpainted rudder and national insignia on the right wing. As I understand it, the marking on the upper right wing was added in the field as an additional ID measure and did not have the "bars" present For Jug's with this extra insignia, should I assume that a similar one was added under the port wing? Thank you in advance! John PS - If anyone's interested, here is where I'm at with this project (note - cowling is just press fit in place):
  17. Far as I can tell, their were three shades of OD used on Vietnam Hueys. The first was the very early dark, glossy OD. That went away by 66 or so. It was replaced by the common brownish-tinted OD that most Vietnam Hueys wore. This did fade over time and you can often see Hueys with darker OD replacement components. Lastly, at end of war, we started to see a much darker, greener shade being applied. It was seen on some US Army helos but was much more common on very late war VNAF Hueys. This was a precursor to the CARC "helo drab" that was introduced in the early 80's.
  18. Hi folks, I'll be starting a 1/32nd F-4C Phantom build shortly. I'll be adding the ALQ-71 ECM pod. Wondering if anyone has some good quality photos of this pod? I haven't had much luck finding anything online. Regards, John
  19. I like the mutant three-armed pilots. It's fresh and exciting! Hope more manufacturers take up these subjects.
  20. A bit surprised by the pilots they selected. One guy has the single piece flight suit which I don't think came out until post-Vietnam. The other guy has the two piece nomex flight suit which was long gone by the 80's. Bottom line is that for a US Army Huey, no matter what era it's from, only one crew figure will be usable.
  21. SMH.... This is the legacy of a culture whose only priority was to bend over backwards to cut costs and get $ back to shareholders. Engineers were laid off in droves and the ones who remained were marginalized. R&D budgets were hacked away. The entire 787 production line was moved to SC, a state with minimal skilled labor and whose only attribute was that it was rabidly anti-union (ie - dirt cheap labor). Muilenberg and the last 3 CEO's before him whored out the company to make shareholders (and themselves) rich. Disgusting.
  22. Last I checked the AMS set was OOS at Spruebros. That being said, Harold of AMS frequents Large Scale Planes and he let it be known that he can still pop out a set of these on request. He can be reached at: hairold(at)frontier(dot)com I went this route and had the seats within two weeks. Good guy to deal with and the quality of the product is outstanding. All that being said - does anyone have some color pictures of a USAF spec Mk 5 seat? I've found nothing on the web. TIA, John
  23. Yeah, because those folks have such an extensive background designing and building cutting edge, LO aircraft. What could possibly go wrong?
  24. Title pretty much says it all. Looking for pictures of this jet when it was assigned to the 8th TFW (Wolfpack) at Ubon RTAB in '67. I've looked online pretty extensively and have only found one decent color picture (posted on the Piacciani website). I plan on building this jet as it looked later that year, using the awesome Fundekal's Operation Bolo decal set. From the amazing instruction booklet, you can see probably a dozen different colors on this jet. Just hoping to get some photographic references for my build. Any help is much appreciated!
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