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  1. Out of idle curiosity - how did you come to the conclusion that the base color on the aircraft in the B&W picture above is blue and not something else?
  2. I just discovered this site. Amazing content, I'm on part 3 of their Wild Weasel series and Starbaby is awesome. Funny dude with true passion for the subjects he's talking about. If anyone is remotely into mil av podcasts, you need to check this site out.
  3. If they shut off while the UKR jets are overhead, that's a successful SEAD mission, regardless of whether a HARM left the rail or not. I'm guessing very few HARMs have actually hit their target but that's nearly beside the point. Now you have a bunch of Russian SAM troops very hesitant to turn on their radars. That's what matters.
  4. Working on the WSO's cockpit. Add the upper instrument panel (Quinta), removed the anemic Tamiya instrument housings on the back of the panel, scratchbuilt new ones, added a bunch of wiring and connectors, also added Airscale placards on the instrument cases. On the aft bulkhead, I installed the canopy retaining lock and spring, the canopy airline connection, along with yet more wiring. Doing my best to replicate the 'busyness" of those areas on the real jet. Lastly I added some boot scuffings along the intake and fuselage upper surfaces. That's it for now, thanks for checking in.
  5. I'm certain that the missiles are being employed in a very restricted mode. Maybe not even being cued to target, possible just being lofted in dumb mode in hopes that the missile will lock onto something before it runs out of energy
  6. Everything except the 2 foward AIM-7's are loaded up. Honestly, the F-4 is simply a brute. It doesn't even look like it could get off the ground with all that gear hanging off the bottom and yet..... The external tanks are a bit off-spec as is the QRC-160 ECM pod with the crudely painted green camo and the grubby Sparrow missiles but I've got pictures that back all this up! No liberties were taken. Getting closer to the finish line!
  7. Against cavemen with AK-47's and RPG's. Even then, they were restricted to only flying at night. They have their uses but against a near peer state, those hugely expensive assets, with their superbly trained crews, are going to spend the conflict on the ground, in the US. But - as noted above, since we are spending a ridiculous amount of our GNP on the military, we can afford it, along with weaponized crop dusters, LCS ships and dozens of other programs of dubious value.
  8. Typical of the American philosophy of being eminently prepared to fight the last war, not the next.
  9. If you are a fanatic on those early F-4's, I'd also highly recommend Fundekals Wolfpack decal set for early "Operation Bolo" Phantoms. An amazing amount of info on these jets is crammed into the instructions.
  10. Got the landing gear finished and installed (sans the nosewheels that I bumped into and sheared off), also decided to load up the centerline MER and get the rack mounted. Love the look of those M117's!
  11. Bombs are completed (aside from some cleanup needed around the safety wires on the nose). The Videoavaition bombs are outstanding.
  12. A favorite subject of mine. I'm currently building this one in 32nd, How many different colors do you see here? Also note the grey "last three" on the tail.
  13. Ummh... In USAF service, the A-1 was also replaced by the A-7D in the SAR escort role. The A-7 had the same attributes that made the A-1 ideal for that job. Massive amount of firepower carried and extremely long range / loiter time. It just took the AF a bit longer because they needed to develop the D model.
  14. Wrapped up my underside weathering. Last step was to grunge up the external tanks a bit since most of my pictures show the undersides as less than immaculate looking. Note the intentional sloppy paintwork and mismatched sections. Unlike later in the war when the tanks arrive painted from the factory, these early tanks were overpainted green in the field when the switch was made to the SEA camo scheme and you see lots of strange looking tanks in service. Next up are the TER/MER (I'm building an asymmetric weapons load of external wing tank / 2 AIM-9 with ECM pod underneath / MER on centerline with 5 M117's / TER with a single M117 / external wing tank). I added close to 50 extra parts for each of these, as the kit parts are extremely basic. Note that the red numbers are intentionally mis-aligned, as it per my pics of the originals. I'm going to be touching up those bolts on the sway braces, looking at the pictures made me realize they are less than optimum. Press fit of an M117 on the TER. Still have much cleanup / paintwork to do on the bombs.
  15. My subject is post-Bolo, see a picture of her below. My vague understanding is that a later version of the initial QRC-160 was developed that could be mounted on the inner wing pylon, as this one is (note the camouflage paint on the upper surfaces of the pod).
  16. Hi Folks - I'm building an F-4C circa mid to late 67. Trying to figure out what I need to use for an ECM pod. The one picture of my subject aircraft shows a pod hanging under the inner starboard wing pylon, painted white with the upper surfaces green. I've got the GT Resins "ALQ-71 Short Tail" pod and the pod that comes in the Tamiya kit. I've yet to see a picture of an F-4C/D with the "short-tail" pod. Would I be better served going with the kit pod? I tried to read up on early war ECM pods but it's extremely confusing. Far as I can tell, the first pods (QRC-160) could only be mounted to the outboard wing pylons and were wind-powered by small blades on the nose. A bit later, the QRC-160 was upgraded to use power from the aircraft and could now be hung on the inner wing pylons, so the ram air turbine in the nose went away. This pod later morphed into the ALQ-71, which I think was pretty similar to the QRC pod. Bottom line - I don't think the short-tail pod is appropriate. If I go with the kit pod, do I need to make any changes to it? Any and all info is much appreciated.
  17. I don't. Airbus has a pretty skeezy track record in this area. I'm sure that's resulted in more than a few sales for them.
  18. Since it appears that all the passenger windows are on a long strip of clear plastic that affixes to the exterior of the fuselage, any idea how you are supposed to paint that section? Are you supposed to mask off a hundred or so windows?
  19. And yet those helos keep selling. Crazy to think that professional navies might know more than the experts on the internet, right??
  20. As my subject was an early F-4C in the "Navy" scheme, it had a full set of stencils on it's gloss white belly. Took me the better part of a week but I was finally able to then start the final weathering on the undersides. I used a mix of Flory Washes (love this stuff), some thinned black and brown enamel paint and a touch of pastels. Still have some touchups but I think I'm 90% done in this area. \ Thanks for checking in!
  21. Bill - that is one of the best weathered F-4 underbellies I've seen. Great work! It's surprising how many fantastic looking F-4 models have pristine undersurfaces.
  22. You are spot on. These aircraft got filthy. I've got more work to do once the hundred or so decals are in place. Here's the real thing:
  23. Quick update, painted the radome (I'll be weathering it further down the road, for now it's just a semi-gloss black), did some touchups to the camo scheme and started decaling the undersides. These early F-4C's retained their Navy style gloss white undersides, along with about 200 servicing / warning stencils. The only thing the Airforce did was to overpaint the large national insignia and "USAF" on the lower wing surfaces. On more than a few jets, you could still make out these marking under a thin coat of white. I did my best to replicate that look. I've only started to add all the servicing decals. Thanks for checking in!
  24. Paint corrections, touchups, etc. Getting very close to the final version of this very complex paint job. Note that the vertical stab is just resting in place.
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