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  1. Looks like John's original image for his Me 262 build has disappeared, but the forum software wouldn't let me update it with a working link, with a crazy error about it being too long since the comment was posted. Kev
  2. I'm quite late on this one, but I wanted to chime in and congratulate you on a really fine build. It's quite inspiring! Kev
  3. Thanks for the review, Julien! Note that we've just updated this title to version 1.1: Kev
  4. I've just updated this one to version 1.1: This entails just a few minor layout tweaks, and is a free download for all existing purchasers of the book. For new purchasers, we've temporarily reduced the price from 12 Australian dollars to just 10! The next 7 days only, so run over to the website and grab yourself a bargain! Most of our other books are currently discounted, too. Kev
  5. Howdy folks, I just wanted to announce that the latest Build Guide from KLP Publishing is now available. In this 95-page eBook, Jan Gabauer builds, paints, and weathers the new Revell 1/32 P-51D kit to produce an excellent rendition of Major Richard A. Peterson’s “Hurry Home Honey”. The book features not only Jan’s terrific build guide, but also artwork by Juanita Franzi, a review of the kit itself, and an extensive set of appendices covering applicable aftermarket products and reference works. The book can be purchased for download from o
  6. Do you have any photos of the finished model, Noel? Kev
  7. In this 66-page eBook, Jan Gabauer tackles the impressive mixed-media 1/32 scale Fw 189 kit from HpH Models. The majority of the kit parts are cast in polyurethane resin, augmented with turned metal and photo-etched parts, paint masks, and HGW ‘wet transfers’. A set of HGW ‘fabric’ seat belts is also included, making for a complex kit and a potentially challenging build. Jan navigates the complexities of the build with aplomb, offering tips for working with resin assemblies, and overcoming the particular challenges of this kit. The process is very instructive, and results are quite specta
  8. I'm pleased to announce that Peter Castle's Building Race #80 Spitfire Mk XIVe in 1/18 Scale is now available! This 565-page eBook features Peter's award-winning conversion of the HpH Models 1/18 Seafire 47 to represent a Spitfire XIVe—specifically, Race #80, as flown by James McArthur in the Tinnerman Air Races at Cleveland, Ohio, on September 4th 1949. Peter rebuilt much of the airframe, scratch-built most of the detail parts in aluminium and brass, and covered the model in aluminium litho-plate for an authentic natural metal finish. Peter's model won the National Se
  9. Thanks once again for your review, Julien! This one is proving very popular, but luckily, I'm never likely to run out of copies! Kev
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