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  1. Hi guys, Got a Hasegawa 1/32 FW190 D9 off the market on Saturday for a tenner, was so cheap as there were a few parts missing, everything is there except the wings which are missing so was wondering if there any sites that do spare Hasegawa parts or is it just worth going on eBay etc to get a new kit? Thanks Jack
  2. I tried building it with the gun cover etc closed so I had fit issues, my own fault really for not following the instructions properly. Okay I’ll think I’ll go with the Hobbyboss kit then, I’ve only just got into modelling so I’ll stick to the easier kits for now! Thanks Jack
  3. I had Eduards D9 and gave up on it as it was giving me issues so I imagine a D11 would give me trouble too. I would try a Tamiya D9 but I’ve heard it’s a bit inaccurate in regards to the landing gear?
  4. Okay thanks guys I’ll have a look at the Hobbyboss kit then. What kits have conversion kits for them, just Tamiya I assume?
  5. Hi guys, Am wanting a 1/48 FW-190D-11 and was wondering who makes the most accurate kit?
  6. Hey, I have the Hasegawa 1/32 FW190 D-9 with the Aires full detail set which tells me I have to cut open the nose part of the plane. I'm fairly new to modelling so was just wondering what the easiest way would be to cut open the nose neatly?
  7. Gardner95x

    Best 1/32 Stuka?

    Hi all, Anyone know who makes the best 1/32 Stuka kit in terms of quality/accuracy?
  8. Okay I'll have a look, just a pity they don't do the model air in orange red!
  9. Hi guys, I have the 1/48 Ta 152 and would really like to paint it in the orange red colour, however I can only get the orange red in Model Color rather than Model Air. No matter how much I try to thin it it will not come out of my airbrush, only a few specks will come out, I'm using the Vallejo thinner so what am I doing wrong? Is there any other paint brands that do orange red? Thanks
  10. I have the Hasegawa FW190 JV44 kit and am wondering what the stripe size should be on the bottom of the plane. The kit is 1/32 by the way Thanks!
  11. Anyone know who else does orange red other than Vallejo? Trying to thin their model color but I can't get it to work properly, it's not my airbrush as model air and thinned Tamiya paint come out fine
  12. Hi thanks for that was what I was looking for, do you what scale I should have it at for a 1/48 scale?
  13. Hi guys, I know you can buy a mask for it but was wondering if there were any sites that have a Typhoon camouflage template I can print out and stick on my model? I've seen Spitfire ones but no other planes
  14. Hi guys, Painted the canopy by hand on my Trumpeter Me-262 and kinda messed it up. What's the best way to get the paint off the canopy? Thanks Jack
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