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  1. Hi guys, Bought a 1/48 ARBA FW-190D-11/13 conversion set from the market a few months back and have to decided to use it but need a 1/48 Dora first Now has anyone used this set before and if so what kits are compatible as there are no instructions with the set or on the packaging saying what kits it works with. Or will it most probably work with any Dora kit? Thanks Jack
  2. Yeah looked other places and saw the Dragon/Trimaster looked difficult to build according to others who tried it
  3. Hi guys, Okay I’ll go with the Hobbyboss kit, preferably don’t want anything fiddly to build Regards
  4. Hi guys, Really fancy trying a Me-262 in 1/48 scale, the choices I have at my local shop are from Trimaster and Hobbyboss. Is there a preference between the two? Both are similar price. Thanks Jack
  5. Hi Just a quick update, got a cheap Eduard D13 off eBay for a tenner and the windscreen fits perfectly, thanks all for the help!
  6. Hi, Okay I have the sliding canopy part so I’ll just grab a Eduard windshield, I’m having it open anyway. regards Jack
  7. Ah right my mistake so would an Eduard blown canopy fit okay do you think then?
  8. Hi, I’m not the best at scratch building etc as I’ve only just got into modelling so I’ll wait till I come across another kit on eBay Thanks for the help everyone
  9. Hi, Not in a big rush, I’ve got a different kit to do while I’m waiting and yeah okay I’ll wait for some more responses Thanks Jack
  10. Okay thanks I’ll have a look at it and are those vacuform canopies easy to use? I’ve never used them before so just wondering
  11. Hi all! I’m missing a windshield on my Dragon/Italeri 1/48 Ta-152h (The sliding canopy is there) and was wondering the best place to get spares from is? I noticed Dragon Care but was unsure if it was USA only. Or is it easier to just buy the same kit? Thanks Jack
  12. Hi guys, Got a Hasegawa 1/32 FW190 D9 off the market on Saturday for a tenner, was so cheap as there were a few parts missing, everything is there except the wings which are missing so was wondering if there any sites that do spare Hasegawa parts or is it just worth going on eBay etc to get a new kit? Thanks Jack
  13. I tried building it with the gun cover etc closed so I had fit issues, my own fault really for not following the instructions properly. Okay I’ll think I’ll go with the Hobbyboss kit then, I’ve only just got into modelling so I’ll stick to the easier kits for now! Thanks Jack
  14. I had Eduards D9 and gave up on it as it was giving me issues so I imagine a D11 would give me trouble too. I would try a Tamiya D9 but I’ve heard it’s a bit inaccurate in regards to the landing gear?
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